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Chapter 5: The Resurgence of Resentment
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Chapter 5: The Resurgence of Resentment

Fortunately, her drawing talent which she had fostered at a young age, landed her a job which she loved. And through her hard work, she had managed to leap to the position of chief designer.

Three years ago, just after giving birth, she had become a jewelry designer. Her creativity had won her numerous international awards. And the relocation of her company’s headquarters had resulted in her transfer.

It had never occurred to her that the ultimate address for her company’s relocation would be the city that had beaten her black and blue[1].

She had initially thought of quitting her job and finding another. However, four years had passed and her resentment had disappeared. She had deliberated over it. Why should she have to give up three years of her hard-earned position because of the past? She had already lost everything to them, and she refused to start from scratch again because of them.

So she came back.

“Where is Chief Designer Cheng? Is this not her flight?” The female assistant muttered to herself.

At this time, a clear and attractive voice sounded from beside her, “I am the person you were sent to pick up.”

As soon as the female assistant turned her head, she saw a lady around her age looking her way. Staring at her in astonishment she asked, “You are Miss Cheng Liyue?”

“What’s wrong? Do I not look like it?” Cheng Liyue chuckled. It can be difficult to comprehend how a person like her, who only at the age of twenty four, was appointed as chief designer. However, to obtain such a position, it was not dependent on the fact that the older you get, the more sought after you are. But it was all based on one’s own capability.

“My bad, my bad. I’m Tang Weiwei. I’m here to pick you up.” Right after saying this, she was enthralled by a pair of the world’s most dazzling eyes. She laughed in surprise for a few seconds. “Designer Cheng, I supposed this is your brother! What a cutie!”

The little boy immediately retorted, “I am not mommy’s brother! I’m mommy’s baby[2].”


Tang Weiwei was once again in shock. There was not much difference in their age, that alone was enough to startle her. Now, she even brought along a three or four year old little bean[3] saying it was her son? Tang Weiwei was dumbfounded.

“This is my son, Xiao Ze.”

“My name is Cheng Yuze.” The little boy introduced himself.

“What a lovely name.” Tang Weiwei beamed with undisguised admiration.

On the ride back to their accommodation, Tang Weiwei couldn’t help but play with Xiao Ze enthusiastically. Because he was too adorable she could not resist teasing him.

Cheng Liyue stared out the car window. The cityscape felt familiar to her yet foreign at the same time. Memories from four years ago drifted into her mind. This was the place where she had experienced love and hate. For four years, she had not concerned herself with any news relating to this country. Therefore, she knew nothing about the current situation of the Lu Group.

Of course, she wasn’t all that interested in finding out.

Back then, the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy were strange. At first, she wasn’t even aware that she was five-month pregnant. Only when she had felt the movement of the fetus did she visit the hospital with every intention of aborting it.

The doctors in the hospital refused to perform an abortion of her fetus. She went to so many hospitals but she was denied because the fetus was healthy and the body had already been formed. 𝑏𝘦𝑑𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝑙.𝘤𝘰𝘮

She had initially felt nothing but anger and disgust, but as the child began to grow in her womb, tossing about daily like a mischievous troublemaker, her resentment gradually wore off.

While she had been arduously giving birth and had been languishing in a state of drowsiness, she had heard the soft whisper of the nurse in her ear, “Your child is quite healthy and very beautiful.”

She had not believed her. But when the nurse had finished cleaning up her child and had placed him in her arms, it had seemed like her heart was engulfed in beaming radiance. It was as if a little angel had suddenly appeared at her side.

She had never once imagined that the man who had violated her body could possibly leave behind a beautiful and lovely child.

Ever since then, her life had undergone tremendous changes. She had dug herself out of the pit of depression and had put the resentment for the Lu family behind her. She had begun to work hard to earn money in order to raise her child. Until an opportunity had arose which had contributed to her success as a jewelry designer, leading up to today.

She had finally achieved success. And her child had become her everything.

As the car was passing through a busy road, Cheng Liyue looked up and saw the gilded signboard of the Lu Group gleaming in the mid-day sun. Resplendent and magnificent. It seemed to cut right through her heart.

[1] 遍体鳞伤 = biàn tǐ lín shāng = covered all over with cuts and bruises; beaten black and blue

[2] 宝贝 = bǎo bèi = treasured object; treasure; darling; baby

[3] 小豆丁 = xiǎo dòu dīng = little bean

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