New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 36 - Donghuang Ziyou Gets Confused!
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Chapter 36: Donghuang Ziyou Gets Confused!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, Demon Palace.

Donghuang Ziyou stood in the hall with her hands behind her back while wearing the violet-gold Flying Phoenix Armor.

After two full days of intense battle, the North Mystic Heaven army finally took down the Demon Palace.

This meant that from now on, the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom would be under North Mystic Heaven’s control.

“With such a commotion in this battle, those enemies hiding in the dark will definitely not sit by and watch!”

Donghuang Ziyou thought to herself.

Four years ago, the mastermind of the twelve quasi Emperor Realm powerhouses that had ambushed and attacked her still hadn’t been found.

This forced her to be on high alert. She had made the best preparations for the war against the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

“Your Majesty!”

Ruo Ying’s voluptuous figure walked out of the black light.

Donghuang Ziyou asked without turning back, “Did you find out anything?”

When the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom’s situation had just been decided, she had Ruo Ying send a top-notch intelligence officer to investigate the situation around the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

Ruo Ying nodded. “According to the scouts ahead, we discovered strange movements from the demons 300,000 kilometers away from the borders of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.”

“Demon race?!” Donghuang Ziyou was slightly shocked.

Even the demons were involved.

It seemed that the situation was more complicated than she had imagined.

“Yes!” Ruo Ying nodded. “As you expected, Your Majesty, they seem to want to set up an ambush there. The most likely place is the Heaven Ascension Valley.”

“Can you be certain that the final location is the Heaven Ascension Valley?” Donghuang Ziyou turned around.

Ruo Ying shook her head. “Demons are naturally sensitive. Our intelligence officers don’t dare to get too close.”

Donghuang Ziyou waved her hand and took out a huge map from the void.

After taking a closer look,

she narrowed her beautiful eyes and said, “If anyone wants to ambush us, the best place will be the Heaven Ascension Valley.”

Ruo Ying nodded slightly. Not only was Donghuang Ziyou good at governing, but she was also skilled in

fighting on the battlefield. She was also a heaven-bestowed genius and was proficient in various military strategies and strange Daos.

“Your Majesty, how can we overcome this difficulty?” Ruo Ying asked.

After taking down the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, Donghuang Ziyou was about to bring her troops back to North Mystic Heaven.

If there was an ambush in the Heaven Ascension Valley, she had to pass this round!

Donghuang Ziyou stared at the map for a moment and took a deep breath. “The enemy’s strength is unclear now, so it isn’t a wise choice to barge in.”

“I think we can split up into three teams. We’ll force our way through and cover both sides.”

Ruo Ying nodded. “Yes! I will inform the three armies to formulate a concrete battle plan!”

Just as she turned around, a figure hurried into the hall.


The person who came was the second wave of intelligence officers sent by Ruo Ying.

Ruo Ying said, “What is the news?”

The intelligence officer replied, “There was a sudden change at the Heaven Ascension Valley. The demon beasts lying in ambush there were all killed by a powerhouse!”

“Judging from the remains of the demon beasts and the locations where they ambushed, I estimate that there are at least ten thousand demon ambush soldiers, including hundreds of level-one demons!”

Donghuang Ziyou raised her head in shock when she heard this. “Is this true?”

“Absolutely!” The intelligence officer nodded quickly. “I brought my subordinates and personally entered the valley to confirm that the ambushing soldiers there are all dead!”


Donghuang Ziyou couldn’t help but open her mouth.

In such a short period of time, he killed over ten thousand demon beasts in one breath, and among them were hundreds of Tier 3 great demon beasts.

Who was this mighty figure?

Why would he or they be so ruthless to the demons?

Was it because of North Mystic Heaven or some other reason?

Even though Donghuang Ziyou was extremely intelligent, she was stunned by the sudden turn of events.

However, in the end, it was a good thing that the ambushers had been killed.

Donghuang Ziyou immediately gave the order. “Order the three armies to assemble. The platoon will return to North Mystic Heaven in an hour!”

South Mystic Heaven, the royal palace.

A white figure appeared through the void.

South Mystic Heaven Emperor Qin Cang reached out and grabbed the light figure.

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This light figure was a communication method used by the demon race called “Flying Feather.”

He sent out a strand of spiritual energy to open the Flying Feather, and a heavy message was sent to Qin Cang’s ears.

“The ambushing troops sent to ambush Empress Mystic Ice were all killed by the mysterious person overnight. Their corpses covered the entire valley!”

“As a result, Empress Mystic Ice’s journey back to North Mystic Heaven was smooth sailing!”

“This mission has been declared a failure!”

Qin Cang clenched his fists tightly while his arms couldn’t help but tremble violently.

“Damn it, how could this be?!”

“Who did it?!”

Such a god-given opportunity had actually been destroyed by the mysterious person. There was simply nothing more aggrieving in the world than this!

Now, the generous rewards he had given to the demons had been wasted, and Empress Mystic Ice was unharmed.

This was really a double loss!

Qin Cang’s heart was burning with frustration.

He took a few deep breaths and the coldness in his eyes became more intense.

“Donghuang Ziyou, you can escape once, but you can’t escape forever!”

“My ability and methods surpass your imagination. Just you wait. No matter who helps you, I will make you submit to my strength!”

After calming down, Qin Cang revealed a cold smile.

He was only one level away from attaining perfection in the South Mystic Heaven royal family’s forbidden technique, the World Devastator Scripture.

At that time, he would definitely be invincible in the Emperor Realm, and might even reach the Great Saint Realm!

When the day that he succeeded came, he would make Donghuang Ziyou watch helplessly as North Mystic Heaven was swallowed by a whale.

North Mystic Heaven, Crystal Palace.

The bright morning sunlight fell, making the Crystal Palace seem like a dream-like paradise that was incomparably beautiful.

After washing up with his daughters, Lin Xuan cooked an extremely sumptuous and delicious breakfast for them.

Just as they finished their meal, an old man in a white robe with a refined aura walked in.

“Greetings, Consort!”

The old man was Mystic Ice Palace’s Grand Tutor, Yang Wencheng.

“Morning, Tutor Yang.” Lin Xuan nodded in return.

According to his understanding, Yang Wencheng was the teacher assigned by Donghuang Ziyou to teach the children and was an official’s disciple.

Yang Wencheng had another identity, and he was one of the ten leading scholars of the North Mystic Heaven.

He was as famous as Jiang Jiubai, Shen Yakang, and the others. He could be said to be knowledgeable and respectable.

If Donghuang Ziyou did not have time, Yang Wencheng would come to the Crystal Palace at random to teach.

Seeing Yang Wencheng, Xuan Zhu and the others hurriedly stood up and bowed to him. “Greetings, Grand Tutor!”

“Greetings!” Yang Wencheng’s eyes were filled with mirth. “The children are so sensible!”

Xuan Zhu went forward and asked, “Teacher, are you going to teach us today?” 𝑏𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝘷𝘦𝑙.𝑜𝑟𝘨

Yang Wencheng shook his head and looked at Lin Xuan respectfully.

“The Consort, your father, is a literary saint, so how would I dare to show off in front of him?”

“With the Consort with you guys, it’s time for me to step down.”

Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

Yang Wencheng wanted to help Donghuang Ziyou manage the government, but he could not spend all his energy on educating his children.

Now that he was a professional nanny, he was naturally the best choice for the children.

When the little girls heard this, their eyes flashed with excitement.

It must be fun for their father to be their teacher!

Yang Wencheng then took out an ink wash painting from his sleeve and went forward. “Consort, I came here today because I have something I want your help with.”

Lin Xuan saw that this ink painting was covered in snow and ice, and it seemed to be the scenery of North Mystic Heaven.

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