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The Lovelorn Prince Charming (2)

An Yiyuan had noticed Si Huang too. A hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. Then, he smiled and said, “I’ve seen your video. You may be young, but your abilities go far beyond your years.”

Si Huang stood up and humbly replied, “I believe you would’ve performed even better, Mr. An.”

That was the truth. According to memories of her past life, An Yiyuan had put his 100% into “The Sovereign Journey” to ensure that it would be one of his transformative and climactic pieces of work. His looks were overtly sexy, but this sexiness allowed him to have an even greater impact on women when he displayed devotion or a change of heart in his interactions with them. This very film had allowed An Yiyuan to successfully shed his negative public image and rise from a promiscuous womanizer to the most perfect lover in the hearts of women. As a result, he had taken his career one step further.

Si Huang’s response elevated An Yiyuan’s impression of him even further. Not many newcomers in the industry could do what Si Huang had done. Not only did he have a flawlessly handsome face, but he also carried himself with a pleasing aura. He was clearly flattering him, yet he did not seem fake at all. He could see a kind of straightforward sincerity in his eyes, which easily made a good impression on him.

“Enough chit-chat.” Old Tie spoke up. He was not reserved at all. He was only a little nicer when he turned to Director Liu. “Xiao Liu, let’s begin.”

“Okay!” said Director Liu. “Si Huang and Guan Li, stand by.”

Guan Li had just emerged from the dressing room too, all ready to go. She was wearing long, lemonade-colored robes, and her beautiful hair had been styled exquisitely. Her makeup made her look a few years younger, just like the female lead, Shui Lingxin, who was an 18-year-old girl.

Si Huang sat in the wheelchair again and made her way toward the camera along with Guan Li.

The mark of an accomplished and capable actor was evident in the details. Guan Li looked at Si Huang in surprise. As an “old hand”, she knew exactly where to stand to ensure the most flattering camera angles. To her surprise, Si Huang, who was a complete newbie, had also accomplished this flawlessly.

“Action!” Director Liu’s voice came, snapping Guan Li out of her thoughts. She immediately got into character. However, Si Huang hit her with another big surprise—he seemed to have gotten into character even faster than her.

Guan Li wasn’t the only one who had noticed this. Director Liu, who had been observing them, had clearly observed this too.

Old Tie kept a stoic expression on his face, but his eyes remained focused on Si Huang. The surprise on An Yiyuan’s face was evident. He curled his lips into a gentle smile, releasing such an overpowering seductive aura that the female staff, who were tasked with watching him, felt their hearts pounding against their chests.

‘Are all newbies so full of life these days? Or perhaps this really is expected of Prime Entertainment’s successor?’ An Yiyuan wondered.

The current scene involving Si Huang and Guan Li was one of the hardest to pull off in the entire saga of the pair. It took place while Feng Cang was injured, and the female lead, Shui Lingxin, had come to seek Mr. Qianji’s help. Mr. Qianji had already developed feelings for Shui Lingxin but hadn’t fully acknowledged them yet. He only realized this when Shui Lingxin asked for his help to save another man. Any young man, regardless of his ingenious intelligence, would consider feelings uncharted territory. The bloom of his first love had crudely ended before it had even begun. How would Mr. Qianji deal with that?

Old Tie’s trial was clear.

The camera setting was in an ancient loft.

A young man clad in pristine white robes sat in his wheelchair. The gentleness of his smooth, handsome features was further enhanced by the dusky rays of light, allowing most of the lingering cool aura around him to dissipate.

The young woman in yellow standing before him had delicate, willowy brows, starry eyes, and dainty red lips. She was charmingly beautiful. However, the beautiful girl’s face was awash with anxiety. Her brows were furrowed in sorrow, which was an unbearable sight.

Guan Li noticed that Si Huang’s aura and gaze switched in an instant the moment the director said, “Action!” He was no longer that pure, fresh-faced newbie, but the master of this village and the last heir of Qianji Manor, Mr. Qianji.

“Why the rush? Please have a seat and tell me what’s wrong,” he said in a gentle, sublime voice, like the soft ripples of a spring on a warm day. He sounded absolutely soothing.

Guan Li immediately felt calmer, as if everything would be alright as long as this man was around. This happened to coincide with Shui Lingxin’s current state of mind, so her lines were delivered naturally. “Something’s happened to Feng Cang. The Cao Clan has demanded your presence, or else…”

Si Huang’s hand stiffened as he poured the tea. He kept his gaze on Guan Li’s slightly-lowered eyes. A mild shadow was cast upon his bushy eyebrows. That hint of dejected absent-mindedness had only appeared in the blink of an eye and had clearly gone unnoticed by Guan Li. However, it sent a heavy thump in the hearts of every crew member on set, as sorrow and grief plunged into the depths of their hearts.

“You came to see me because of him?” This might have been a question, but it sounded more like Mr. Qianji was mumbling to himself.

Guan Li seemed blissfully ignorant as she answered, “That’s right! A’qiong, only you can fix this. We can’t let anything happen to Feng Cang!” She grew agitated once again and stood up. She walked closer to Si Huang. Finally, in such close proximity, she noticed the expression on Si Huang’s face and the emotions in his eyes. be𝚍nove𝚕.com

Guan Li froze when she saw this.

His slightly pale, handsome face was expressionless, but his eyes were like clear pools, a dark sea of stars that contained countless words that he was unable to describe. He stared at Guan Li intently, his eyes beholding her image and hers alone, gazing upon her as if she were the only person in this entire world.

The pair locked eyes in that very instant, and the loft settled into silence.

No one had ever looked at Guan Li like that before, with a gaze overflowing with intensity and sincerity, earnestly conveying their love for her without inhibition. She could not deny it. One look was enough for her to understand it. Was that how he really felt about her?

Finally, Si Huang broke the silence.

“You’ve already called me A’qiong.” His words felt like a gentle sigh, and his soft tone carried intense tenderness and secretly concealed his helplessness and unrepentance. “How could I refuse you?”

There was no resentment or reluctance, no demand for payment. Mr. Qianji spoke as calmly as if nothing in this world could ever move him. However, his clear gaze failed to hide his true feelings. He had suddenly realized how he felt for Shui Lingxin. He had fallen in love, and that was that. He would not hide it and was loath to deny it.

“A’qiong…” Guan Li drowned in his gaze and felt as if her entire body was enveloped in unconditional tenderness.

How… How could she… How could she possibly bear to reject him? How could she bear to turn such immense love away?

Guan Li’s lips trembled, threatening to blurt out words that were not in the script.

Si Huang had already turned his wheelchair and slowly wheeled away, turning his back to her. “You must be tired. Get some rest here. You’ll see Feng Cang tomorrow.”

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