Monster Integration

Chapter 3430 Shop
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Chapter 3430 Shop


I defended the superfast attacks of the sword with my spear, but my opponent kept pressing against me.

The monkey beastman is powerful and fast; he is one of the strongest opponents I have faced here. It is why; we are in the last minute of the battle, without apparent winner.

It had been three days since I started fighting in the ax tower.

To be honest, I only wanted to watch it, but after seeing them fight. I wanted to fight, too.

I fought a lot of battles and won most and those I couldn't win; but I made the draw. Though I was not successful in all of them; I had lost two battles.

Those two of my opponents were the strongest Sovereigns. I had to fight at the limit. I have fought many of such, and what made the two so different is their skill and experience.

They had more experience than me and instinct that's been honed fighting thousands of life and death-battles.

The Monkey Beastman I am fighting is more powerful than the two I have fought. If he had the same experience and instinct, I wouldn't have lasted even five minutes against him.

Still, I am quite proud of myself, for lasting so long; this Beastman isn't an easy opponent.

The battle hadn't ended yet, and I felt like he still had something hidden. I have to be ready to deal with it.

Seconds passed, and we kept fighting; he, attacking, I defending.

It was three seconds before and the of battle when he finally used the trump card; he was holding back and I have to say, I am impressed.

No visible change occurred, and he attacked as usual, but when his attacks were about to reach me. His speed increased, and so did the power behind the attack, most importantly, he hit me with a powerful soul attack.

He had never used a soul attack in any of his battles before; it was the first time he used an attack like this.

I absorbed the soul attack like a sponge; I might not use the soul attack, but I was capable enough to defend against them, and this one only gave me a headache.

Unable to blank me out even for a second.

I reacted instantly, since I was expecting such an attack, and moved my spear to defend against the attack.

It was hard, so much. I had used to every bit of power; I had been holding back and harnessing even more.


Still, I was not completely able to stop him, and his sword was able to give me a small cut.

Seeing that, I sighed; a bigger injury would have taken the battle in his favor.

"Battle Over. Result: Draw."

The voice announced the result.

"It was a fun," I said as I moved to shake his hand. "I would have defeated you, if I had a minute more," he said, shaking my hand.

Not pleased with the result.

I didn't answer and just smiled and walked away from the ring. The moment I did, the points submitted; seeing them a smile couldn't but appear on my face.

People can be big on the fight, and participants get a percentage of that. In the draw, both participants got points; even in a draw, I got quite good points.

"Ramon, interested in another fight?" asked a horned man. "Unfortunately, I can't; I have other business to attend," I said and walked out while taking the cards of those offering.

A minute later, I walked out of the ax tower with a lot of points in my pocket.

When I first came here three days ago, I didn't have many expectations, seeing there are so many powerful people, unable to earn many points.

The system of the ax tower is a little skewed; one could only earn money when other bets on you. With thousands of fights happening around, it is very hard for most people to earn money.

So, it could be said that one needs to be different, and charismatic, aside from being powerful, to attract people to bet on you. 𝑏𝑒π˜₯π‘›π‘œπ‘£π‘’π˜­.π˜―π‘’π‘‘

Especially people of Primary, Sovereign, and Earth Sovereign stage. Most people are only interested in seeing the fights of Sky Sovereigns.

Seraphina is the most popular. She is not powerful and belongs to one of the most powerful organizations in the world. She is also beautiful and charismatic, and her battles are of cinematic quality.

So, when I came here, I didn't have much hope. I wanted too few points, instead of wasting my time in my apartment.

It turned out I had underestimated my popularity. I have cleared and conquered the highest level of challenges and Master in three fields.

In two fields of alchemy and artifices, have an immediate level of knowledge. I have been able to reach the seventh and eighth levels of many challenges in those challenges.

The offering of cards, which had been slowed down, had a sudden increase that day after I had back-to-back fights.

Most importantly, I have earned a lot of points; many people have bet on my fights and the number kept increasing every day.

I also didn't disappoint them; made changes to my moves, making them flashy and using a different weapon in each battle.

Due to this popularity, there are thousands of people want to fight me. It is a chance through which they could earn a lot of points.

This was the last fight of today and tomorrow. The sermon palace is going to open. I don't know whether I will come here again; I might if I need points.

I didn't immediately go back to my apartment and instead went to the market.

Yes, there is a market where people sell things and the quality of the things they have brought is amazing.

It made me feel poor.

I may be rich as an independent practitioner, but take out a few special resources like Cloud Tar Soil and I am not very rich. Even with all the resources I have got in the last ruin and through the cards.

There are many Sovereigns here, who have far richer than me.

Soon, I reached the market and saw it filled with people. There are many people who have set up a shot from small huts to big malls.

With enough points, this place offers every type of service, including the golems.

I looked around but didn't buy anything and instead went to a seven-story tower. Inside there are a lot of people, buying things and it is all automated.

There are things there and if they want to buy it. They only need to exchange it, with a lot of lists of things, that the shop wants in exchange.

It is my shop. I had to use a whopping five hundred points for it, but it was worth it. I have unloaded nearly everything in here, from stainless lotuses to sky-grade power crystals, I have got from the ruins.

I looked around before getting onto the top floor of my office.

I placed my hand on the crystal and immediately, all the transactions that happened in the day had entered my hand.

All six of my clones looked through the data and I smiled, seeing the amazing things I had gotten before I turned to another section.

Even I have a huge list of things, which the customers could exchange the things they want. There are always many who don't have the things on the list but still want things I have.

A quick look at π˜£π˜¦π‘‘π˜―π˜°π˜·π‘’π˜­οΌŽπ‘›π˜¦π˜΅ will leave you more fulfilled.

They upload their lists of the things they are willing to offer.

Me and my clones scanned through the accepting and rejecting of those trades. Within an hour, it is finished.

Thank god, I have six clones and I could use them here. Without them, I would have needed hours to sort this out.

I am very happy with the things I have gotten here and with them. I wouldn't need to worry about the resources for a long while.

I stayed in the store for an hour more before walking out and began to browse through the market. There are many things here that I want to buy.

I want them, not only for practice but also for alchemy and artifice.

I am collecting things for many of my future projects. Some, I couldn't even start with the skills I have, but I will gain them with enough time.

When I do, I want these resources ready.

A few hours passed when I walked out of the market. I plan to sleep a little more tonight. Tomorrow, the sermon palace is going to open, and I want to be completely ready for it.

When I reached my apartment, there were still people waiting. I talked to them and took the cards of two people who were offering it, before walking inside.

There was no one out; everyone seemed to be busy making their preparations.

It is a tremendous opportunity, and they want to squeeze it with everything they have.

I have also made a list of things I have to do, and I hope the points I have earned will be enough for it.

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