President Daddy Super Awesome

Chapter 3: Learning the truth
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Chapter 3: Learning the truth

Lu Junxuan held onto the divorce agreement as if he had just received a fortune. He announced coldly, “It is stated in the agreement that you will clean out the house. Move out tomorrow. Except for your personal belongings, nothing else can be taken away.”

Cheng Liyue’s tears flowed down her cheeks, her whole body was frozen stiff.

That night, she packed up her things and moved out of her matrimonial home. She checked into a hotel and contacted her aunt who was living in R country who advised Liyue to stay with her.

Cheng Liyue was weary of the people and the matters here. However, she just came to the realization that her passport was at the Lu residence.

She had no choice but to catch a cab back to the Lu residence.

As she rounded the garden, she heard somebody chatting in the grove. By the sound of it, it was her mother-in-law, Chen Xia, laughing gaily with another. “Are you satisfied now? My Junxuan is finally single, you needn’t feel wronged any longer.”

Cheng Liyue’s heart skipped a beat. She approached the thicket and saw that there was a lady opposite her mother-in-law. It was Shen Junyao. She was shyly nodding her head seemingly appeased. “En, aunt, my father has agreed to become a shareholder of the Lu group.”

“That’s great. With your father joining, it will be like adding wings to a tiger[1] for our Junxuan, and you will be my favorite daughter-in-law.”

“Thank you for your help, aunt.”

“Still calling me aunt?”

“Mother…” Shen Junyao sweetly uttered.

“Ai! That’s my good daughter-in-law. I’m very fond of you.”

Cheng Liyue’s face instantly turned white as a sheet of paper. It seemed like her heart had been severely stabbed with a knife. She exploded in rage.

Everything made sense now. She had been brought to the cafe by Shen Junyao! With only two glasses of drink, she then became muddle-headed. After she had woken up, it was already morning at that hotel.

All of this… was a calculated scheme by Shen Junyao and her mother-in-law to push for a divorce between her and Lu Junxuan.

It turned out that Shen Junyao’s father was planning to invest in the Lu Group, and her mother-in-law wanted to chase her out and let Shen Junyao take her place.

Face filled with resentment, Cheng Liyue suddenly appeared in front of them.

Chen Xia was shocked and Shen Junyao was surprised. Looking at the pale face of Cheng Li-yue, she must have heard their conversation. The two of them revealed their true colors.

“You still have the audacity to return?” Chen Xia gave her a disgusted look.

“You… You set me up. Why did you have to do this?” With eyes red, Cheng Liyue asked hoarsely.

Chen Xia looked at her without shame. “Cheng Liyue, don’t go crazy here.”

Shen Jun Yao crossed her arms and smiled disparagingly, “Cheng Liyue, you’re so foolish to the point of being pathetic. Do you really think that Junxuan-ge likes you? Keep your head out of the clouds. You are merely Junxuan-ge‘s stepping stone for him to be the president of the Lu Group. The person he truly loves is me.”

“Cheng Liyue, you are now divorced, the papers have been signed. Our Lu family does not welcome you. Get out.” Chen Xia was chasing her out.

“I’ve returned to retrieve my passport. Hand it over to me.” Cheng Liyue glared at her vicious mother-in-law.

It had occurred to Chen Xia that her passport had been left behind. She let out a scoff, “Wait right here, I’ll get it for you. No matter the distance, you can just scram far, far away!”

Naturally Chen Xia wouldn’t hold her back from going abroad. The last person the Lu family would like to see was Cheng Li-yue. Of course, the farther away she went, the better.

As soon as Chen Xia left, Shen Junyao narrowed her eyes while walking up to Cheng Liyue. “The reason Junxuan-ge married you was because your father held the shares in the Lu Group. Truthfully speaking, you are not worthy of him at all.”

Cheng Liyue looked at the face of her former best friend. Now, there was only disgust and abhorrence towards this two-faced female. Cheng Liyue raised her palm to slap her face. Shen Junyao was quick to react as she grabbed her wrist. “You are not qualified to hit me. I’m merely taking back my happiness and my rightful place as Mrs. Lu. It was never yours to begin with. ” 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.org

“So, last night… last night, all of you colluded against me? All of you… including Lu Junxuan?” Cheng Liyue burst into tears. It felt like her heart was being repeatedly stabbed with a knife and was now dripping in blood.

[1] 如虎添翼 = rú hǔ tiān yì = like adding wings to a tiger = adding wings to a tiger, means taking something that is already powerful, like a tiger, and make it even more so. This can be applied as adding force to something or someone that is already very powerful. [source:

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