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Subtle Steamrolling (2)

Yan Yan’s expression turned cold. Her vision became foggy. She wondered what the paparazzi would say if they caught a picture of this.

“Director Liu’s here. Keep talking if you want a good scolding.” Guan Li icily chimed in as she walked past the door. She had her own personal dressing room.

An Yiyuan walked out with a grin on his face. The misty-eyed Yan Yan immediately turned hostile. “Can you really expect everything to go smoothly after stealing your brother’s role? Hmph!” she hissed.

Du Qiang continued putting on Si Huang’s makeup once everyone left. “Why...” She grumbled indignantly. “That little sl*t…” However, Si Huang lifted her hand and cut her off before she could continue.

Du Qiang panicked. She cursed herself for losing her composure. “Those words came from me. They had nothing to do with you, Your Highness,” she said. “I was just worried…” Her voice trailed off. This time, it was because of Si Huang’s soothing smile. She would lose all her willpower every time she saw his pure, gentle smile.

“I’m not worried about you causing me trouble. I just don’t want you to take offense for my sake and end up getting mocked. You’ll end up getting in trouble.” Si Huang patiently explained. “Whatever she’s doing isn’t enough to bother me.” She got up from her chair and smiled at Du Qiang as she walked to the changing room. “Just sit tight and watch.”

Du Qiang finally came back to her senses after a pause of five to six seconds. Her cheeks flushed bright red. “D*mn it! D*mn it! It’s been years since I’ve actually blushed!” She needed to express her excitement, as holding it all in might lead to sickness. She pulled out her phone, logged into the penguin group, and began typing.

Rose With Thorns: “AAAAAHHHH! Sisters! His Highness is sooooo gentle! I’m this close to fainting from happiness! Becoming a makeup artist is the best decision I ever made! Did you know? His Highness goes jogging every morning. It’s no wonder he has such an amazing figure! Scumbag Yan was trying to pick a fight… (summary omitted). You should have seen the look on that little scumbag’s face! And then…” 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝐯𝗲𝐥.𝗻𝗲𝐭

A few minutes later...

Si Huang emerged in lunar white ancient robes and found Miss Du hastily putting her phone away, looking very red in the face. She rushed to help him with his wig, her eyes sparkling brightly as she hummed a tune. Si Huang chuckled at the sight of her diligent yet blissful state. She could almost see a tail growing out of Du Qiang’s back and reaching up to the sky.

Si Huang was the first to leave the dressing rooms. The set-up for the background was now ready. Director Liu was at his post. He noticed Si Huang but showed no emotion on his face. Nonetheless, his eyes expressed a sense of satisfaction.

An Yiyuan, Guan Li, and Yan Yan all appeared in succession.

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The cast of “The Sovereign Journey” was certainly formidable. In her previous life, every main character had made the drama extremely popular. One could tell how exquisite they were simply based on their costumes and accessories. This production was on par with big blockbuster movies. Even their wigs were made from real hair. As a result, their hairstyles looked completely natural.

“We’ll start with Feng Cang and Shui Lingxin.”

An Yiyuan, with his bad-boy good looks, had a well-maintained complexion. Thanks to the makeup artist’s adept handiwork, he looked years younger than his actual age. In fact, he looked exactly the same age as Crown Prince Feng Cang from the drama series. He was wearing rich, luxurious purple-black dragon robes and a crown made of gold and jade. He was bursting with charisma from the moment he stood in front of the camera, emulating pride and nobility from his eyes to his bones. It was as if a descendant of the dragon himself had graced them with his presence. He was the very personification of the phrase “you are all beneath me”.

As expected of an adept actor, he made no mistakes throughout the photoshoot. Then, it was Guan Li’s turn. She was wearing simple, light green robes, just like the ones in the promotional video. Her plain style served to further emphasize her exquisite, refined features, and she looked even more beautiful than ever. From the clear look in her eyes to the girlish liveliness she exuded and the spiritual aura of the sequestered mountain forest, everything flattered her perfectly. One couldn’t help feeling utterly refreshed at the sight of her.

It was no wonder Yan Yan had lost to Guan Li. Si Huang had long been aware of the difference in skill between the pair.

After An Yiyuan and Guan Li were finished with their individual pictures, it was Si Huang’s turn.

Si Huang walked on set on his own initiative before Director Liu called for him.

The photographer was aware of Si Huang’s status as a newbie, so he had made mental notes to give him reminders. After all, a good actor didn’t necessarily equal a good model. This wasn’t his first time. However, as soon as Si Huang stepped in front of the camera, he felt a marked change in the aura around them. The amount of charisma he exuded was more shocking than An Yiyuan and Guan Li’s charisma. One gentle sweep of a glance toward the photographer exuded so much elegance that he shivered. A layer of goosebumps erupted along his arm.

“Gasp! This kid has more hidden talents!” Director Liu murmured.

People who had true substance in this industry were usually very sensitive and reactive to auras. Thus, Guan Li and An Yiyuan immediately felt Si Huang’s silent aura change. Amateurs could also sense that she had suddenly turned into a completely different person. However, they would not be able to find out how she had done it and would be instantly pulled in.

The young man in the lunar-white long robes sat in a wheelchair. His long black hair, which cascaded down his waist, was perfectly smooth. His fair face seemed flawless beneath the bright camera lights, like the glow of a jade stone. His exquisite features seemed to be carefully carved from fine jade. His eyes were slightly squinted in an indolent manner, his lashes curled up naturally, and his gaze was light and airy, completely weightless yet not exactly lifeless. Instead, it was as if nothing in this world could possibly hold the gaze of this peerless young man.

The photographer was momentarily stunned. Then, his eyes sparkled as if he’d been struck by inspiration. No one else in this world would ever spark more inspiration in him than this young man. The famous photographer’s eyes and mind were now completely immersed in this ancient Chinese setting as if he’d been lured by this young man, who had descended from the heavens. His fingers clicked the shutter button on his camera over and over again.

Si Huang was perfectly capable of calmly changing his pose and gaze. She exuded a consistent flow of arrogance from beginning to end. The pride she emulated was different from An Yiyuan’s commanding arrogance. One might even argue that she showed no signs of pride at all but an indifference to the world around her. An earth-shattering event could happen right in front of her, and she wouldn’t care at all—that was the very peak of pride.

If one were to describe An Yiyuan as a descendant of the dragon, Si Huang was a celestial in human form. The perception of the two parties was not on the same level.

“Yan Yan’s gonna be in trouble,” An Yiyuan whispered.

Guan Li gently curled the corners of her lips, displaying a hint of derision. However, her gaze remained locked on Si Huang the entire time.

Yan Yan, who was situated not too far away, already looked very pale in the face. Her body trembled, and her hands were now balled into fists.

The reason behind her slow burn was that… Although Si Huang’s gaze never seemed to lose focus in every pose during the photoshoot, in reality, she kept her attention on Yan Yan. However, she never really looked at Yan Yan, as if she were nothing more than an insect, someone not even worth her attention.

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