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Chapter 137: The Poison is on the Pillow

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

As soon as she sat down, she heard Xiao Nanye’s voice.

Jiang Peihuan didn’t want to say anything, but when she heard the man’s voice, she subconsciously said it.

As Jiang Peihuan spoke, Xiao Nanye remained silent, just quietly listening. After she finished, he spoke softly, “Old Madam Xue is just trying to protect the Second Madam, so it’s understandable.”

“I understand, but I feel…?”

“Just uneasy.”

Seeing Jiang Peihuan go quiet, Xiao Nanye gently held her hand and spoke softly.

Hearing this, Jiang Peihuan nodded. π’ƒπ™šπ™™π™£π™€π’—π™šπ’οΌŽπ’π’†π’•

She could understand Old Madam Xue’s thoughts, but she hated the real mastermind behind the scenes.

“Grandmother is not willing to pursue this matter. After all, this is the Xue family, so I can’t say anything, but the mastermind behind the scenes is the one who benefits.”

“Maybe not necessarily.”

As he spoke, Xiao Nanye played with Jiang Peihuan’s fingers. This was his first time looking at a woman’s hand closely.

Jiang Peihuan’s fingers were long and thin, but in his hand, they were very small.

He gently played with her fingers, smiling as if he had found a precious treasure.

Jiang Peihuan didn’t notice his actions. When she heard his words, she asked, “Xiao Nanye, what do you mean?”

“Do your cousins know the poison is in the pillow?”


Seeing her nod, Xiao Nanye asked, “Then, will your second aunt hear about this?”

When she heard this, Jiang Peihuan understood.

She had forgotten this detail.

Jiang Peihuan was about to speak when she heard fast footsteps. She turned her head and saw Nanny Yun Gui, coming towards them.

“The old servant greets His Highness King Cheng and Young Little Miss.”

Yun Gui’s eyes were full of urgency, but when she saw Xiao Nanye and Jiang Peihuan, she still stepped forward and seriously paid her respects.

Xiao Nanye didn’t say anything, and Jiang Peihuan hurriedly stepped forward to help her up, speaking softly, “Nanny Yun Gui, why are you here? Is my grandma okay?”

“Not Old Madam Xue, it’s the Second Madam.”

“Second Aunt?”

Jiang Peihuan looked at Xiao Nanye. She thought he was just a battlefield strategist, but he saw everything clearly at the mansion.

Nanny Yun Gui wanted to speak, but looked at Xiao Nanye.

Seeing this, Jiang Peihuan turned her head to look at the man, “I’ll go there for a while.”


Seeing Xiao Nanye nod, Jiang Peihuan then looked at Yun Gui and said, “Let’s go over there.”

Yun Gui hurriedly followed Jiang Peihuan’s pace, and halfway there, Jiang Peihuan finally understood what was going on.

After Xue Qi returned to his room, he told everything. As soon as Xu Yunniang heard that the pillow was poisoned, she immediately went to Old Madam Xue’s courtyard.

Not only Xu Yunniang, but Wang Fengyi also went.

Leveraging the accusation that Xu Yunniang plotted against her mother-in-law, Wang Fengyi continuously hurled insults at Xu Yunniang.

Jiang Peihuan walked into the old madam’s courtyard just in time to hear Wang Fengyi’s insults. “Xu Yunniang, my mother has always treated you well, how could you be so cruel?”

“Sister-in-law, Yunniang would never do such a thing, please be careful with your words.”

Xue Hai also knelt beside Xu Yunniang. When he heard Wang Fengyi’s insults, he began to speak with a gloomy look in his eyes.

But it would have been better if he didn’t speak. Upon hearing his words, the mockery and contempt in Wang Fengyi’s eyes deepened. “Second brother, the Xu family is nothing but a fallen family. Xu Yunniang keeps taking the Xue family’s money to subsidize her mother’s family, and you still want to protect her?”

“Sister-in-law, stop talking nonsense.”

“Yunniang and I are husband and wife, so my money is naturally her money. She took the money from the Xu family with my consent.”

“Hmph, your money. The Xue family hasn’t split up yet. Who gave you the right to say that money is…”

“Everyone, be quiet!”

Old Madam Xue, who was sitting in the main seat, spoke with a look of anger upon hearing their arguments.

When she spoke, everyone kept quiet.

At this moment, Xu Yunniang looked at the old madam, full of guilt. “Mother, it’s all my fault that you are in such trouble.”

As she spoke, Xu Yunniang’s eyes were filled with guilt and tears.

Seeing the look in her eyes, the old madam said softly, “Yunniang, this is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself.”

Then she looked at Xue Hai, who was kneeling next to her, “What are you waiting for? Help your wife get up.”

“Mother, you’re not being fair. It’s clear that the pillow was a gift from my second sister-in-law. Now you’ve been poisoned, and you’ve decided it has nothing to do with her without even asking. I remember when I gave you a ginseng soup and you blamed me without a second word when your stomach didn’t feel right.”

Wang Fengyi didn’t look happy as she watched Xue Hai help Xu Yunniang stand up.

When the old madam heard this, her face changed. She looked at Wang Fengyi and said coldly, “So, you think this matter should be pursued to the end.”

For some reason, Wang Fengyi looked nervous when she looked at the old madam.

But thinking about her plans, she nodded, “Of course.”

“Alright, since you want to pursue this matter, 1 will fulfill your wish.”

“Huan Er, come here.”

Old Madam Xue had noticed Jiang Peihuan come in erlier.

Jiang Peihuan was standing at the door. When she heard the old madam, she walked over and bowed to her, “Grandmother.”

“Huan Er, your maid is skilled in medicine. Can she identify the herbs in my pillow?”

“Yes, she can.”

“Since you want to investigate, then investigate everything.”

“Yunniang, tell us where you got the herbs for the pillow, what herbs they were, and who else touched them.”

“Yes, mother.”

While Xu Yunniang had someone find the list of herbs, Ye Xiao had already identified all the herbs in the pillow.

After comparison, there was no difference between the herbs in the pillow and those on the list.

Even with such a result, the old madam was not surprised at all. Wang Fengyi also smiled proudly when she saw this scene,” Mother, it seems that Rosemary was put in by Second Sister-in-law herself. She…”

“Aunt, how do you know that grandmother was poisoned by rosemary?”

At this moment, Jiang Peihuan suddenly spoke up.

Upon hearing Jiang Peihuan’s words, Wang Fengyi was stunned.

After a few seconds, she said quietly, “I heard them say.”

“Who are ‘they’?”

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