Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning

Chapter 546 - 546 Soul Saint Crystal! (2)
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546 Soul Saint Crystal! (2)

Golden Fur Lion King, a five-star Saint Realm expert, the Island Master of Wild Lion Island.

Limitless Sword Spirit, Seven Star Saint Realm, master of the Sword Spirit Mystic Realm.

These three should be in the Eastern Sea Region.

To Lin Bei, it was not difficult to find them.

He, who was at the nine-star Saint Realm, had now opened 20 Galaxy Meridians and grasped several ancient martial arts powers. The current him was no weaker than ordinary existences who had just entered the Original Realm. Although the Eastern Sea Region was large, the range of Lin Bei’s spiritual senses was not small at all!

Half an hour later, he arrived at a lava cave. He looked at the half-dead Golden Fur Lion King lying on the ground and said with a smile, “Alright, don’t resist. It’s decided. From now on, you’ll be called Little Gold. As a member of my personal guards, tell me the residences of powerful creatures you know.”


The Golden Fur Lion King’s body curled up into a ball and trembled non-stop.

“Be good.”

Lin Bei smiled and reached out to touch the head of the Golden Fur Lion King. Hmm… it felt really good. It was soft, but its fur was too long and it was a little inconvenient.

With a gentle wave of his hand, the cutting power floated past. The golden fur on the Golden Fur Lion King’s head was completely shaved off. From afar, it looked like a golden egg emitting a dazzling light.

“Ao wu wu wu ~”

The Golden Fur Lion King wanted to die at this moment, but he was at someone else’s mercy and had no choice but to lower his head.

He heaved a long sigh in his heart.

He, a dignified Beast King, had actually ended up in such a state.

Sigh, it was fate!

He hoped that Master would treat it well in the future. Otherwise… his life would probably be miserable.

After shaving Little Gold’s head, Lin Bei rubbed his head a few times in satisfaction. Then, he ordered him to transform. In the end, Little Gold turned into a golden arhat with a dazzling golden light on his head.


“Mm, not bad. Little Gold, I still have something to do. Go and familiarize yourself with the other members of my personal guards first.”

Lin Bei did not go back on his word. He used the power of life and the power of heavenly fire to refine a physical body for Little Green. As for Little Gold, he used the Five Elements Breathing Technique and used the power of metal laws to fuse with the power of life to refine another physical body.

This was a considerable opportunity for Little Green and Little Gold.

After incorporating the personal guards, Lin Bei looked at the huge golden treasure chest and opened it without hesitation.

Successfully opened the treasure chest!

Congratulations on obtaining Soul Saint Crystals x1!

Congratulations on obtaining Holy Spirit Crystals x3!

Congratulations on obtaining Substitute Doll x20!

Congratulations on obtaining a Saint Rank Talent Scroll x1!

This time, there were another four rewards.

There was no need to mention the Soul Saint Crystal. It was a tool that Lin Bei urgently needed. As for the Holy Spirit Crystal, it was a special tool similar to the Divine Spirit Crystal that Lin Bei had previously speculated. It could be used to complete virtual synchronization and increase the power of the laws of the Saint Realm.

However, Lin Bei had already completed the integration of virtual and reality. He did not need virtual synchronization to increase his strength at all. The stronger he was in the virtual world, the stronger he was in the real world.

As for using the Holy Spirit Crystal to increase the power of laws?

He did not even think about it. The advancement of the Holy Spirit Crystal to the nine-star Saint Realm was already very weak. The only things he could take a fancy to now were the Original Dust and the Original Crystal. As for the Holy Spirit Crystal, he had no thoughts about it at all.

He did not need such a thing, but he could use it to nurture his personal guards. After all, the average strength of his personal guards was only at the low-grade Saint Realm. Using these items, the increase was still very obvious.

“Substitute Doll? Speaking of which, this is good stuff. It’s just that I haven’t encountered any danger in a long time. I don’t mind having too many of these things. Keeping them can save my life.”

Lin Bei put away the Substitute Dolls. Now, he had more than 10,000 Substitute Dolls on him. The number was already very terrifying. One Substitute Doll could withstand one fatal damage. More than 10,000 meant that he could withstand more than 10,000 fatal damage. It was still very powerful.

“The last one is actually a Saint-rank Talent Scroll. This is good stuff. With my current luck, if I use it directly, I’m afraid I can obtain a good talent.”

Lin Bei looked at the last scroll in the treasure chest and smiled.

Now, as his strength increased, the many Buffs he had accumulated in the early stages were actually not very useful. If he could obtain a powerful Saint-rank Buff now, it would be a good thing for him.

Successfully used the Saint-rank Talent Scroll!

Congratulations on obtaining the Saint Rank (Lv.9) talent—Order Law Body! 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗𝚘𝚟𝚎l.𝚘rg

Order Law Body: Saint Rank (Lv.9) talent. It can upgrade and immunize all attacks that are based on the power of Order Laws you’ve mastered. Currently mastered Order Laws: 1,024 types.

“This talent… is a little powerful. Not to mention anything else, in the Saint Realm, with this Body of Order Law, I’m simply invincible! Moreover, I’ve grasped the power of more than a thousand Laws. In other words, if the enemy uses the power of Laws I’ve grasped to attack me, they won’t be able to injure me at all! This ability… is simply abnormal!”

As expected of a Saint Realm (Lv.9) talent. It was really a top-notch talent of the Saint Realm. Moreover, it could be immune to the attacks of the corresponding laws and could also increase the power of the corresponding laws!

Lin Bei tested it. The power had increased by about three times!

“This way, the power of my spatial laws has directly increased by three times. If I continue to refine spatial scrolls now, I’m afraid I can refine a true Domain teleportation scroll!”

Lin Bei could not help but sigh.

This was only one of the points.

Currently, he had grasped many Order Laws. If he increased them all by three times, to him, the improvement might not be weaker than mastering an ancient martial arts power.

“As expected, I’m the one with great luck.”

Lin Bei muttered.

Now, he had clearly not stepped into the Original Realm, but his strength was definitely not something ordinary Original Realm cultivators could compare to.

“My improvement is a little fast. Right now, I don’t even know how strong I can be after I unleash my full strength. How annoying.”

Lin Bei was helpless.

Three days ago, he had unleashed his full strength and could barely be on par with a half-step Original Realm expert. However, in just three days, his strength was already incomparable.

“By the way, can this Soul Saint Crystal increase the talent level of the Power of Order Laws?”

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Suddenly, a suffocating thought arose in Lin Bei’s heart.

If the Body of Order Law could break through the limit and continue to improve, could it become an Original Body?

At that time, would he be immune to the Original Power?

If that was the case, wouldn’t he be invincible in the Original Realm?

“Let’s try!”

Excited, Lin Bei hurriedly took out a Soul Saint Crystal he had just obtained and operated on it.

The grade of the Holy Soul Crystal is too low! Breakthrough of the Body of Order Law failed!

The System notification sounded in his ear.

“Sigh, as expected, I was thinking too much. It’s a pity.”

Lin Bei sighed and looked at the Soul Saint Crystal in his hand. This thing was only at the Saint-rank (Lv.5).

His eyes moved slightly. Could it be that… he needed Saint Rank (Lv.9) Soul Saint Crystals?

Or… did he need a higher-level item?

Sigh, I don’t know enough.

Lin Bei was helpless.

In the end, he could only use the Soul Saint Crystal on the Mutated Blood.

Soon, he was wrapped in a golden light. A moment later, his Mutated Blood increased to Saint Rank (Lv.5).

“This is good too. At the very least, I can refine the Holy Spirit Blood of a 5-star Saint Realm expert and use it to create a 5-star Saint Realm creature. Coupled with the Drop Quality bonus buff, the current me can farm some high-grade saint artifacts.”

Lin Bei’s mood quickly improved.

He did not have a high-grade saint artifact yet.

When he was free later, he would farm a few hundred pieces. When the time came, he would be armed to the teeth and his strength would definitely increase a lot.

“Yes, the next target… Rose Flower King.”

Lin Bei took a step forward and appeared in the sky outside the Lava Cave. After identifying the direction, his figure disappeared and he rushed towards the Rose Mystic Realm.

Before he set off, his gains in the Canglan World would probably not be small.

“I still have a little more than two hours. I have to hurry.”

Now that he had the three times the power of Order Laws due to the Order Law Body, his speed was even faster.

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