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Chapter 26: Young Jack

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When there was a gap between the signal lights.

Qin Yu’s fingertips lightly tapped the side of the steering wheel as he whispered.

The green light lit up, and Qin Yu calmly started the engine.

Tonight, his sister, Chen Zhi, sent a message saying that she needed to work overtime. He did not know when she would be able to return home.

Therefore, Qin Yu also entered the capital city under the night sky. For the first time, he searched for disciples who could match up to the S-class character template ‘Jack’.

After the previous two disciples “Zhao Fanggang” and “Mu Qing”, Qin Yu had a better understanding of the relationship between the template and the disciples.

He knew that in terms of temperament and character experience, the more similar the disciples were, the more likely they would be matched.


“The Janitor of the mysterious organization…”

“Unfortunately, in the experience I saw, there was no memory of Jack before he became a Trashman. If I knew his temperament when he was young, or even when he was young, it would have been easier to find him.

Qin Yu parked his car at the outskirts of the four districts. It was a lively area with KTV, bars, and dance halls.

He pushed open the car door and looked out into the distance. The red neon lights were dim…

That was a place that every boy would fantasize about when they were young. They would fantasize about bad things and special services…

He could hear the faint sound of a DJ.

The air seemed to be filled with alcohol that made one’s heart race and some indescribable air…

[Name: Duan Kun] 𝐛𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝗺

[Compatibility: 11%]

[Name: Yu Xiaoxiao]

[Compatibility: 5%]

[Name: Li Xueqin]

[Match: 1%]

[Name: Huang Bo]

[Match: 13%]

This was Qin Yu’s first time traveling through such an area. What entered his sight were young men with hair, earrings, and tattoos of various colors.

Above the heads of everyone, lines of data flashed past his eyes like flowing water.

The rarer a character template was, the harder it was to find a disciple that could match it.

Stepping into this area, the biggest nightclub, FX Bar.

As soon as he entered, ear-piercing soundwaves and DJs exploded in his ears, crazily stimulating Qin Yu’s eardrums…

The hot atmosphere filled the entire bar.

In front of the booths and tables, the crowd of men and women stood up and swayed with the rhythm.

Neon lights of various colors flashed continuously…


At the top of the bar, paper from Yang Yang rained down like snowflakes!

Qin Yu stood to the side. There was not much emotion on his face. He only frowned slightly and looked at this group of demons with a strange expression.


“Jack has a cold personality and is cautious. He probably wouldn’t like to appear in such a place.”

He turned around and left.

He walked out of the bar again, and when he passed through the corner of the building, he stopped.

A pair of clear eyes focused on a young man in a bar uniform who was surrounded by four or five people.

Name: Peng Li

[Level 4: 60%]

[It has met the minimum standard for the host’s membership. The “Jack” template can be bestowed!]

[Warning: If the compatibility level is lower than 80%, it will never reach the perfect compatibility level. Please choose carefully.]

Qin Yu did not walk forward.

Instead, he sized up the young man who was being kicked.

Skinny, short-haired, stubborn, arms wrapped around the touch bag, curled into a ball…

Qin Yu extracted all the characteristics of the youth!

“What are you looking at?! Get lost!”

The yellow-haired thug with a cigarette in his mouth cursed at Qin Yu, who was not far away. He even raised his fist.

“Thank… thank you.”

Peng Li, who was thin and weak, followed beside Qin Yu. He bared his teeth, and the pain made him suck in cold air. However, he still endured the pain and thanked Qin Yu.

“Working here?”

A hoarse voice came from Qin Yu’s mouth.


“You’re… not that old, are you?”

Qin Yu looked at the immaturity between Peng Li’s brows.


Peng Fei hesitated, then told the truth.

Qin Yu pondered.

“16 years old? Where’s your family?”

“My father is seriously ill, and my mother ran away a long time ago.

“No more studying?”


What a sad fate.

Words echoed between the two. Qin Yu memorized all the relevant characteristics.

When he reached the intersection, Qin Yu stopped. He lowered his head slightly and looked at the stubborn and determined youth before him.

“Let’s go to the hospital.”

Qin Yu took out some money and handed it over.

With that, he waved his hand and disappeared from the young man’s sight.

The young man behind him, Peng Li, pursed his lips tightly. He held a small stack of bills in his hand as he looked at Qin Yu’s retreating figure. At the last moment before he disappeared, for some reason, a strong sense of unwillingness arose in his heart!

It was as if… the chance to change fate was gone!

Taking a deep breath, he stumbled after her!

However, when he reached the next junction, all he saw was a few people.

Before the driver’s seat of the black Volkswagen, Qin Yu did not start the car directly. Instead, he looked at the silent junction before the windshield.

Regarding not choosing the young Peng Li as a disciple, Qin Yu did not feel much emotion.

He was not God. He could not save the people who were struggling in the mud…

As for ‘bringing all this despair to a new dawn’, more deacons, as godfathers, controlled the disciple’s declaration.

Qin Yu had never treated these words as a code of conduct.

The main reason why he was not chosen was because his innate compatibility was not high enough, and he could not match Jack’s ace perfectly. This made Qin Yu quite conflicted.

“Looks like Jack didn’t have a good life when he was young. It was his father or mother, but it was equivalent to nothing.”

“Determined and stubborn…”

“The best choice for this template is probably between 16 to 18 years old.


Malang City Outer Banks, top five-star hotel, Waldorf Hotel.

Standing outside the hotel, he looked inside and saw the red carpet and the huge crystal chandelier hanging down.

Dressed in a burgundy evening gown, Yang Yuchan no longer had her usual aloofness.

She was a little nervous. After taking a deep breath, she recalled what she had learned in socialite class and all the advanced etiquette classes. She slowly picked her head up, and a perfect smile appeared on her exquisite face.

She tugged at the corner of her red evening gown, revealing her slender and fair legs.

Yang Yuchan sincerely attended all sorts of socialites and upper-class gatherings. It took her a lot of effort that night in order to receive the invitation to the Waldorf Hotel’s elite socialite party.

She had heard that the requirement for this party was very high. The lowest net worth of the business elites was above nine digits!

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