My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine Phoenix

Chapter 33 - I Want to Drink Milk Tea
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Chapter 33: I Want to Drink Milk Tea

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Ping didn’t expect that this mission actually extended to two sub-missions.

He wanted to unlock the Disciple Collection function!

Lu Ping narrowed his eyes. In other words, once this function was unlocked, the way he collected disciples would no longer be limited to the academy!

This was very important. Lu Ping knew too well that once he thought of a way to make a name for himself, countless parents and children would flock over.

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At that time, regardless of whether it was the financial aspect or the value of the Master’s Path, Lu Ping would be able to reap a huge harvest.

As for the second mission, the reward was even more direct.

Generally speaking, cultivation fluid came in six grades, from F to S. However, the cultivation fluid itself was sold according to the realm of the cultivator.

For example, Qi refining stage cultivators could only take Qi refining cultivation fluid, and Foundation Establishment stage cultivators could only take Foundation Establishment cultivation fluid.

If one took it beyond their level, there was a high possibility of serious consequences, such as one’s meridians exploding.

Meng Fan had participated in the grand competition, so he was definitely in the Qi refining stage. The fluid he obtained was also the same fluid used in the Qi refining stage. For Lu Ping, who was currently in the Foundation Establishment stage, it was useless.

But what the system meant was, if Meng Fan obtained the Qi refining stage’s grade Dfluid, then Lu Ping would receive the Foundation Establishment stage’s grade C fluid!

This way, to Lu Ping, the reward was considerable.

But the problem was, Meng Fan had already lost the condition to participate.

Lu Ping thought for a moment, then took out his phone and logged onto the school’s official website. After checking it for a while, Lu Ping smiled.

He said to Meng Fan, “You want to participate?”

Meng Fan was stunned, then he said sadly, “Of course I want to, but I really can’t beat Cao Yu.”

The child was still innocent. He didn’t know.

Cao Yu had long known about the change in the selection rules. Moreover, Chen Mu had secretly gone to his house and taught him many sword moves!

So from the beginning, he only had one result, which was failure.

Lu Ping smiled. “I can help you!”

“Ah?” Meng Fan was suddenly filled with hope. “Mr. Lu, how are you going to help me?”

Lu Ping took out his phone, he smiled. “The official website says that every swordsmanship teacher can recommend one person, but it doesn’t say that it’s limited to the same class, nor does it say which year it’s limited to. In other words, I can be your recommendation!”

“Really?” Meng Fan stood up and looked at Lu Ping excitedly.

Lu Ping smiled, but didn’t agree immediately!

He looked at Meng Fan and said softly, “Do you want to participate?”

“Yes! Of course I do!”

“But you can’t beat Cao Yu, or maybe you can’t beat anyone else! What’s the point of participating?”

Lu Ping’s words caused Meng Fan’s eyes to flash with confusion.

Lu Ping said faintly, “Don’t tell me you want to rely on luck and not run into them?”

In an instant, Meng Fan felt a sense of shame.

Deep inside his heart, he really did have this thought. be𝚍𝚗𝚘ve𝚕.c𝚘𝚖

He lowered his head slightly, not knowing what to say for a moment.

Lu Ping’s calm and serious voice rang in his ear. “You’re a man! I hope you participate in this competition to win! Take back your dignity and prove yourself! I can only promise to give you a chance! If you can complete your cultivation under my guidance, then I will agree to recommend you in my name! If you agree, then bow to me, and become my disciple. If you don’t want to, then forget it.”

It wasn’t that Lu Ping liked to watch people bow, but under the system’s requirements, in-name disciples had to bow three times.

Personal disciples had to bow three times.

The ceremony couldn’t be skipped!

Meng Fan was stunned for a moment, then suddenly knelt down and bowed three times to Lu Ping.

“Master Lu, please accept my bow!”

Looking at Meng Fan kneeling on the ground, Lu Ping smiled.

Meng Fan had made the right choice!

Whether it was for himself or Lu Ping, it was good for both of them.

Lu Ping looked at Meng Fan, he said in a deep voice, “Alright, since you’ve agreed, you have to be prepared. I saw that the competition is in a month, so you have to be prepared! Starting from today, every day after school, I will give you rigorous training! We only have one goal! To win the championship! Believe in yourself! And believe in me. As long as you persevere, we will definitely be able to do it!” Lu Ping’s tone was firm!

His confidence infected Meng Fan and Meng Fan felt like there was a ball of fire in his chest!

As a young man, his blood rushed to his head.

He would be a champion! That was something he never dared imagine.

The teacher in front of him said he could do it!

Meng Fan had a habitual trust in teachers.

If a teacher said he could do it, then he could, he definitely could.

“Okay!” He agreed loudly.

“Go back, have a good class. Wait for me here after school.”

Meng Fan nodded vigorously, bowed deeply to Lu Ping, then turned and ran away.

He watched the silly kid run away and Lu Ping let out a sigh of relief.

He muttered, “How exactly do I train this kid to defeat the others, huh?”

All his confidence was just an act. Lu Ping didn’t even know what to do.

Although Lu Ping’s basic swordsmanship was grade S, it was different from actual combat.

Cultivators paid more attention to the use of strength.

In fact, they didn’t pay much attention to moves.

Lu Ping was even more clueless in this aspect.

To put it bluntly, after one’s cultivation increased, they would all use flying swords. Learning to use regular swords was a waste.

It was the same even at Qingzhou University. As for this school competition, it was actually just to give the students an incentive to learn!

However, Lu Ping couldn’t change his mind, but he couldn’t show it in front of Meng Fan.

He knew that this child had just been defeated and ridiculed.

And then, to complete the mission, he would have to undergo rigorous training. If he didn’t have a firm belief himself, it was easy for his mentality to collapse.

But even if he didn’t understand, Lu Ping still had time!

What he had to do now was to find Bai Xiruo and Huang Xiaoqi to sign the papers.

He had to get his own teaching tools and complete the daily tasks.

Lu Ping returned to the office. The first lesson was the basic alchemy lesson.

For the current children, it was mainly about understanding and learning the effects of medicinal materials.

Bai Xiruo and Huang Xiaoqi were in the office and Liu Kenan was cultivating.

Lu Ping found an application form and filled it out. He handed it to Bai Xiruo and said with a smile, “Ms. Bai, I’m going to use some teaching tools. Supervisor Jiang said she needs your signature and Supervisor Huang’s signature.”

Bai Xiruo took the form and looked at it.

She asked curiously, “What do you want this for?”

“To let the children practice swordsmanship!” Lu Ping told the truth.

Bai Xiruo was stunned and fell into silence. After a moment, she picked up the pen and signed it.

She didn’t understand why Lu Ping wanted these things.

After Bai Xiruo signed it, Lu Ping went to Huang Xiaoqi.

Huang Xiaoqi raised her head slightly and said proudly, “I want milk tea!”

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