One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3976 - A Perfect Match (172)
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Chapter 3976: A Perfect Match (172)

Indeed, there was a brand of tire called Michelin. It was all over the streets. Liang Yin often came across tires of this brand. Its logo bore a special cartoon character.

After a moment of silence, Qin Zhou said, “Actually, Michelin restaurants have another nickname.”

“Oh? What nickname?”

“It’s the kind of restaurant where ‘it’s troublesome to cook and troublesome to eat’. ”

“…” Liang Yin’s jaw dropped when she heard this. There was such a theory?

“A Michelin meal might take a lot of work to prepare, but when eating, it’s gone in seconds.”

“Will it fill the stomach then?”

“Coming to this restaurant, one eats its highbrow atmosphere, mostly. But I don’t think we’ll leave this place starving.” He urged, “What are you staring at? Come on, let’s go in. I’ve already made reservations.”

“Oh, oh…” Liang Yin was about to walk in when she suddenly realized that Qin Zhou was standing still with an arm slightly bent as he gestured to her.

“Just take my arm.”

Liang Yin felt a little uneasy, but she still mustered her courage and nervously held his arm, naturally conscious that this gesture should only happen between a couple… The man led her into the restaurant, where a waiter immediately escorted him to a reserved booth.

Milicent’s, with its elegant surroundings, was dimly lit, but it was just bright enough to see the layout of the restaurant and the path as they walked in. They came to their booth. The waiter pulled out a chair first and motioned for Liang Yin to sit.

This was the first time Liang Yin had come to this restaurant. She was not used to such “considerate” service and was stunned.

Qin Zhou said, “Take a seat!”

Only then did Liang Yin dare to sit down. As she did so, the waiter adjusted her seat again and walked over to Qin Zhou. He then pulled out his seat and served him.

The service was meticulous. There was a kind of… formality of European royal protocol.

The service at the Michelin restaurant prioritized the woman. Within the booth, they prioritized the woman and then served the man after that.

The waiter looked like a Frenchman. The restaurant itself was run by a Frenchman. All the details in the restaurant observed the original spirit of Michelin.

The waiter unfolded the napkin and carefully spread it across Liang Yin’s lap. However, such complicated etiquette made her feel even more uneasy. She was afraid that she would ruin the “restaurant dining ceremony” and cause others to laugh at her. She felt that most people who went in and out of the restaurant were either rich or noble. This was the first time she had stepped into such an expensive restaurant. This was even more posh than the western food restaurant that Hua Jin had taken her to previously. 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑛𝘦𝑡

After laying out the napkins, the waiter served two appetizers dishes. One of them, Qin Zhou had pointed out, was “Black Truffle Soup”, a classic by Bocuse. It was said that only VIPs could enjoy this dish. It was not for outsiders. Served in a cup, aesthetically, it was covered by a layer of crispy flaky skin. Breaking through this layer of golden skin, a warm pre-dinner soup awaited inside.

Liang Yin was stumped. The dish seemed so delicate she didn’t know how to begin eating it. At the previous western restaurant, she could at least cut up a piece of steak. but this soup with the crispy skin, should she just drink it directly, or…

Liang Yin looked at Qin Zhou with a helpless expression.

Understanding her embarrassment, Qin Zhou first demonstrated by soaking the punctured flaky skin in the soup. The crispy skin softened after soaking up the soup.

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