Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 39 Rhon - Talent Reborn
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The eyes of the undead monster suddenly flared with blue flames. It held its shield and sword and slowly approached Vuni and Saraya. Anno felt a bit scared at that, but when she recalled the battle earlier, she felt that it would be safer to be around Vuni and Saraya.

Saraya was about to go and fight the hidden boss, but was held back by Vuni. Saraya looked at Vuni confused. She asked: "Is something wrong?"

Vuni motioned for Saraya to look in the opposite direction.

At that moment, not far from them a young man was approaching. This young man was about 180 cm tall, had black hair, a slim body, and wore trousers and a shirt like an office worker. The difference between him and an office worker was that the young man's arms and legs were both covered by protective armor.

That protective armor covered only his hand to his elbow, and his foot to his knees. It was not hard to deduce that it was not really armor but more like a weapon.

The young man just looked at the Hidden Boss for a moment and then looked around again. When he saw Vuni, Saraya, and Anno, he was overjoyed.

"Hey! You guys came to kill the Hidden Boss, right? " The young man suddenly shouted.

Vuni and Saraya saw the young man's actions and felt strange. Saraya silently waited for orders from Hikaru, but Vuni replied immediately: "Yeah. And you? "

The young man, seeing Vuni's answer, happily ran up to her. However, as he was running, the Hidden Boss suddenly swung his sword at him.

The young man was not afraid; he just raised his hand to deflect the sword with ease.


There was a sound of metal clashing. The sword slashed at the young man's armour, but no matter how hard the Hidden Boss tried, it couldn't break his armor.

"You can't kill me." The young man swung his fist. And the Hidden Boss quickly blocked it with his shield. However, the fist of the young man carried such tremendous power that the Hidden Boss was sent flying backwards for more than twenty meters.

The young man turned towards Vuni and continued walking. Vuni still kept a smile on her face but remained wary of the young man.

Hikaru saw the young man through the visions of Vuni and Saraya. He immediately used the skill "Scrutiny".


Name: Rhon

Level: 20/20

Agility: 2,000

Strength: 10,000

Intelligence: 100

Talent: Reborn

Rarity: ???


It turned out that the young man's name was Rhon. However, Hikaru was surprised when he couldn't see Rhon's talent information. That means Rhon's talent is higher than the UR+ Class.

Hikaru frowned. He found it difficult to deal with him because he didn't know what Rhon's talent was. However, looking at his stats, Hikaru could turn Rhon into ashes with just a finger, but Rhon's talent made him cautious.

If Rhon didn't die from the attack, then he would have an enemy even more problematic than Sherwin.

"So... what should we do?" Vuni used her mind to communicate with Hikaru.

Hikaru replied: "Just watch him."

Rhon approached Vuni and asked, "Are you three players? "Are you guys strong?"

"Huh?" "All three said in unison. They didn't know what Rhon was thinking or why he was asking them that. However, judging from Rhon's appearance, it didn't seem like he would attack them.

"What do you mean?" Vuni spoke up.

"Ah! If you can kill me, I'll leave the Hidden Boss for you. " Rhon said while laughing.

Hearing that, Vuni's eyes turned cold: "Oh is this a challenge?"

"No no no..." Rhon hurriedly waved his hand, explaining: "I mean... I want to be killed. "

All three girls were silent, their brains unable to process this bizarre information. Vuni thought for a moment, then asked Rhon: "Does that mean you want me to kill you?"

"Yes!" Rhon nodded, his face full of joy when he heard that Vuni understood what he said.

"Ah! wait a moment." Rhon said, then suddenly walked towards the Hidden Boss.

The Hidden Boss was greatly weakened after receiving a punch from Rhon. It slowly stood up. Right after that, another fist hit its eye. with such force that the fist instantly broke through the armor that protected its head and jawbone.

Then what happened next was a scene where a human was abusing an undead. If the world had an association to protect the interests of the undead, then Rhon would definitely be sued. Rhon smashed the Hidden Boss's armor, broke its limbs, and dragged it closer to Vuni.

When Anno saw this violent scene, she was scared. She could only hide behind Vuni and cover her eyes. Vuni and Saraya were even more confused. This was the first time both of them had encountered such a scenario.

Asking someone to kill you? Is this young man crazy?

However, Hikaru thought otherwise. Although he couldn't see Rhon's talent, he saw that its name was "Reborn." Presumably, Rhon's talent is related to rebirth.

Hikaru pondered and spoke his guess to Saraya and Vuni through thought: "Perhaps Rhon's Talent only works when he is killed by a player. Besides, every time he is reborn, Rhon gets a little stronger. That's why he's so excited about finding someone to kill him.

Saraya and Vuni seemed to understand why Rhon was acting so strange. Hikaru didn't know what to do. He felt that if he asked them to kill Rhon, then he would have a reason to be enemies with him. If he doesn't kill him, Rhon will also be angry because he can't activate his talent. For a player with such a unique talent like Rhon, Hikaru didn't want to get involved with him.

Rhon looked at Vuni with an expectant face. Hikaru sighed and said, "Kill him; he won't know our exact location anyway."

Vuni heard that and nodded. She waved her hand, and a huge fireball rushed towards Rhon. He didn't dodge, but spread his arms wide as if waiting for something wonderful to happen to him.


There was an explosion, and Rhon was engulfed in flames, but he did not shout or scream, but only exclaimed: "AH So bliss..."

In just five short seconds, Rhon was burned to ashes. Suddenly, Hikaru received a notification from the system.

[Ding! You successfully destroyed a player with an SUR Talent-Rhon, earning 1,000,000 Soul Points in the process.]

Hikaru: "??"

Hikaru was a little confused. Normally, if a player didn't die, Hikaru wouldn't receive a notification, and wouldn't receive Soul Points either. Hikaru believed Rhon possessed the talent "Reborn," so he expected him to resurrect.

However, what the hell was this announcement about successfully destroying Rhon?

Hikaru didn't understand. He asked Rika, but she didn't know either. Hikaru was silent, he felt his IQ was not enough for this world, there were too many weird things. Hikaru shook his head. He didn't want to think anymore, so he withdrew his vision and went to the living room.

Vuni and Saraya looked at each other and then at the Hidden Boss lying on the ground. It was a hidden boss, but now it looked very tragic. Its armor was broken by Rhon, so now it was just a skeleton lying on the ground. Even though its jaws and limbs were broken, it was so tragic that Vuni and Saraya couldn't bear to look.

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"If there is an afterlife, don't be a Hidden Boss." Saraya expressed a little pity and used her thunder spear to turn it to ashes.


Right now, Hikaru was taking a sip of warm water to calm down. He had even seen Rhon enjoying the pain of being burned by the fire instead of screaming.

This world is so crazy, with so many kinds of talents and all kinds of weird people. Hikaru felt that he should have some quiet time so that his mind could be more at ease.

There were so many problems that Hikaru had a headache.

The battle with Sherwin

Petran's ability to detect the exact location of other players

The trouble that Anno brings

And now a player possesses the talent of the SUR Class.

Hikaru sighed and thought to himself: "Luckily I wasn't the first to defeat the Hidden Boss; otherwise, things would have been more complicated."

After that, Hikaru took another sip of warm water and felt some of his worries disappear.

[Ding! Announcement to all players: Hikaru was the only player to defeat the Golden Boss.]

"Pks!" Hikaru saw the notice from the system and spat out a mouthful of water he hadn't had time to swallow. With a shocked face and looking at the announcement, Hikaru's mind was about to collapse.

"W-what the hell is going on?" ο½‚πšŽο½„ο½Žπš˜ο½–πšŽο½Œ.𝚌𝚘m


In another room Suddenly, in the middle of the room, appeared a lot of dust particles that gave off a dazzling light, but the dust particles suddenly fused together. Just then, Rhon appeared.

"Ah it's comfortable. "Hahaha, let's see how much my stats increase... " Rhon hummed a tune in his mouth as he spoke.

[Ding! You were killed by monsters. However, that monster was summoned by another player, so your death is still counted as caused by that player. All of your stats have increased by 10%, and you have returned to level 1.]

"WoW A player that can summon such a powerful monster... He will surely make me happy. "No, he will easily kill me."

[Ding! announcement to all players: Hikaru was the only player to defeat the Golden Boss.]

"Huh? Hikaru? the Golden Boss? Surely, this player is very strong. If I find him to cooperate, then... hehehe... "

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