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Chapter 1465: Chapter 1465

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ah Zhong knew that the city lord definitely did not want to hear this, but for now, this was indeed the case.

Shangguan Hong was stunned, his brows tightly knitted together.

“City Lord, this is indeed the case now. The rest will have to wait for us to investigate clearly, or there might be another hidden reason behind it.” Ah Zhong’s words at this moment could be considered to be comforting the city lord, but he also sincerely hoped that this was the case, he sincerely hoped that the child was the city lord’s.

“No matter who her father is, as long as that child is hers...” When Shangguan Hong heard Ah Zhong’s words, he was indeed a little disappointed, but he also felt a little gratified, as long as the child was hers, it was enough. “I want to meet that child.”

“City Lord, she’s married. That man of hers is very stingy. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to meet her. Why don’t we first investigate the matter thoroughly, and then we can officially go and meet her.” Butler Zhong thought of Third Young Master Ye’s infuriating appearance just now, he could not help but snort coldly in his heart again.

When the time came, they would be legally recognized. Let’s see how that brat would dare to stop them!

The corners of Shangguan Hong’s brows raised as he looked at Butler Zhong. “Are you angered by him?”

Ah Zhong had been by his side for many years and was rarely angry. From the looks of it, he was obviously being bullied.

“That brat is very stingy and infuriating. I originally planned to invite that girl to my house as a guest, but in the end, that brat directly rejected it and then left with his people.” Butler Zhong became angry at the mention of this matter.

“Who is that man?” Shangguan Hong looked at Butler Zhong and could not help but ask.

“Ye Lanchen.” Although Butler Zhong was a little angry, he replied very quickly.

Shangguan Hong was slightly startled, but then he chuckled, “No wonder.”

He had heard of Ye Lanchen before. He was a powerful figure.

“First, go and check it out. After everything is checked out, we will go and identify the person legally.” At this moment, Shangguan Hong also very much agreed with Butler Zhong’s words.

“Yes, I’ll go and check it out myself.” Ah Zhong nodded and agreed quickly.

“Didn’t you go to the headquarters in Jin City today? Where did you meet her?” Shangguan Hong suddenly called out to him.

“I met her at the headquarters in Jin City. Fortunately, I went there in time, or else...” Ah Zhong told the city lord what happened in the headquarters in Jin City.

Butler Zhong knew that the city lord would definitely want to hear it.

Shangguan Hong’s eyes narrowed bit by bit, and a cold smile appeared on his originally indifferent face. “Ah Zhong, you know what to do!!!”

“Yes, Ah Zhong knows.” Butler Zhong smiled a little more. Sure enough, he guessed right. The city lord would definitely take care of this matter, even if the identity of the little girl had not been confirmed yet.

Five days later.

“City Lord, everything has been investigated.” Butler Zhong rushed over and handed the information in his hand to Shangguan Hong. 𝚋𝚎d𝚗ov𝚎𝚕.co𝚖

“Go ahead.” Shangguan Hong did not take it. Instead, he asked Butler Zhong to say it directly. It was much faster to say it than to look at it.

“When Madam passed away, she sent Miss back to the Chu family. The results of the DNA test back then were falsified by Ye Bowen.” Butler Zhong could not help but glance at the city lord when he mentioned the death of Madam.

He had reported the death of Madam to the city lord two days ago. The city lord had been in a very low mood these days and he did not dare to say anything to the city lord.

Butler Zhong hoped that the incident today could give the city lord some relief.

“Continue.” Shangguan Hong looked ahead and his voice was a little low,

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