Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 22 Copy Cat Skill
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In the Dungeon, but in a different dimension.

This place is an endless desert. A muscular man, like a statue of the Greek god of strength, accompanied a thin young man.

That muscular man is Dogish. The young man accompanying him was none other than the one who rode the falcon at the Dungeon Gate.

"Damn it! We've been lost in this goddamn desert for five days because of you." The young man grumbled.

Dogish stroked his beard and said in a very calm voice: "Hahaha... Petran, you are boring. This desert is the most suitable place for us to exercise patience and physical strength."

Petran heard that and shouted angrily: "Dogish! Are you crazy? What the hell is training? Now that there is no food and water, how can we live?"

"Then you just need to summon one more falcon. I'm not a picky eater, and I can eat one dish for a month without getting bored." Dogish laughed as he spoke, his voice extremely sincere.

Petran got angry and continued shouting: "The falcon was the last monster I could summon, and yet you ate it?"

Dogish laughed, looked at Petran, and replied: "Do you want to starve to death? But you also ate one of its thighs at that time, right?"

"You…" Petran didn't know how to refute Dogish.

Petran and Dogish somehow entered the Normal Dungeon together. Petran's original purpose was the Hard Dungeon, but when he arrived at the Dungeon Gate, Dogish took Petran with him and entered the Normal Dungeon.

At first, Petran wanted to take revenge on Dogish, but then Petran threw the idea away. Why? Of course, because Dogish is too strong. No matter how hard Petran tried, Dogish easily defeated Petran.

After that, the two wandered in this endless desert. Since there was no food, Dogish ate the falcon summoned by Petran. Although Petran was in great pain, he could not resist the hunger.

Eventually, Petran's falcon becomes a meal for Dogish and Petran.

Petran felt strange and asked: "Dogish, why didn't you kill me but keep me by your side? Maybe…"

When Petran said this, he shivered. I heard that people with a lot of muscles often have strange pleasures. One of those pleasures is… raping young men.

Dogish frowned and barked: "Thinking about something. I am a gentleman who would never do such depraved things."

"So…" Petran insisted: "Why?"

Dogish stroked his beard and said casually: "I like it."

Petran angrily retorted: "You like it or… like me?"

"Pks!" Dogish almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Dogish laughed in anger, he shouted: "Young man, defaming others is not the act of a gentleman."

"Hm!" Petran snorted, then continued looking for a way out of this damn desert. Petran also wasn't worried that Dogish would attack him with a few words or, worst of all, kill him.

After 5 days of contact with Dogish, Petran has realized that Dogish is very reliable. That's right like Dogish used to say, a gentleman is someone who can be trusted under any circumstances.

Dogish is a true gentleman.

Although all of Dogish's actions look very rude, without Dogish, I am afraid that Petran could not exist in this desert.

Although this place is a Normal Dungeon, the monsters in this place are not weak. At first, Petran could resist, thanks to the falcon he summoned. However, soon Petran learned that he was just a piece of raw meat from the monsters of this Dungeon.

Thanks to Dogish repeatedly saving Petran from danger, he was able to live until now. Petran was, of course, very grateful to him. However, Petran didn't understand why Dogish would treat him so well.

That made Petran still keep a certain wariness towards Dogish.

Petran was so lost in thought that he didn't notice under his feet. The sand beneath Petran's feet was moving like ocean waves but very light.

Dogish realized this and immediately grabbed Petran and pulled him back.

"What?!" Petran screamed as Dogish suddenly pulled him.

Immediately after, a vast desert worm rushed to where Petran had just stood. The desert worm has a body like a giant earthworm. Its body is more than a meter in diameter and more than ten meters long, and its mouth is like a food processor with thousands of teeth.

The Desert Worm pointed its mouth at Dogish. But he didn't panic, immediately dragging Petran behind him to avoid the attack of the caterpillar.

The desert caterpillar missed and burrowed into the ground and hid. Dogish saw this and reminded Petran: "Be careful. It's still around."

Petran calmed down and was scared. Petran currently has low combat power because he can't summon monsters anymore. The rest is up to Dogish.

However, Petran also secretly thanks Dogish because he once again saved Petran's life.

Dogish frowned as he looked at the ground with many sand waves. According to his prediction, there is not just one desert worm, but many.

"Dogish!" Petran looked worriedly at Dogish.

Dogish grinned, saying with great confidence: "It's okay. These worms aren't hard enough for me."

At this time, Hikaru wakes up after 5 days of hibernation.

Hikaru wanted to hibernate longer, but tomorrow was when the protection of the Territory Protection System would disappear. Hikaru was sure that something would happen then, so he had to come out of hibernation.

Hikaru went from the bottom of the lake to the grave's surface, using magic to dry his body.

"So good." Hikaru said to himself.

After digesting his knowledge, Hikaru could use a lot of basic magic without a Skill Card. For example, Hikaru can dry himself after getting wet or create a protective ring around his body.

That protective ring can protect Hikaru from dust and clean automatically. Even if Hikaru lay dormant for 10 years, his body was not dirty or dusty.

Besides, the protective ring helps Hikaru keep incubating or cool and filter the air.

Hikaru generally possessed a protective ring, like being in a comfortable house. Winter is warm. Summer is cool, rain or shine. Hikaru does not stick a speck of dust.

Hikaru did not rush to use teleportation magic to teleport back to his room but sat by the lakeside, looking at Hell Lotus for a while. Then, Hikaru called out to Rika: "Rika!"

[I'm here, Master! I will summarize the situation for the past 5 days.]

[Farmer House has created a total of 15 Farmers. Of these, 3 Farmers have supporting occupations, and 12 are normal Farmers.]

Hikaru recalls that the Farmer House has a production rate Farmer who has a supporting occupation. Although through Talent -The King, Hikaru could see who the three Farmers were, but could not see their information.

To see someone's information, Hikaru needed to meet them in person. Even so, Hikaru also saw that Vuni managed the territory very well.

Rika continued.

[As for the transaction with Hana, I have increased the number of transactions based on the number of Soul Points Master has. Specifically, 2,000 Soul Points per transaction. I also used Soul Points to open cards and select potential cards to keep.]

"Rika, you did a great job."

[Thank you, Master.]

Hikaru didn't talk much, either. Sometimes, some things just need to be understood by both sides, and words can't describe it.

[Total resources possessed by the Master are: 21,700,000 Soul Points; 1,700 Fire Stones; 700 Thunder Stones… This count includes Soul Points and Elemental Stones I collected from Hell Lotus and monsters Saraya killed.]

Hikaru nodded. Rika's summary was very detailed, and there were no holes, so he had nothing to refute or blame. Hikaru feels that Rika is like an almighty secretary who can organize her work correctly and follow the leader's instructions.

Without Rika, Hikaru wouldn't dare to hibernate so comfortably.

[Master, many people are searching for your whereabouts on the world channel right now.]

"Hm?! Find my whereabouts?" Hikaru thought for a moment, then said, "Probably Sherwin."

Hikaru gave the above answer because he had a reason. During this time, only Sherwin was the only person who had a grudge against Him and could find Hikaru's whereabouts.

Hikaru wasn't surprised either. He knew that with Sherwin's ability, finding Hikaru's whereabouts would not be difficult.

"It's okay. Don't worry about that."

Hikaru replied an hour later, looking at Rika's cards because she said their potential was very high. Of course, Hikaru trusted Rika completely.

Hikaru looked at the information on the three cards that Rika had kept.

Name: Copy Cat

Rarity: R

Description: Create a copy of the player or monster you defeated.

[Master, if you evolve it into an SSR, it will have the best effect.]

Hikaru followed Rika's advice and immediately used the M.E skill to evolve [Copy Cat].

[Ding! To evolve Copy Cat from R to SSR, you need to spend 10,000,000 Soul Points.]

Although the price to evolve is very high, Hikaru still accepts the payment because he also sees this skill's potential.

[Ding! Successful evolution.]

Name: Copy Cat

Rarity: SSR

Description 1: Create a copy of the player or monster you already know about. 𝚋𝚎dnov𝚎𝚕.𝚌om

Description 2: The copy of that player (or monster) will possess the same skills, personality, attack abilities, and all weapons as that player.

Description 3: That copy only lasts for 24 hours. You cannot use that copy to do any other activity than practice.

Description 4: You can regenerate the copy without limit as long as you have enough Soul Points.

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