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Prince Charming Receives A Head Rub

Actually, Granny Yu’s skills were superior when it came to fawning. 𝒷𝓮𝒹𝓃ℴ𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝓬𝓸𝓂

Si Huang certainly wasn’t going to have a meal in her movie costume, so she let that suggestion slide. She left the stage, walked into the dressing room, cleaned up, and then walked out. The man from ancient China with the air of a fallen celestial had now turned back into a modern-day prince charming. She was wearing a white shirt with a pale blue jacket and cream-colored casual pants. She was also wearing white canvas shoes. Her youthful vigor was on full display. As netizens would say on the internet, she was a hunk.

Everyone else soon realized that Si Huang’s complexion looked even more flawless after he removed his makeup. His lips had more color, and they were such a bright red shade that one couldn’t help feeling the urge to take a bite.

The single men wept. ‘F*ck. It’s bad enough that he’s good-looking with makeup on, but he’s just as hot without it! What chance do average men like us have?’

Granny Yu’s eyes immediately lit up. At her age, she adored the young clean-cut good boy look, which was not overly soft or stiff, most of all. She had never had kids, so she felt even fonder of Si Huang and had a sense of kinship.

“You can go back and get some rest,” Si Huang told Yu Xi before leaving.

Yu Xi was certain that Granny Yu and her husband would not harm Si Huang, so he agreed. However, just as he watched Si Huang and Granny Yu walk out, he noticed a tall, dark figure emerging from the shadows and tagging along. One simply couldn’t overlook this person. From the moment he laid eyes on him, he was stunned.

Yu Xi was speechless. ‘Have I let him go too soon? Who is that guy? When did he get here?’

Granny Yu chose a restaurant on Mount Early Dawn with an authentic, classical Chinese flavor. The restaurant was named Xiang Garden and was a mountain villa. The ingredients of their meals were homegrown, so they could guarantee that no chemicals we used in the farming process and everything was clean and organic. Meal prices were comparatively more expensive, as most of the patrons were from upper-class society.

Granny Yu and Si Huang clicked very well and chatted happily throughout the meal. Old Tie would chime in from time to time, but Qin Fan remained completely silent.

Si Huang excused herself in the middle of the meal to use the washroom.

She obviously used the men’s room. She calmly walked into one of the cubicles and emerged a few minutes later… only to feel a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, baby. You’ve got the wrong place. This is the men’s room.” The strange man spoke in a derisive tone, and his breath smelled of alcohol. “You want a man, don’t you? Come with me.” He stared at Si Huang with tipsy, glazed eyes. His Adam’s apple quivered as he forcibly dragged Si Huang into a cubicle.

Si Huang shook him off and twisted the man’s arm with a calm look on her face. Then, she walked out the door, not caring where he landed.

“You little sl*t! Do you have any idea who I am?” His infuriated roar came from behind her.

Si Huang’s footsteps came to an abrupt stop. She would have given in and turned around if Qin Fan hadn’t appeared in the doorway. The man’s angry yells behind her sounded all too familiar.

She wasn’t sure when the tall man had arrived. He stood at the washroom door and was at least 188 centimeters tall, which made him look particularly imposing. He was holding a half-lit cigarette in between his fingers. His cold, handsome face was blurred by its smoky mist. His abstruse eyes had such a sharp gaze that they felt like a knife running painfully down one’s skin.

He stared at Si Huang for two seconds with an expressionless look on his face, then strode in. He always took large and orderly steps that easily gave off a kind of intimidation, like huge waves threatening to wash over anyone.

Si Huang’s gaze was clear and placid. Her body was ready to defend itself.

To her surprise…

Qin Fan walked right past her.



Si Huang jumped. She turned around and saw Qin Fan flipping the man, who was wearing a suit, with one kick. Si Huang had personally experienced his formidable strength. She wasn’t surprised when she saw the adult-sized man being sent two meters away with one kick and slamming against the wall. However, Qin Fan’s next kick resulted in sounds of bones cracking. He had broken the man’s hand, the very one that he had used to touch Si Huang. That surprised her.

‘What is he doing?’

Qin Fan looked at the man as if he were nothing more than trash. He clicked his shoes, then turned to the mystified Si Huang and said, “Next time, don’t be so nice to people like him.”

Si Huang raised a brow and didn’t answer.

Qin Fan frowned. “You have the face of a weakling, so you should be smarter than this. The world is filled with all kinds of weirdos.”

‘The face of a weakling?’

“Hehe...” Si Huang chuckled.

She was dressed in a more clean-cut, youthful style today. She already had an exquisite, beautiful face even when there was no expression on her face at all. She was tall and straight like a poplar tree too. Now, she was smiling. Qin Fan, who was looking right at her, suddenly heard the sound of something cracking. His mind entered a trance, and his eyes glazed over.

Si Huang walked past Qin Fan and stood in front of the man in the suit.

She reached out and grabbed the man’s collar as he groaned weakly. No one would have imagined that her slender, well-proportioned figure, which did not look strong at all, could have the strength to easily dangle a 170-something-centimeter adult man in mid-air as if he was nothing more than a small chick.

She hadn’t gotten a good look at the man’s face at first. She was only reminded of him when she heard his angry screams. At this point, she still couldn’t be bothered to see what the man, who might look human but had a horrid mouth and an even worse heart, looked like. She simply dragged the man into a cubicle and dunked his end inside.

Qin Fan raised one brow.

Si Huang calmly pressed the flush button.


The man struggled. His moans were drowned by toilet bowl water and weren’t heard.

Si Huang methodically removed his belt.

Smack! She whipped the man with the belt.

“Argh! Blub!”

The toilet bowl tank was refilled, and Si Huang pressed the flush button again.

Every time the man struggled, Si Huang calmly whipped him with his belt. The cycle was repeated four times. Finally, the man stopped moving.

Qin Fan had finished his cigarette. He flicked his wrist, tossed the cigarette into the toilet bowl with the man’s hand, and said, “Old Tie and the rest are waiting for us.”

Si Huang’s eyes were shaped like crescent moons. Her lips bloomed into a casual, macho smile. “The face of a weakling, huh?” The raised pitch at the end of her sentence made Qin Fan’s heart stiffen, especially when it was paired with the smile on her face.

‘It’s just unimaginable. How could there possibly be someone like… like…’

Qin Fan couldn’t find the words to describe this. He had never felt his heart race like this before.

Si Huang noticed that the tall man’s gaze had grown increasingly more terrifying and more intimidating than ever. Suddenly, he took a big step toward her, reached out, and…

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