Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 8 Clearing the First World Boss
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Izroth rushed towards the Shadow Wolf as it was swiping its massive claw at Halls!


-120 HP!

30/700 HP Remaining! (Halls)

+100 HP!

130/700 HP Remaining! (Halls)

Luna had used ’Cure’ on Halls just after the moment the Shadow Wolf attacked! She only had enough mana for 2 more heals remaining! But she couldn’t collapse under the pressure and had to keep focus, one wrong slip up and Halls could die!

Izroth arrived at the side of the Shadow Wolf. Even though the Shadow Wolf was incredibly agile, it only had 80 agility while Izroth still had ’Flickering Steps’ active and had a monstrous 105 agility! It could not avoid Izroth’s sword as it slashed against the joint on the Shadow Wolf’s left leg.

6 seconds Remaining on ’Flickering Steps’!

-60 HP!

1,165/10,000 HP Remaining! (Shadow Wolf)

Izroth continued to flicker around the Shadow Wolf, his attack speed was fast! He could get off at least 3 attacks every in 2 seconds! His movements couldn’t be seen clearly by Luna or Halls, it just looked like some blur constantly moving around the Shadow Wolf toying with it! This was a world boss!

Luna was astounded when she saw that frightening sight, maybe that was a legendary S rank skill! His agility was so fast that even the Shadow Wolf had no chance of avoiding it with its monstrous speed!

Izroth sword didn’t stop moving for a moment! It swept underneath the massive Shadow Wolf and then again on that same joint that Izroth targeted before on the Shadow Wolf’s left leg!

-60 HP!

Critical Hit!

-120 HP!

985/10,000 HP Remaining! (Shadow Wolf)

4 seconds Remaining on ’Flickering Steps’!

Halls was completely dumbstruck by what was going on at this moment, he had thought that everything from the beginning would be wishful thinking. But they could really do it! They could defeat a world boss! When Halls came to this conclusion it caused his blood to boil with excitement! He became even more daring helping out with the assault now! He swung his sword out and struck the Shadow Wolf!

-50 HP!

935/10,000 HP Remaining! (Shadow Wolf)

Halls felt a warm feeling over his body, it was Luna using ’Cure’ to heal him!

+100 HP!

230/700 HP Remaining! (Halls)

The Shadow Wolf became enraged when its health dropped below 10%!


The Shadow Wolf howled loudly as its eyes turned blood red with an endless beastly rage!

Ding! Shadow Wolf has entered an enraged state!

Ding! Shadow Wolf Attack has been increased by 100%!

Ding! Shadow Wolf has gained the skill endless rage, every 1 second its attack will increase by 5%!

Luna eyes instantly widened when she saw that alert! She instantly cast her very last ’Cure’ on Halls! 𝒃𝒆𝙙𝙣𝒐𝒗𝒆𝙡.𝙤𝒓𝙜

+100 HP!

330/700 HP Remaining! (Halls)

With its large jaws, the Shadow Wolf bit towards Halls aiming to bite down on him whole!

Halls quickly reacted, he knew that things weren’t looking good for him, especially since Luna was now out of mana and the Shadow Wolf entered an enraged stage! He was furious by the fact that if Quince hadn’t been backstabbed by that rogue, they would have the damage to have probably already finished this fight! Now they were walking on a tightrope!


-310 HP!

20/700 HP Remaining!

310 damage! And that was to a tank who blocked with his shield! The Shadow Wolf was truly deserving of being a world boss!

Izroth wasn’t slacking off at this moment either, he was waiting for the right moment to strike!

"So this is what the enraged state of a boss looks like... 100% attack increase instantly and 5% more attack every 1 second, how frightening. If a fight gets drawn out too long, then it could even kill tanks instantly" Izroth thought to himself.

2 seconds Remaining on ’Flickering Steps’!

Izroth eyes flashed with a cold glint as he arrived below the Shadow Wolf’s neck! This is the moment he was waiting for! While the Shadow Wolf couldn’t completely keep up with his speed, it still kept its vitals well guarded! But while in an enraged state, it wouldn’t care about taking damage as much as it did dealing damage!

"First Baneful Sword: Destruction!" Izroth sword rushed out towards the neck of the Shadow Wolf, but he wasn’t done yet!

"Sword Force!" Izroth shouted out as his sword became coated in a soft light blue aura! Although that aura seemed to be weak and not harmful, a strong oppressive force was behind it!

Izroth used the active skill from his ’Nameless Blade’ called ’Sword Force’. It gave the next attack on the of the user a 200% damage increase! It was like a free critical hit!

As Izroth sword tore through the neck of the Shadow Wolf, he got one more alert to go along with everything.

Critical Hit!

-1,020 HP!

0/10,000 HP Remaining! (Shadow Wolf)

Luna, Halls and even Izroth himself was dumbfounded when they saw that large damage number pop up! 1,020 damage at level 3! If other players learned of this, they would definitely complain to the gaming company that something was bugged or broken!

The Shadow Wolf tried to give another Howl, but its blood red eyes slowly dimmed as the howl wouldn’t leave its mouth. It fell over to the ground and a small tremor followed. It had died!

Ding! Congratulations, you have defeated Demonic Beast Shadow Wolf!

Ding! You have been awarded 2,667 EXP!

You have leveled up to level 6!

You have been awarded +9 stat points for leveling up!

You have been awarded +1 skill point for leveling up!

Ding! Congratulations, your party has cleared the first World Boss!

Ding! Since you are the first party to clear a World Boss, you have received +100 fame!

Ding! You have been awarded 500 EXP!

Ding! You have been awarded +3 stat points!

You have leveled up to level 7!

You have been awarded +3 stat points for leveling up!

You have been awarded +1 skill point for leveling up!


The alerts seemed to be going off nonstop in their character windows! Izroth most of all since he was only level 3, he gained great benefits from this, his level had shot up from level 3 to level 7! That was 4 levels from defeating a single world boss!

Izroth had a thought about just searching for world bosses and killing them to gain EXP and rewards, but how could it be that easy to find a world boss let alone defeat it? After all, even though technically 14 people fought this world boss that was relatively weak compared to those monstrous ones, 11 still had died! Although, 3 were eliminated by Izroth and another by Ryder that rogue.

Izroth tossed that idea to the back of his head, he knew that this was just a lucky encounter. The chances of it happening again so soon was incredibly small. Besides they were indeed lucky! If the big guilds got a hold of the news of a world boss, even Izroth himself couldn’t fight against thousands of players alone, yet! He would’ve had no place in the fight for the world boss!

An alert appeared on Halls screen and he turned to look at Izroth. If they didn’t have his help then both him and Luna would’ve died. They would’ve done all that work for nothing in the end, so he was very thankful towards Izroth.

Halls looked towards Luna who was smiling and nodded. She had a good idea what he wanted to do and she had no objections to it. If not for Izroth, there was no way they would’ve been able to pull through that situation and gain benefits from it!

Ding! Player Izroth has been promoted to party leader!

Izroth looked a bit startled when he saw that he was suddenly the party leader, but he didn’t even have time to question it as another alert appeared in front of his face.

Ding! Please enter the name of your party for clearing the first World Boss!

Izroth eyes widened a bit, according to the memories he absorbed this was something huge! Your name would be announced to the world and you could become famous overnight! For them to give it up to him had to be an incredibly tough decision.

Just as Izroth was about to talk Halls interrupted him, "Alright you don’t have to say anything, just accept it. We both already agreed that without you we would have no gains and only loses. This is our most sincere way to say thank you" Halls had a bright smile on his face. All that tension from a moment ago was gone, even though he still despised those three players from earlier, he had set them into the back of his mind to enjoy this moment.

Luna nodded, "You’ve earned it. You saved my life earlier and I never got a chance to thank you so, thank you" Luna had a bright smile upon her face and had no looks of disagreement whatsoever.

Izroth looked at the two of them before nodding, he knew it would be rude to refuse after they made the choice to give up such a huge privilege!

"Then excuse me for being impolite," Izroth said as he began to enter a name into the menu. He didn’t have to think too long on it, after all, he had the perfect name in mind.

’Izroth’ that was all he put in the menu! How domineering! The entire world would see that name and under the cleared players they would see his name. For one person to put his name as the party name, how absolutely domineering!

Luna and Halls were a bit shocked too, though they had decided to let him make the choice of what to put and didn’t regret it.

Ding! World Announcement: The first world boss has been cleared by the party ’Izroth’!

Party Leader: Izroth

Party Member(s): Luna, Halls

They have been rewarded for their efforts!

The system then went on to show all the rewards the party received from clearing the first world boss.

This was breaking news! The first world boss had been cleared and it wasn’t by any big guild or even a small guild, but by Izroth! A party with only 3 members who, get this, party leader name was Izroth!

The big guilds immediately sent out people to ask around about this Izroth or any information on the other players who cleared the first world boss. They had never heard of anyone or any guild with the name Izroth, and neither of the other two players was famous names.

Big guilds had to have information on things like this, it was how they stayed above all the other competition! But most of them were after one thing and that was the spawn location of that world boss! After all, even though they wouldn’t get the first clear, it would still drop loot they could use.

The world chat was going crazy! Everyone was talking about the same thing, how only 3 people cleared the first world boss!

"Is that even possible?! How could only 3 people kill a world boss? Maybe they were pro players?"

"Pro players? Ha! I follow the e-sports closely and I can tell you that no famous pro players have those names, if they were that skilled they would’ve been known a long time ago!"

"They had to find or a bug or cheat, right? I mean, 3 people fighting a world boss this early is a bit suspicious..."

"Oh shut up! You’re just mad because you didn’t get those rewards! Those are some insane rewards!"

"Your mom is an insane reward!"


"ROFL, he got you dude!"

"What did you say noob?! Meet me by the Willowed Forest and say that to my face!"


As the world chat was going crazy, Izroth, Luna and Halls were staring down at the pile of loot near the Shadow Wolf.

Loot! This was the thing all players looked forward to the most when defeating monsters, especially boss levels monsters who dropped the best loot! It was even better since this was the first time the Shadow Wolf has been killed, so the loot will be the very best!

Luna and Halls were very excited but still managed to hold themselves back. They were waiting to see how Izroth handled things. After all, even though the fight was over Luna had no mana and Halls was one hit away from dying. They would have a death wish if they provoked him at this moment.

Izroth sensed that they were bit nervous and smiled towards them. He had a simple saying, he would always repay kindness tenfold and contempt a thousandfold. Izroth had no enmity with these two and they seemed like good people from the way they handled things. He would, of course, be fair about things.

Izroth shook his head, "We’ll divide the loot fairly between us. While it’s true that I did kill it, it was you guys that got it that low to begin with."

Luna and Halls relaxed a bit and let out a sigh of relief. Luckily Izroth was a fair person and had no grievances with them. This improved his image even more in their minds.

Izroth reached down to pick up the loot and the first thing that he saw left him shocked!

Izroth let out a sigh in amazement, "Truly worthy of being loot from a world boss"

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