My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 15: Something Shocking 2
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Chapter 15: Something Shocking 2

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Lanchen raised his eyebrows slightly. The room smelled faintly of cigarettes and although it was not obvious, it proved that someone was here earlier. Lil Four had departed for Country M a month ago.

He recalled a woman jumping into his room from the balcony of Lil Four’s room last night. With that behavior, she must have been drugged.

His cold gaze swept across the room rapidly. Everything looked normal but there was something amiss upon closer inspection. Then, a hint of danger gleamed in his eyes.

“Is Fourth Elder Brother back?” As the Chief of police, Fifth Young Master Shen had strong observation skills. “No, it isn’t Fourth Elder Brother.” 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗼𝗿𝐠

“A woman’s cigarette!” The highly observant Fifth Young Master Shen soon discovered a cigarette butt beneath a chair in the lounge. “Third Elder Brother, could the woman have entered Fourth Elder Brother’s room? If it’s true, her purpose could be...”

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Ye Lanchen did not answer him as he was already checking the CCTV footage.

Based on The Fly’s info, he keyed in the time and location which brought up that area’s footage.

In the footage, He Yunan’s car had left the hotel and stopped at the first turning before the car door opened.

Next, a black umbrella appeared and someone got out. When seen from the camera’s angle, the person was completely covered by the umbrella that even the legs could not be seen.

“This woman is cunning as hell. Was she aware of CCTVs?” Fifth Young Master Shen’s lips twitched. “No, if she knew about the CCTVs, she wouldn’t have gotten down at that location. Is she a meticulous person by nature? Or is she feeling guilty? Nonetheless, the area in which she got out was empty and spacious, there wasn’t any spot for her to hide. Wasn’t she afraid that we’ll see her?”

Ye Lanchen’s eyes narrowed slightly. In fact, it was very safe for her to get out of the car immediately after leaving the hotel because the people who were frightened by the hand grenade had yet reacted in time. Besides, he was the one who could not catch up with her.

However, the area was indeed empty and it was easy to reveal oneself. With that, holding an umbrella in the middle of the night made it even more obvious.

An intelligent person like her should not have made this mistake!

Ye Lanchen stared at the footage without blinking his eyes.

He could see the person with the black umbrella moving quickly towards the middle of the road, and that person was as fast as a man.

“What is she going to do?” Fifth Young Master Shen frowned as he looked on with confusion.

At the very next moment, that person vaulted across the traffic barrier and made it over the other side of the road.

Although the barrier was rather tall, and most people were incapable of leaping over it as effortlessly, the umbrella had very nicely shielded her entire body.

“Very agile movements. Third Elder Brother, she’s no ordinary woman.” Fifth Young Master Shen’s expression sank. “I’m even more suspicious of her identity now.”

Ye Lanchen recalled the scene of her jumping into his room the night before. Given that it was the 33rd floor, one needed both courage and skill to do something like that.

Yes, she was no ordinary woman!

In the footage, she kept holding on to her umbrella as she crossed the road and walked towards a roadside gas station.

Then, she headed straight for the convenience store at the gas station.

The CCTV could not record the scene in the store, but the store was the only exit at the gas station.

No one was outside the station at this hour, nor did any cars passed by either.

Ye Lanchen gradually sped up the footage but nothing of interest occurred.

From the footage, the woman did not leave the convenience store.

“There’s only one exit at that gas station. Could she still be inside the store?” A look of excitement appeared on Fifth Young Master Shen’s face. “Third Elder Brother, let’s head over there. I’m sure we can catch her.”

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