Omega Summoner

Chapter 1478 Charon’s Evolution I
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"It is powerful and so enamoring at the same time. The heart of an undead that is a small step away from Transcendent status." The Undead King Arthur stated.

"Will it pose a problem when I use it as an evolution item?" Adrian asked but the requirements actually told him that it is possible to use it since the Dread Heart part is marked as complete.


Evolution Requirements for Dread Overlord

1. Soulbound must be at least level 250 (Completed.)

2. Soulbound must have absorbed at least 10, 000 souls (Completed.)

3. Soulbound must integrate the item called "Dread Heart". (Incomplete) (Item has been obtained.)

4. Soulbound must absorb the energy from an area that is filled with fear and dread. (35% - Incomplete)

5. Soulbound must have the blessing of a Greater God of Death or someone equivalent. (Incomplete)


"There should be no problem in using the Dreadful Heart as it is essentially a more powerful version of the Dread Heart." Du'an stated.

"That is good, but I sense that there is something else." Adrian stated.

"There is a chance that Charon might be released from your control since the Dreadful Heart might have other effects on it. Charon might even evolve into a more advanced being than a Dread Overlord but that is still speculation as even I do not know what would happen." Du'an stated.

"He might break free from our soul bond and become a powerful undead wreaking havoc on the living. Is there a way to make this possibility to go away?" Adrian asked.

"I do not know as well but your soul must have a tighter grasp on Charon's soul in order for that to not happen. I want to fully believe in you, but the soul of a being can only endures so much. You are already supporting six other beings with your soul. I believe that you must not strain it too much or else it might be detrimental to you." Du'an stated.

"We can at least subdue Charon should it be released from Adrian's bond. You can just perform the contract once we have calmed the evolved Charon down." The Undead King Arthur stated as he wanted to help Adrian since they were not able to aid them in getting the core of the Soul Sucking Lich.

"I am thankful for the help. Let us go with that if it really does happen." Adrian stated as he has no choice left since the Soul Sucking Lich is no more.

"Will we start now?" Du'an asked as there are necessary preparations left.

"We are still not ready since Charon has yet to get enough energy of fear and dread." Adrian stated as he immediately thought of a place to go to.

"What are we supposed to do then?" Levin Cloud asked.

"Why not help that kid out?! He has a contract with the Goddess Sedna that must be fulfilled as he did summon her." Adrian stated.

"Peridot cannot come though. Her constitution cannot survive, or she cannot go the death realms unless she is dead." Levin Cloud stated.

"Oh! Both of you can enjoy your time with the Goddess Sedna. I want to see the magic tomes that Du'an has collected over the years that he has been talking about." Peridot stated with a smile as she really did not want to go. She also missed the point that Levin Cloud wanted to get out of that proposal as well, but she actually gave him permission. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝙤𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒄𝒐𝙢

"Great! Big Bro Levin Cloud can help me!" Creepysoo stated as he immediately grabbed Levin Cloud and a pool of water appeared below them. Both of them suddenly dropped inside the pool of water as they were summoned to the death realm ruled by the Goddess Sedna.

"Good luck then." Peridot stated as she had a sigh of relief that she was not going to the death realm.

"You as well. Learn well but can you look at something for me if you have the time." Adrian stated as he gave Peridot a piece of paper before disappearing into the gate of the underworld.


Adrian appeared in a part of the underworld that no soul would dare to go. It was a blazing river filled with the heat of the underworld, but it was fueled by the fear and dread of the souls. A blazing river that does not go out that leads to the entrance of another death realm called Tartarus.

A quick look at 𝗯𝐞𝐝𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝐦 will leave you more fulfilled.

[You have arrived before the River of Phlegethon.]

[You are not harmed by the effects of the River of Phlegethon because of your privilege in the Death Realms.]

Adrian looked at the flaming river and saw the souls screaming in fear as they are carried towards the place where the souls are punished. The souls inside the River of Phlegethon did not know why but there was instinctive fear running through them that they should not reach the end of the river.

Some souls tried swimming against the current but realizing that they cannot even move an inch. Some souls just screamed in fear knowing what they will end up on. Some souls are just lost and wondering why the others have that reaction, but all souls have fears of this place running through them.

"This should be the perfect place for Charon." Adrian stated as he summoned Charon.

Charon immediately knew what its master wants and that is to absorb the fear and dread scattered in this place. It has managed to get some earlier when it was fighting against the dread beasts but the level of energy in this place is far superior. Charon opened up his casket and started to suck the immense fear and dread in the area.

All the fear and dread that the souls released were filling up Charon's casket. The siphoning of the energy was too powerful that they actually got the attention of a certain ferryman god that rows his boat in the rivers of the underworld.

[You have caught the attention of the God Charon.]

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