Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 34 Loser - Prepare For Battle!
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However, before the aftermath of the explosion had settled and the dust was still lingering in the air, Hikaru used the teleport skill to appear behind Sherwin. He used the Thunder Spear to attack Sherwin with all his might.

Sherwin, seemingly having eyes on the back of his head, used his spear to accurately block Hikaru's attack. However, when the two spears collided, Hikaru felt his hand numb and an intense heat came over his body. which caused him to step back and widen his distance from Sherwin.


Name: Legendary Hero Armor.

Rarity: UR

Description 1: When the wearer of the Legendary Hero Armor is of the Hero Class, all damage taken will be reduced by 60%. It eliminates all negative effects of the SSR Class or lower.

Description 2: When fighting and wearing the Legendary Hero Armor, the armor will help defend the user (even when the user is unconscious, the armor will still bolster his defense).

Description 3: When attacked, the armor applies a [Fire] effect on the attacker. It deals 2% intelligence damage per second.

Description 4: ...

Description 5: ...


"Damn armor!" Hikaru scolded himself; he couldn't fathom why Sherwin had so much wonderful equipment: "Is Sherwin really the main character of this world?"

That was the only reason that Hikaru could think of as to why Sherwin was so strong and possessed such great equipment and skills. While other players who entered the dungeon and managed to come out were already considered lucky.

Sherwin entered the dungeon and not only did he not die, but he also gained a lot of things. the current Sherwin was like a max-level player in a beginner village? If it was said that Sherwin was not the main character of this world, then Hikaru would certainly find it hard to believe.

Hikaru didn't stop at all. He clasped his hands together as if in prayer, and soon, hundreds of thunder spears fell from the sky, all of them connected by lightning bolts. It was like a net created by falling lightning, and it carried great destructive power.

Sherwin suddenly waved his hand at Hikaru. While Hikaru was trying to understand what was going on, the legendary spear was coming from behind him.

[Description 3: The Legendary Hero Spear can return to its owner no matter how far it is thrown.]

Hikaru silently scolded himself. He didn't know when Sherwin had thrown the legendary spear, but he knew he couldn't dodge it because the spear was only a few centimeters away from him. Also, using the Teleport skill is not viable because the casting magic for it takes a few seconds.

Sherwin's Legendary Spear was so fast that even a second was not enough for Hikaru to use the Teleport skill. At this moment of life and death, Hikaru's nerves were being strained and were working intensely. He tried moving his body to the side.

The spear grazed Hikaru's left hip, its shockwave sending him flying over a hundred meters. Hikaru rolled on the ground a few times and then stopped. His left hip, despite not having a vital internal organ, was punctured with a hole. From that hole, his intestines and some of his internal organs could be seen, and blood was oozing out, soaking his clothes.

Hikaru tried to suppress the pain and reached out to control the lightning net to engulf Sherwin. Immediately after, a blinding light engulfed the entire forest. That light brought forth destruction.


A tremendous explosion resounded, the ground trembled, and geological patches rose and fell like waves of the sea. A tremendous shock wave swept out, blowing away all the trees in a radius of more than 2,000 meters. Even trees over a hundred meters tall with roots more than twenty meters deep were blown away like tiny toothpicks.

Hikaru used Mana to create a shield that shielded him from the power of the explosion and shockwave. The whole forest was covered in dust, similar to how fog covered Misty World.

"That bastard isn't dead yet." Hikaru angrily said


"Rika? What happened? "

[He has a level sacrifice skill that negates all incoming damage for a short time.]

Hikaru heard that and looked at Sherwin's information. There really was such a skill.


Name: The Hero's Survival

Rarity: UR

Description 1: Only players from the Hero Class can learn this skill.

Description 2: Sacrifice a level to nullify all damage for 2 seconds.

Description 3: Sacrificing an entire level will not affect the stats for the time being. When leveling up, stats will continue to be added as usual.

Description 4: ...

Description 5: ...


"F*ck!" Hikaru couldn't help it, so he cursed. Suddenly, he realized there was danger, so he swung his Thunder Spear towards the dust even though he couldn't see anything.

As Hikaru swung the Thunder Spear, it was sent flying by something. Hikaru's arm went numb and he felt his arm was about to break.

Just then, a tail full of bones attacked him. Hikaru gritted his teeth, trying to suppress the pain, and used his Teleport skill to dodge. Then, he used the skill "Scrutiny" to view its information.


Name: Skeleton Dragon???

Rarity: UR

Agility: 40,000

Strength: 370,000

Intelligence: 0

Description 1: The Dragon Rider's mount When combined with a Dragon Rider Class player (or monster), all the dragon's stats will be multiplied by 2. π—―π—²ππ—»π—Όπ―π—²π—ΉοΌŽπ¨π—Ώπ—΄

Description 2: The Skeleton Dragon can be in Dragon Rider's summoning space. The Dragon Rider can summon and unsummon the Skelton Dragon at any time.

Description 3: ...

Description 4: ...

Description 5: ...

Description 6: ...


"Is it a dragon?"

However, Hikaru's thoughts suddenly stopped because he felt a cold breeze on his neck. At this point , Hikaru realized that Sherwin was standing behind him and was swinging his sword toward his head.

Hikaru's head rose and fell in the distance. His headless body collapsed. Blood spewed from the cut in his neck like a fountain. Hikaru's eyes widened, then his vision faded into black.


When Hikaru was startled awake, he discovered he was still alive. He ran his hand over his neck and stomach. There were no other injuries. Fortunately, in the simulation space, all damage has no effect on the real body. Even dying in simulation space won't have any effect on reality.

After a while, Hikaru finally calmed down. Last time, when fighting Sherwin's Copy, Hikaru was able to draw with him because all the damage he took was real and he didn't want to risk his life.

This time, thanks to the Simulation Space, Hikaru risked his life to fight Sherwin with all his might. But the results made it difficult for him to accept. Sherwin was too strong; he was like an insurmountable mountain touching the clouds, and he was just like a tree on that mountain.

[Ding! There are 5 minutes left until the "Monster Raid" event. Please get ready.]

Seeing the announcement from the system, Hikaru shook his head and put aside Sherwin's matter for the time being.


In Petran's domain.

Petran held a bag containing 10 kg of food and 10 liters of water in his hand, his face full of contempt. Then, he threw the bag of food on the floor.

"Are you short of food?"

Suddenly, a voice rang out. Petran saw a girl about 170 cm tall approaching. Her skin is a bit tanned, her body is quite similar to female athletes but not too bulky, and she is very attractive with beautiful curves.

She has brown hair that curled at the ends and reached her shoulders, big eyes, black irises, a high nose, and slightly curved lips. Her cheekbones were just high enough to show off the healthy sides of her face.

Although she is not as beautiful as Saraya or Vuni, her beauty was very special. She was very seductive but also very powerful. She was like a character from the Steam Punk novels.

That's right, she was Ratia.

Hearing Ratia's question, Petran frowned and said: "There's no shortage."

"Then why?" Ratia continued to ask, her face showing a puzzled expression: "Don't you already have a lot of food and water? The food bag that Hikaru gave you is not worth mentioning compared to yours."

Petran grinned. He replied, like an old professor giving lectures to students: "Ratia, you don't understand anything. It was all just to trick Hikaru. "

"Trick him?"

Petran nodded and continued to explain: "Yes. Ratia, you should know that this world is a Misty World. Going out of the territory and finding the way back is difficult; finding the exact location and distance to reach another player's territory is almost impossible."

"However, when I told Hikaru that I had his exact location and gave it to Sherwin, he not only didn't doubt it, but immediately believed it. I don't think Hikaru is stupid enough to believe that statement without any basis, without confirming that my words are correct or not."

"You mean…" Ratia, listening to Petran's explanation, also realized something was wrong.

"I mean, maybe Hikaru also has some skill or talent that can tell if what I say is true." Hikaru spoke his thoughts about Hikaru.

Ratia frowned. She thought for a moment and then asked: "So... does that mean Hikaru knows all about you?"

Petran shrugged, pretending he didn't understand.

,m Ratia heard that and sighed: "Haizz, so the plan will have to change?"

"It will remain the same. Just carry on as usual." said Petran.

After saying that, Petran got up and went out. Startled, Ratia asked, "Where are you going?"

"To find Hikaru."

Ratia was surprised by Petran's words. She hurriedly asked: "Why are you leaving now? Isn't the "monster raid event" about to happen?

Petran suddenly stopped walking. He turned to Ratia and looked at her like a falcon staring at its prey. He said with a smile: "Don't ask too many questions, Ratia. You and I only cooperate because we have the same goal."

After saying that, Petran turned to leave, and started thinking: 'I can't see Hikaru's skills, which means he has a higher skill class than the UR+ Class. Could it be SUR or... SSS? If that's the case, then he can easily defeat Sherwin.'

'Perhaps, Hikaru saw through my plan but still pretended not to know anything to lure me and Sherwin into a trap. Damn it! I underestimated him. But the arrow that has been shot cannot be retracted.'

He took a deep breath and, as if he had made a decision his eyes flashed with fearsome determination.



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