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907 Divine monk void!

In Shangguan Yunxiao’s opinion, the letter he sent to North profound heavens was the first step to show his goodwill to the great Empress, donghuang Ziyou. It could even be said that he was trying to join the great Empress.

This time, he had gone to the North Mystic heaven to meet donghuang Ziyou in person. This was a true surrender. He had brought the entire boundless heaven to the Empress to express his allegiance.

Shangguan Yunxiao had his own reasons for doing so.

First, almost five years ago, donghuang Ziyou ascended to the throne of North profound heavens as a daughter. At that time, she was criticized and doubted by the people of the world. However, she broke the rumors and quickly stabilized the situation of North profound heavens with her amazing talent and ability, shocking the world. This was enough to prove that she had the temperament of a wise ruler of the ages.

Besides, she was a righteous person who ruled the world and abhorred evil. She was dedicated to the people and worked hard to strengthen the North Mystic heaven. Such a person was full of righteousness and was a very good partner.

Secondly, in the past half a year, be it donghuang Ziyou or Lin Xuan, both of them had caused great waves in the world. They had done all sorts of unbelievable and heaven-defying things that shocked the world every time.

The husband and wife had extraordinary cultivation, talent, and means. Any opponent in front of them was like clay chickens and pottery dogs.

It was just like how Lin Xuan had repelled the ancient dragon lizard clan and the Alliance Army, and how donghuang Ziyou had killed more than three million Golden Black mad apes.

Both of them had the invincible strength of a World Master. Whether it was the nine Heavens immortal realm, the Black Dragon continent, or the underworld, they were all at ease and Overlord.

Such an invincible team was destined to rule the entire Nine Heavens immortal realm. No matter how strong their opponents were, they would be defeated by them.

Thirdly, the nine Heavens celestial realm was currently in a state of chaos. Not only was there a demonic horde, but there was also a heavenly leak, the revival of ghost Qi, the revival of ancient times, and many other uncontrollable dangers.

Although the boundless heaven was one of the Nine Worlds in the nine Heavens immortal realm, possessing rare treasures and countless capable people, it was far from enough to resist these dangers. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝑛𝘰𝘷𝘦𝑙.𝘯𝘦𝘵

As the strongest heaven’s favorite in the past three million years of the boundless heaven, how could the boundless Emperor, who was still at the threshold of the ancient God Realm, resist the unknown horror?

Therefore, after combining all these considerations, Shangguan Yunxiao felt that it was time to stand on the same side as North Mystic heaven.

After making up his mind, he ordered the minister of rites to prepare the most precious gift. Three days later, when the new year arrived, he would bring the gift to North Mystic heaven to meet the Empress.


As if he had a telepathic connection with Shangguan Yunxiao, Yun hongqing immediately took the template of the gold, silver, and copper coins to the place where the Crimson heaven great emperor was in seclusion after the ministers of the Crimson heaven brought them over. He also told them in detail about how donghuang Ziyou had killed more than three million demons from the foreign lands and razed the cloud fantasy Palace.

After receiving the news, the Scarlet heaven great emperor ordered Yun hongqing to prepare some precious gifts and head to the North Mystic heaven to meet donghuang Ziyou on the eve of the new year.

At the same time, the Crimson sky great emperor also asked Yun hongqing to send a letter to Shangguan Yunxiao, telling him about their plan to go to the North Mystic heaven.

After knowing that Shangguan Yunxiao had the same idea, the sovereigns of both worlds agreed to arrive at the mystic Ice Palace at the same time.

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The Blue Dragon continent, the lanyun nation, the Lin family’s courtyard.

The green Brick and red tile courtyard with an antique feel had been cleaned by the old housekeeper Zhao Wanfu until it was spotless. The air, which had just rained, was moist with water vapor, soaking the walls, bricks, and floor, giving off a refreshing feeling.

The huge celadon water jar placed in the southeast corner of the courtyard was as clear as a mirror, reflecting the tall elm tree in the corner.

A gentle breeze blew past, causing the leaves of the elm tree to rustle and shake off some water droplets that remained on the leaves. However, it made the entire courtyard seem even more quiet and peaceful.

However, the courtyard was not completely quiet. From time to time, a series of crackling sounds could be heard! The crisp sound added a simple liveliness to the courtyard.

In the middle of the courtyard, two old men were sitting opposite each other at a white stone table.

One of them was the housekeeper Zhao Wanfu, and opposite him was an old monk in a black-white Kasaya. He had short white hair and a white goatee.

The monk had a kind face, and his eyes flickered from time to time like an ancient lamp. He looked extraordinary.

Behind the old monk stood a young monk who was about 13 or 14 years old. He had a pious and respectful expression on his face as he stared at the go board on the stone table.

At this moment, the black pieces on the board were like a dragon emerging from the sea, taking up two-thirds of the board. It looked like it was swallowing the heaven and earth. The White chess piece occupied the other one-third of the area, with several live eyes around it, ready to counterattack at any time.

However, Zhao Wanfu stared at his white piece and thought for nearly an incense stick’s time, but he couldn’t find a place to place it. He raised a white piece and wanted to put it down, but after changing its position a few times, he felt that it wasn’t good. It looked like he was having a hard time.

After taking a deep breath, Zhao Wanfu put down his chess piece and cupped his hands at the old monk, ”

the chess skills of the Zen master are really unfathomable. You clearly left me with at least seven breaths, but no matter where I play, it will lead the Dragon to move and become a fatal restraint for myself. &Quot;

“Such a method of loosening the reins to grasp them better is really admirable! I still lose this round!”

When he went out today, he accidentally met a master and disciple monk begging at his door. With Lin Xuan’s help, he had successfully stepped into the realm of Emperor-to-be, so he could also see that the old monk’s aura was extraordinary. He thought that the other party was definitely an eminent monk.

Hence, Zhao Wanfu invited the monk and his disciple into his house and courteously served them tea and snacks.

During the conversation, Zhao Wanfu learned that the old monk’s honorific title was void Zen Master, and he instantly became extremely respectful.

One had to know that in the legends of the lanyun nation, the void Zen Master was an existence that was almost like a divine monk.

Not only did he have a terrifying lifespan of at least seven million years, but he had also stepped into the Supreme Saint realm more than six million years ago. His attainments in Buddhism were also known as the venerable of Buddhism in the world. He had the temperament of being the Supreme of both fortune and wisdom.

The most admirable thing was that even with such superb cultivation and attainments in Buddhism, the void Zen Master ignored all fame and fortune. He did not build a temple or accept money. He had been traveling around. When he met people, he would spread the teachings of Buddhism and form good relationships with them.

His void name was taken from the sentence ” color is not different from void, space is not different from color “, which represented his Supreme thought that all thoughts, actions, and consciousness were empty, and only Buddhism was eternal.

When he thought about how he had met such a powerful Buddhist cultivator and how his courtyard had been empty, Zhao Wanfu invited Zen Master Xu Wu and his disciple to stay for a few days as a sign of respect.

During this process, Zhao Wanfu learned that Zen Master Xu Wu’s skill in chess was extremely high, and he wanted to exchange pointers with him.

He didn’t expect Zen Master Xu Wu’s level to be even higher than he had imagined. He had completely reached the level of divine transcendence!

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