Nova Roma

Chapter 15 - Funeral and future strategy
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After putting an end to the Cantabrian threat, Flavio and his grandfather returned to Emerita Augusta where the funeral of the ashes of Vitellio the father of Flavio was celebrated, Augusto was surprised to see his grandson with tears in his eyes guiding the military orchestra play a melody

A Trumpeter opens with a single of a few seconds, a drum sounds and the other trumpet players play the violins soon after they begin to sound creating a melancholic atmosphere, after that the flutists playing the same rhythm continue for a moment, to give entrance to the short time back to the violins accompanied by the trumpets, to finally end the sound of a flute

Julia wept for the song that her son made her husband and august hugging his daughter asked the name of this song to his grandson

Flavio he answered "Beatum Cordis Mei" (My Enchanted Heart) a song he had done for his father a few months ago when he learned that his father could be dead, the funeral continued His father was placed in a small mausoleum built in the governorโ€™s palace

He took as an example the mausoleum of Benito Juarez, a very important politician in Mexico during the XIX century, after finishing the ceremony he asked his grandfather to accompany her mother and him that day in the dinner of that night.

During the day after the funeral of his father Flavio spent time with his mother who was sad about Vitellioโ€™s death.

His grandfather decided to spend time with his family and even if he was only for one day he could feel the family love he had always left behind.

Although everything good has an end so after this day he met with his grandson to discuss what he had to do to ensure that the empire did not die and that the religion of the cross did not expand.

In the study of Governor Flavioโ€™s palace placed on the desk was a map of the whole world (not including the new world or Oceania, it only included India, China, Europe, and all Africa), this map contains everything that matters to Rome grandfather I did not include the regions where he will develop Nova Roma

Flavio saw her Grandfather "Now more important is to know where you want to expand Roma grandfather, an empire that does not expand is destined to fail but you can not just attack without knowing your enemy, a strategist from the east wrote

" Know your enemy and know yourself; In one hundred battles, you will never be defeated. If you are ignorant of your enemy but you know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are the same. If you are ignorant of your enemy and yourself, you can be sure of being defeated in every battle. "

You have the northern islands" pointing out Flavio to Britania and Ireland

"You have the region of Germania" pointing to Germany,

"You have the region of irán" pointing Where is the Parthian empire

"You have the Arabian peninsula" pointing to the south of Mesopotamia

"Last but not less important you have Africa, tell me where your interest grandfather and I will help you to get them."

Augustus thought calmly and before making a decision asked: "What destroyed the Roman empire in the future son?"

Flavio pointed to the map to Rome, Germany, and the eastern prairies

"There were many factors but the most important was the invasion of nomads of the east and that almost take Rome, added to a small glaciation that froze to the territories of the north and this, in turn, promoted the migration towards the south of great tribes and finally the great corruption that prevailed in the empire and the separation of Roma in Rome of the west and Rome of the east

After your death grandfather never saw an emperor who has lasted so long, the throne was prostituted countless times and the emperors stopped expanding, therefore, they isolated themselves in their world never worried about assimilating the conquered therefore never accepted the fact that they were Romans, when the empire saw the difficulties they simply rebelled and the empire ran out

Only survived Constantinople but they were more Greek than Roman and they sinned from the same mistakes as their western counterparts, in the end, they were destroyed by the Turks a nomadic tribe from central Asia who professed a religion derived from Judaism as well as the religion of the cross "

Augusto was disappointed by the words of his grandson but he knew that maybe there was a way to change the destiny his grandson in himself was proof of it

"What do you suggest son, where to expand and what to do with the Jews"

Flavio smiled at his grandfatherโ€™s question and pointed to Britannia and Ireland

"Rome when he conquered the island of Britain never had it under his complete control, this was because they did not know what they were facing in the north but I am different from what you will face, in As Jews are perhaps the most resistant people in the world, killing them is not an option as there will always be Jews who survive and continue to procreate their faith

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It is best to use them to conquer Hibernia (Ireland) and let them create in that place an autonomous region under the control of Rome, as mentioned before Judaism come from 2 of the worldโ€™s greatest religions Christianity and Islam is better to let in Hibernia kill each other to start creating chaos in the empire by polarizing people, the climate of Hibernia is not very suitable for many crops, therefore, their demographic expansion will be slow

You also have to create regulatory laws to prevent them from leaving the island, this will allow a long time for the empire to implement the state religion with which it can rival Christianity and Islamism. "

Augusto was surprised by the comments of his grandson had to admit that he knew what he was doing, Flavio after talking about Hibernia pulled out a thick book and showed it to his grandfather

"This book is the scriptures of the Hellenistic Reformed religion, contains a genesis, an apocalypse and the correct way of life that a Roman must take to reach another superior plane and avoid going to New Tartar"

Flavio took another book this time smaller

"This is the process you have to do to reform the religion and how they should to be from now on, but the most important thing is to allow the woman to be priestess, the priests can get married and the freedom of knowledge

Another of the important things is the disappearance of orgies and sacrifices, as a reformed religion, cant exist such acts.

Of course, I know that eliminating them will be problematic but as long as they are not done in the temples, these barbaric practices can disappear.

When Rome fell by the barbarians the Christian religion occupied the helm of Europe and what better way than found to maintain its power was to destroy knowledge, with that one entered a period of obscurantism that lasted more than 1000 years

It was not until the Renaissance that this change, is important to safeguard science grandfather, this can mean survive or die, a clear example is the stirrup that creates, gives a very strong advantage over the enemy that does not have it or the crossbow that allows crossbowmen in just a few days unlike the arch It takes months or years to be an archer.

Remember Grandpa you can always ask me for letters if you have any questions, I would also like to ask you to allow me to be the governor of Lusitania and have complete control over sugar, schnapps, and alcohol, paper, and printing are very important assets that grandfather Technology must always be under the imperial family

I always recommend making paper mills and printers on some island and prevent technology from getting into the wrong hands, and as soon as military technologies, the advantages will only be advantages until our enemies can produce them, it is important to protect the production of them and finally if we do not want the empire to die because of internal conflicts

It is good to make Roman education compulsory, we need to train teachers to teach reading and writing in Latin, such as the formation of universities to create public servants more efficient and to avoid corruption is good to create examinations to the bureaucrats of the empire

But the most important thing is to prevent the imperial family from becoming hedonistic, there is no point in avoiding corruption when the emperor, in turn, dedicates himself to spending resources on his pleasures and neglects the people, there must be compulsory education for all those children of the emperor including women

With the reform of religion, the woman will occupy a much greater grandfather rank, although it may not seem like women can govern as a man and even better than a man in some cases, all my ideas are in the books that I will give you

By the way, if you have a problem with my uncle July or you feel that he did not rule the empire well, just let me see him I will show him the value of being a responsible ruler ".

Augusto nodded for what his grandson mentioned

"Excellent son with this the empire could be an empire of a thousand years, there is something that I have to tell you your fiancee will come to live with you in the next months, I hope you can take care of her Roma is not very sure for her

I suspect that the person in charge of her is abusing using the power he has with her but I have no evidence to be able to execute my authority.

I hope that if you find something that is not correct you can inform me"

Flavio was surprised by the news" You can be sure I will get the truth but Who is my fiancée? "

"Hellena, is the last daughter who had Cleopatra and Marco Antonio is older than you for 4 years, after taking Alexandria I found her in the palace, she was small and fragile baby, I decided to take care of her maybe in the future it could be useful, when you were born I decided that she would marry you "

Augusto said as he looked seriously at his grandson, Flavio nodding to his grandfather "Count on it grandfather, I will take care of her because, in the end, she will be my family."

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