Playing With Other Supernaturals

Volume 1 Chapter 10 - Cleria Belial and Masaomi Yaegaki
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Volume 1 Chapter 10 - Cleria Belial and Masaomi Yaegaki

Discover the complete story on π—―πžπ—±π—»π¨π˜ƒπžπ₯.𝗻𝗲𝐭.

It has been four hours since Kisuke started gathering information. He looked at his wristwatch and saw that it's already midnight. Besides some activity at the town's center, most of the households have turned off their lights.

The night sky is clear and you can see the stars clearly because today is a new moon making it pretty dark and moving around unnoticed very suitable.

Kisuke has already taken note of some activities happening tonight as he looked around.

There are a total of three groups and one individual. The first is a group of devils, the second is a group of human exorcists and the last is a pair of devil and human. The lone one is also a devil, he is only watching for now. This one is giving off a surprising amount of power coming from him and it would be dangerous for Kisuke to take him head-on.

"Now then, how do I mess with them? Hmmm, that one guy is giving me a dangerous feeling and doesn't strike me as a good person. Especially on how he sneers and give a mocking smile at the pair protecting each other." Kisuke quietly muttered to himself. "Yosh, sounds fun messing with that guy." Having a grin on his face, he decided his course of action.

Jumping from roof to roof while avoiding everyone's gaze and blending his aura to the surrounding, he reached a three-story building. Behind it was an open lot with some construction materials scattered.

Clashes of metal rang out and furious voices were heard. Kisuke took a peek below and saw 7 figures. The five humans who are holding a sword were surrounding the injured devil and man pair.

The human man is protecting the critically injured devil woman from the five while being injured himself. It seems that these two were the rumored devil and human lovers that Kisuke was hearing about while investigating.

The devil is Cleria Belial, a high-class devil from a prestigious family and the current ruler of Kuoh Town.

She is currently in a romantic relationship with Masaomi Yaegaki, an exorcist from the Protestant Church.

Masaomi Yaegaki is a man with long black hair and the subordinate of the guy who leads the five-man team against the duo.

Touji Shidou has light brown hair and wearing a priest robe. He is supposed to be the current leader of the Protestant Church of the town. Now he is currently chasing his subordinate that fell in love with a devil to stop their relationship.

"Masaomi!! Leave the devil woman alone. Do you want to destroy the status quo between Heaven and Underworld?!." Touji shouted at his subordinate who is stubbornly protecting his woman.

Hearing this, Cleria who is already half unconscious and bloodied all over because of the battle with the other devils before they encounter the exorcists, opened her mouth, "Dear, just leave me alone. At least that way, one of us can survive."

"Cleria, you know that isn't gonna happen. Even If I died with you today, I'm never going to regret my choices because you're the woman I love." Masaomi looked at her with his face full of cuts and blood. Despite that, the gentle and loving gaze he has for Cleria wasn't masked.

"Masaomi…" Cleria can only cry after hearing his words. The warmth that she felt superseded the pain of her wounds and was able to gain the power to stand up straight, albeit, temporarily. She wanted to at least face death with his lover standing strong.

"You leave us no choice. Men… Kill them." Touji grimaced at his own words. It is very hard for him to give the order for his subordinate's death. He will regret this moment for his whole life, that, he was sure of.

Actually, the Church already gave an ultimatum, and that is to kill both of them tonight, no matter what happens.

The Church is already vaguely aware of the two's relationship and lets it go since it was also beneficial for them since this town is a devil's territory.

Ordinarily, just five of them aren't enough to fight a high-class devil head-on, they were just following the order. But to Touji's surprise, when they found the two, the devil, Cleria Belial was already critically injured and won't be able to fight, while Masaomi Yaegaki has multiple cuts, but not very serious is already beyond exhausted.

Touji never actually intend to kill Masaomi. He just wants him to separate from the Cleria and capture him to bring him to trial. That way, he would at least live and have a chance to redeem himself even if Masaomi were to hate him due to killing his lover. The Church is obviously hiding something, especially after the devils' "great" timing. He presumed that this isn't just about the status quo of Heaven and Underworld.

But Touji underestimated both of their feelings and was compelled to give the final order.

While they were preparing for the final clash, a shadow fell from the sky and faced Touji.

The intruder is very short, like a child, wears a black cloak with a hood that covers his whole body while wearing a nondescript mask. π›π—²ππ§π—Όπ˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗼𝐫𝗴

The masked child-like man then started speaking, "Hello everyone, I'm totally not a suspicious person, nice to meet you all."

Everyone was silent and wasn't able to react due to many reasons. One being, only big idiots would believe someone who introduces himself as not a suspicious person while wearing a suspicious outfit. And two, that those were really the voice of a child. They were wondering why would a child fall from the sky and greet everyone?

The child in the cloak, not minding their reactions, continued, "I came here because I was moved by these two's love for each other and I wished to save them if you don't mind."

The exorcists finally have a reaction, they readied their swords increasing their vigilance to the maximum. They wouldn't underestimate someone just because he is a child, it could be just a spell to look and sound like a child.

Kisuke then declared, "The play starts here! Sekienton(Red Smoke Escape)!"

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