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Chapter 12: Daughter’s Thoughts!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lin Xuan nodded.

This Spirit Gathering Formation was not a profound formation in his eyes.

From the look on Feng Jingfan’s face, he seemed to be confident in dealing with it. He would just let him deal with it.

After obtaining Lin Xuan’s agreement, Feng Jingfan turned around and hurried towards the Spirit Gathering Formation.

At this moment, the spiritual energy gathered in the center of the Spirit Gathering Formation was surging in all directions.

It looked like a broken jar that splashed water everywhere.

“Fortunately, I know some array formation profundities. Otherwise, if I don’t resolve today’s matter well, I will definitely be punished by Her Majesty!”

Feng Jingfan thought to himself and circulated his true essence.

As he blocked the impact of the spiritual energy, he approached the center of the Spirit Gathering Formation.

According to the profoundness of the array formation that he had learned, he formed a golden seal with both hands.

Phew ~

This seal was like a huge membrane that covered an area of two kilometers in the blink of an eye.

And this range happened to cover the entire Spirit Gathering Array.

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, and Xuan Han all blinked their large eyes at Feng Fan.

Before long, Xuan Zhu clenched her fists. “Don’t fix it! Don’t fix it!”

Xuan Xi and Xuan Han were also looking forward to it. “That’s right, don’t fix it!”

Only Young Xuan shook her head like a rattle drum. “No! I want Uncle Feng to fix it!”

Lin Xuan revealed a curious expression and asked, “Xuan Zhu, why don’t you want the Spirit Gathering Formation to be repaired?”

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, and Xuan Han looked at each other and revealed shy expressions.

She looked like she was afraid of being reprimanded by Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan smiled slightly. “Speak boldly, Daddy won’t blame you.”

Xuan Zhu nodded and said, “Father, sword cultivation is too boring!”

Xuan Xi chimed in, “That’s right, it’s so boring!”

Xuan Han said, “Yes!”

Xuan You placed her hands on her hips and tilted her head in defiance. “It’s not boring at all! Sword practice is fun!”

“You guys don’t like to practice swords?” Lin Xuan continued to ask.

Xuan Zhu shook her head. “No, it’s just that the four of us have to practice the same move every time. It’s really boring.”

“I see.” Lin Xuan finally understood the children’s thoughts.

Because their sword moves were taught by Donghuang Ziyou, they could only cultivate it themselves when Donghuang Ziyou was not around.

If there was no one accompanying them, they could only repeat the few poses taught by Donghuang Ziyou.

Thinking about it, it was indeed very boring.

Although with Donghuang Ziyou’s ability, even if it was just a few simple moves, the girls would definitely benefit greatly from it.

But for children, repeating something was very boring.

After all, their endurance was far inferior to that of adults.

On the other hand, Xuan You was lively and active by nature. To a little devil like her, as long as she had fun, it was interesting.

Lin Xuan therefore smiled and said, “You must cultivate swordsmanship, but from today onwards, daddy will always be by your side.”

Xuan Zhu and the others thought about it. With their father accompanying them, there would be no problem!

“Alright, Father. Let’s continue cultivating!”

The little girls revealed happy expressions again.


Just as Lin Xuan was chatting with the girls, a sudden explosion came from Feng Jingfan’s side.

All the golden light suddenly condensed into a beam and shot out from the center of the Spirit Gathering Array like lightning.

Feng Jingfan could not dodge in time and was struck by this golden light.

With a muffled groan, he took a full ten steps back.

“Damn it, I failed!” Feng Jingfan said with frustration.

With his Spirit Stage cultivation, he was unable to repair this Spirit Gathering Formation.

Furthermore, from the looks of it, it was not just his cultivation base that was insufficient.

He could vaguely feel that this Spirit Gathering Formation was more complicated than he had imagined.

“I guess I have to ask the person who created it to do it.”

Just as Feng Jingfan was about to explain the situation to Lin Xuan, a strong wind blew.

There was a flash of light.

A white-haired old man in a gray Daoist robe stood beside Feng Jingfan.

“Senior Rong, you’re here!”

Feng Jingfan immediately bowed with a smile.

The white-haired old man was the creator of this Spirit Gathering Formation.

He was Rong Hui, the Weapon Formation Grandmaster in the Mystic Ice Palace.

Rong Hui had a lifespan of more than 1300 years. Even though his cultivation was only at the Spirit Stage,

the array formations that he had researched in his life were the ones that North Mystic Heaven had the most.

As such, he was highly regarded by the previous emperor when it came to creating formations.

After the empress, Donghuang Ziyou, succeeded to the throne, she also regarded Rong Hui highly.

This Spirit Gathering Formation was specially built for the children under the empress’ orders.

Rong Hui nodded at Feng Jingfan before turning his gaze to the Spirit Gathering Formation.

“I passed by the Crystal Palace just now and realized that the spiritual energy here is in chaos. I didn’t expect that there was really a problem with the Spirit Gathering Array.”

Rong Hui frowned and muttered to himself.

Feng Jingfan asked, “Senior Rong, do you know why this formation suddenly fell into disorder?”

Rong Hui looked at it carefully and said, “Building a formation is like building a house. Once the foundation is loosened, it’s easy for problems to arise.”

“This Spirit Gathering Formation is an array that I created to absorb the spiritual energy of the world by conforming to the five elements and seven stars.”

“There is suddenly a problem. In truth, it is these five elements and seven stars that have changed.”

Feng Jingfan said in surprise, “The five elements and seven stars can change as well?”

“Of course.” Rong Hui nodded.

“Polarization creates two spheres, and the two spheres give birth to the four symbols. Everything is undergoing constant change and development.”

“The five elements of the world and the seven stars of the Big Dipper are all slowly changing with time.”

After listening to him, Feng Jingfan pondered for a moment and said, “In that case, will this array formation never be destroyed?”

“No.” Rong Hui took out four golden seals.

“This Four Symbols Sacred Seal is a numinous treasure.”

“I thought that I wouldn’t be able to use it, but for the sake of the few princesses, I’ll use it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he chanted an incantation and threw the Four Symbols Sacred Seal into the Spirit Gathering Formation.

In an instant, golden light shot out.

The four golden seals landed in four directions of the Spirit Gathering Formation.

Just like the four pillars when the house was built, the Spirit Gathering Array was firmly fixed in the middle.

When the golden light started to dim, the surrounding spiritual energy was quickly compressed by a huge force.

Feng Jingfan couldn’t help but sigh. “As expected of a natural numinous treasure. The Four Symbols Sacred Seal is indeed very formidable.”


Just as he finished speaking, a strange phenomenon occurred.

The spiritual energy that had been compressed earlier erupted again in an even more turbulent manner.

Rong Hui and Feng Jingfan were forced to take dozens of steps back under the powerful impact.

“How could this be?” Rong Hui frowned.

“The Spirit Gathering Formation is already broken. If we forcibly block it, the effect will be even worse.”

At this moment, a voice came from behind, causing Rong Hui’s eyes to light up.

Lin Xuan had already brought his four daughters and stood behind Rong Hui and the others.

He had thought that Feng Jingfan and Rong Hui would be able to solve the problem.

But now, it seemed that the problem he thought was simple wasn’t really simple to them.

Rong Hui quickly turned around. “You are?”

Feng Jingfan said with respect, “He’s the empress’ husband!” 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝑜𝑣𝑒𝘭.𝘯𝑒𝑡

“Greetings, Consort!” Rong Hui hurriedly bowed and said, “Consort, your words just now seem to have a deeper meaning. Can you please guide me?”

Just one sentence from Lin Xuan made Rong Hui feel like he had met an expert.

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