My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine Phoenix

Chapter 438: Treasure Distribution
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Chapter 438: Treasure Distribution

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It could be said that the Seven Phoenixes sect had been bustling with activity recently. All the disciples were eager to give it a try.

After all, cultivators had long lives.

After being trapped in a small area for more than a hundred years, they could only cultivate. No one could bear it anymore.

In front of Lu Ping, a group of disciples stood in line.

His direct disciples had improved a lot after so many years.

Lu Zi had already broken through to the Heaven Immortal stage.

She had also successfully transformed. She wore a long purple dress and her long hair reached her waist. There was a wicked smile on her face.

However, her eyes were the eyes of a dragon, and they were unusually cold.

The other disciples were not bad either.

Although Cui Mengyao’s cultivation had improved, she still hadn’t broken through to the Diamond Immortal stage.

Although she had quickly advanced to the Heaven Immortal stage, her body had a lot of restrictions on her.

Therefore, her cultivation base didn’t increase very quickly.

Kong Jing’s cultivation base had also reached the Heaven Immortal stage. Along with the awakening of the bloodline in his body, his talent was gradually revealed. He wasn’t inferior to Lu Zi in the slightest, and even surpassed her.

After growing up, Kong Jing also became a handsome young man.

His younger sister, Kong Lele, was a lot weaker. Her cultivation was second to last among all of Lu Ping’s disciples.

It was only the cultivation of a Human Immortal.

Actually, under normal circumstances, this cultivation speed wasn’t considered slow.

But in the Seven Phoenixes sect, she had already been pulled apart.

Next was Meng Fan.

He was the slowest to improve among Lu Ping’s disciples.

He had just crossed the Fusion stage. With his talent, if he hadn’t met Lu Ping, he would at most be an Golden Core stage cultivator.

However, after joining the Seven Phoenixes sect, he had been given the chance to change his fate. Although his cultivation level couldn’t compare to the other disciples, it was only a matter of time before he reached the Immortal stage.

Chu Nanxi was already a powerhouse. Her cultivation level was already the second highest among Lu Ping’s disciples. She had reached the peak of the Heaven Immortal stage and could break through at any time.

And the last person was also the one with the highest cultivation base among Lu Ping’s disciples, Wu Xingyue!

That’s right. After awakening Holy Mother Turtle Spirit’s talent, her cultivation base had improved by leaps and bounds over the past hundred years. She had already reached the Gold Immortal stage.

She was the first among Lu Ping’s direct disciples to break through to the Gold Immortal stage.

As for the other Gold Immortal stage cultivators, they were basically those who had entered the sect with extremely high cultivation bases.

For example, those cultivators from the Phoenix clan.

Their starting points were already much higher than Lu Ping’s disciples.𝗯𝐞𝐝𝗻𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝗼𝐦

At the same time, they enjoyed all kinds of benefits from the sect. It was only because Lu Ping had the system for so many years and constantly completed missions that these disciples were able to catch up to their cultivation levels.

Looking at his seven disciples, Lu Ping couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. They had to be the ones he nurtured.

Although the other disciples had high cultivations, Lu Ping was very clear that their loyalty to the sect was far inferior to his personal disciples.

The loyalty of the personal disciples was basically above 95%.

It could be said that they were all die-hard loyalists of the Seven Phoenixes sect.

That’s right, even Chu Nanxi’s loyalty to the Seven Phoenixes sect gradually increased with the passage of time.

To be honest, this was something Lu Ping hadn’t expected.

In reality, he didn’t know that in Chu Nanxi’s previous life, she had grown up by herself and was an enemy in every aspect.

After joining the Seven Phoenixes sect, she got along with Lu Ping and the other disciples, especially the personal disciples. They were all children, and most of them were innocent. They all became friends.

Slowly, she was imperceptibly accepted the existence of these people.

Although Lu Zi was the eldest in name, truthfully speaking, in life, it was Chu Nanxi who played the role of the eldest sister more often.

Because whether it was from experience or from the point of view of the mind, Chu Nanxi naturally emitted the temperament of a big sister.

“You guys, the reason why I called you here this time is very simple. Now that the sect has opened up a small world, I think all of you have the intention to go out and gain some experience. I’ll give you some defensive treasures so that you won’t suffer losses when you go out!” Lu Ping said with a calm expression.

After so many years, he had also accumulated many things.

There were two main sources. The first was external acquisition.

The second was acquisition through system missions.

Although Lu Ping had spent most of his time fighting with Huang Xiaoqi in the outside world, he would occasionally find time to come back and obtain and trigger many system missions.

Now, Lu Ping could be said to be rich.

Hearing this, all the disciples’ eyes lit up.

Lu Zi said in a delicate voice, “Master is the best!”

Lu Ping waved his hand and said with a smile, “Then I’ll give it to you first.”

As he spoke, a flying sword appeared in Lu Ping’s hand.

He said softly, “This sword was obtained by your master’s wife after she killed the Pilozhina Buddha. It can be considered a good weapon among acquired treasures. I will give it to you, Lu Zi.”

Lu Zi quickly went forward to receive it.

Then, Lu Ping waved his hand again, and a big seal appeared in his hand.

It was the Mountain and River seal.

Lu Ping no longer needed this supreme treasure of the Azure Cloud sect.

He looked at Cui Mengyao and said with a smile, “This is the supreme treasure of the Azure Cloud sect on Fengming Planet. I’ll give it to you.”

Cui Mengyao went forward to receive it.

This Mountain and River seal was somewhat different from the past.

For so many years, Lu Ping had constantly injected Five-Colored Qi into it.

Although it had not reached the level of a connate numinous treasure, the quality had been greatly improved. Among acquired numinous treasure, its power could be considered pretty good.

Next was Kong Jing. In fact, to him, he had already mastered the initial stages of the Five-Colored Divine Light. In terms of combat strength, he was the most important disciple. Even Wu Xingyue, who was at the Gold Immortal stage, was far inferior to him.

However, Lu Ping knew that they were all his disciples. He had to be fair.

A purple-gold bowl appeared in Lu Ping’s hand.

“This is the Golden Alms Bowl my wife obtained from killing the Alms Bowl Arhat. I’ll give it to you.”

One magic treasure after another was bestowed.

Kong Lele received a long spear, Meng Fan received a long sword, Chu Nanxi received a pair of bells, and Wu Xingyue received a spiritual pearl. They were all acquired numinous treasure.

They were the spoils of war that Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi had accumulated over the years.

To the two of them, they were of little value, but to these disciples, they were priceless treasures.

They were a huge boost to their combat power!

The moment the treasures were distributed, Lu Ping received a system notification.

“Ding dong! The host has bestowed all disciples with acquired numinous treasure. Achievement achieved. The giver of the numinous treasure will be rewarded with an innate numinous treasure, the Chaos Bell!”

Upon hearing this, Lu Ping’s eyes widened.

In reality, he had an innate numinous treasure on hand.

Otherwise, he would not have distributed all these acquired numinous treasure.

It was just that he did not expect that after bestowing seven acquired numinous treasure to seven disciples, he would actually be able to obtain the Chaos Bell!

This treasure had disappeared without a trace ever since the death of Tai Yi.

Unexpectedly, it was given to him directly by the system.

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