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Chapter 176: Auspicious Item

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“You mean the Qilin Celestial Vine that looks like a Qilin horn?” Xiao Yan hurriedly asked.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s reaction, Su Qian hurriedly asked, “Your Highness, have Your Highness heard of the Qilin Celestial Vine?”

“Yes, it’s rare. It’s one of the most precious treasures of the Blood Demon Pavilion. However, most people are unaware of its existence in the Blood Demon Pavilion, so no one has ever targeted it,” Xiao Yan said.

Su Qian looked at Xiao Yan meaningfully as she pondered over his words.

Back then, she had instructed Gu Qingyou to use the connections of the Feng Lin Auction House to investigate the whereabouts of these three medicinal herbs. She learned that the Pheonix Orchid was in the Ninth Prince’s Residence, which prompted her to search for it urgently. As for the other two, Feng Lin Auction House had not received any information.

The fact that even the Feng Lin Auction House was unaware of this information meant it was a secret within the Blood Demon Pavilion. However, Xiao Yan knew about this secret and was certain that the Qilin Celestial Vine was within the Blood Demon Pavilion. This showed how terrifying this man’s intelligence network was.

“If you want it, 1 will definitely bring you the Qilin Celestial Vine within three days.” After Xiao Yan finished speaking, he looked at Su Qingqing who was lying on the bed with concern.

The Blood Demon Pavilion headquarters was quite a distance away from the imperial capital. A round trip in three days was already the fastest speed.

“I can’t wait that long.” Su Qian said thoughtfully, “The Qilin Celestial Vine doesn’t have any special medicinal effects. Its greatest effect is auspicious, so most people who obtain this treasure will make it into an amulet. So 1 think the Blood Demon Pavilion will do the same to the Qilin Celestial Vine.”

Strictly speaking, the Qilin Celestial Vine wasn’t considered a medicinal herb. It was more of an auspicious item. As long as one carried a little of it on their body, they would be able to protect themselves from disaster. Su Qian didn’t need the entire Qilin Celestial Vine. She only needed a little of it as a medicinal primer.

“You’re right. However, unless you’re a direct descendant of the Blood Demon Pavilion, it’s unlikely that ordinary people would possess such a valuable treasure.” Xiao Yan seemed to suddenly remember. “Speaking of which, the Blood Demon Pavilion’s Eldest Miss seemed to have looked for you before? Qianqian, you can look for her and see if she can help.”

“That’s what I plan to do…” Su Qian said but then she suddenly sensed something was amiss. She immediately looked suspiciously in Xiao Yan’s direction and asked in confusion, “How did Your Highness know that Ji Wanwan came to look for me?”

Xiao Yan’s facial muscles twitched unnaturally, and then he immediately replied without blushing or skipping a beat, “Naturally, I heard about it. The news of Ji Wanwan looking for you at the Su family has already spread throughout the imperial capital. I only heard about it occasionally.”

“So it turns out that this is the case.” Su Qian nodded and believed Xiao Yan.

She was scared to death. She thought that Xiao Yan had investigated her to know about this matter. Now it seemed that she had been overthinking. “Speaking of which, why did Ji Wanwan look for you?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “Speaking of that Ji Wanwan, she’s famous for being smart. She took the initiative to approach you, so it definitely wasn’t just a coincidence.”

“The Pavilion Master of the sub-branch of Blood Demon Pavilion in the imperial capital, Qi Yao, is Ji Wanwan’s uncle. Now that Qi Yao is seriously poisoned to the brink of death, Ji Wanwan wants to ask me for help,” Su Qian explained.

Xiao Yan was puzzled, “How did she know that you’re an alchemist?” π™—π™šπ™™π’π™€π’—π’†π’οΌŽπ’„π™€π™’

“Perhaps it’s a woman’s intuition? In short, Ji Wanwan is not an ordinary woman. I initially tried to play dumb, but after finally rejecting her, it turns out the tables have turned and I would have to beg her instead.” After saying this, Su Qian felt that it was a little troublesome..

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