Misty World: Start with SSS skill

Chapter 19 New Knowledge
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Hikaru had just seen the Hell Lotus's overwhelming ability when suddenly his head ached. Hikaru felt the amount of knowledge he had gained during Reborn once again increased.

Fortunately, the pain only lasted for a moment, so Hikaru didn't feel too uncomfortable. Saraya and Vuni also didn't realize what had just happened.

Hikaru glanced at Saraya. He wanted to evolve her. However, to evolve Saraya from SR to SSR requires 10,000,000 Soul Points and 200 Thunder Stones.

It was not a large number for Hikaru but continuing to evolve Saraya would cause discomfort to Vuni. Although Vuni is a UR Class Monster, He realized that he has been too fond of Saraya.

Although Saraya is weak and needs a lot of evolution to be able to compete with Vuni, it is not a good thing to continue like this.

Hikaru looked toward Saraya and Vuni. He said: "You two choose your room. When I need you, I'll call."

Saraya and Vuni were slightly disappointed but did not dare to refute it.

After the two of them left, Hikaru lay down, closing his eyes as if he were sleeping. The bed from before also changed when the territory was leveled up. It was bigger and softer and made Him extremely comfortable.

Hikaru was lying down but not sleeping. He was trying to 'digest' the many memories that had popped into his head.

2 hours later, Hikaru gained more knowledge about this world. However, Hikaru's knowledge only revolved around monsters, items, or other things. As for the mysteries of this world, He had not been able to find them out, and he does not want to find the answers.

Hikaru held the Hell Lotus card in his hand and chose to use it. The card instantly disappeared, then a lotus flower appeared and hovered between his palm.

The Hell Lotus is as big as a basketball, it has 36 petals, and the whole flower is black. Hikaru could also feel the coldness that the Hell Lotus radiated. This coldness came from the negativity.

Hikaru rummaged through his knowledge and learned that the Hell Lotus had another hidden attribute. This hidden attribute cannot be known without having its knowledge because the information panel is not displayed.

The hidden attribute is that if the owner of the Hell Lotus puts himself into hibernation, his base stats will be increased. Very few people know this, not even magicians who have lived for thousands of years know this. In the ancient books, there is no record of this hidden attribute of Hell Lotus.

Hikaru thinks that this hidden attribute of the Hell Lotus is unknown for two reasons. Firstly, no one has ever actually owned a Hell Lotus. It's all just speculation based on ancient documents. Secondly, the owner of the Hell Lotus would want to make this public to prevent the enemy from knowing about it.

Hikaru held the Hell Lotus in his hand, and thought for a moment, then put it back into the System inventory. Next, Hikaru took out the monster cards he had collected from the dead players.

Hikaru waved his hand, and he used his Mana to control ten monster cards floating in front of him. These 10 cards are all SR - Class monster summoning cards, so Hikaru doesn't need to evolve.

The ten monster cards instantly disappeared and turned into ten lotus seeds lying neatly in the stigma of the Hell Lotus. After that, Hikaru activated teleportation magic and entered the basement.

After a second, Hikaru opened his eyes to find himself standing in a giant cave. This place is an isolated cave more than a 100 meters above the ground, without any entrance. To enter this cave, one must use the Landlord's teleportation magic.

The cave is about 1000 square meters wide and 10 meters high. The entire cave is lit by a bizarre fungus that emits blue light. In the middle of the cave is a clear lake that the bottom can be seen. ๐˜ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐‘™๏ผŽ๐‘๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

Hikaru waved his hand. The Hell Lotus immediately flew to the middle of the lake and floated above the lake. Hikaru felt that this place is his secret. No one except for Rika can know, not even Saraya or Vuni. Hikaru did not rule out the possibility that Saraya or Vuni would betray him in the future, so he had to have the last refuge.

"It would be better if there is a magic that creates a barrier to defend this place." Hikaru thought to himself.

This cave was located separate from the territory, so the territory's defensive barrier could not protect this place.

Hikaru soon disappeared from the cave and reappeared in his private room. Hikaru held the "Necropolis Key" in his hand, then sheathed it into the void. The Necropolis Key instantly disappeared and merged into a teleport magic circle.

Hikaru entered the teleportation magic circle without fear. Right after that, Hikaru appeared at a familiar place.

That is the space in the Hell Dungeon, Hikaru felt the cold wind and the cloudy sky. This place is as hostile as hell. However, to Hikaru, this place is a gold mine.

According to Hikaru's knowledge, this place contained countless Crystallized Souls and many other untapped resources. Of course, there were also many monsters in the Dungeon that had not been destroyed, but Hikaru was not afraid.

After checking the surroundings, Hikaru took out a monster summoning card from the System inventory. This card is an SR monster summon a card. Hikaru did not use this card as a sacrifice to the Hell Lotus because this monster greatly affected him.


Name: Treasure Mouse

Rarity: SR

Agility: 1,000 (+3,000)

Strength: 200 (+600)

Intelligence: 500 (+1,500)

Description: Treasure Mouse has no attack power but can search for treasure. Its ability to find treasure and hide is very high. Even an SSR - Class monster can hardly detect it.

Skills: Hide, escape, find treasure based on smell, โ€ฆetc..


Hikaru ordered the System: "System! Use the evolved M.E skill on Treasure Mouse.

[Ding! To evolve Treasure Mouse, you need to pay 1,000,000 Soul Points; 100 Earth Stones. Do you agree or not?]


[Ding! Payment successful.]

[Ding! Successful evolution.]


Name: Treasure Mouse

Rarity: SSR

Agility: 8,000 (+24,000)

Strength: 1,000 (+3,000)

Intelligence: 4,000 (+12,000)

Description 1: Treasure Mouse has poor attack power, but it can find hard treasures. Its ability to find treasure and hide is very high. Even a UR-Class monster can hardly detect it.

Description 2: Treasure Mouse has a large space bag to store the treasures it finds.

Description 3: Treasure Mouse can disguise itself as a small animal to go places that humans can't go.

Skills: Hide, escape, find treasure, transformโ€ฆetc..


Hikaru smiled, feeling that this monster was the best thing he needed. Due to insufficient resources, Hikaru could only evolve Treasure Mouse into SSR - Class Monster.

"Use the monster card - Treasure Mouse."

[Ding! Use it successfully.]

The card in Hikaru's hand disappeared, and right after that, a giant rat appeared in front of him. That mouse had yellow fur and stood on two legs like a human. It has a rat's head, a human body, and a large tail on its back.

Treasure Mouse, standing upright, is also about 1.5 mtall. Behind it carries a bag like a backpack.

Treasure Mouse knelt in front of Hikaru, the rat's face showing modesty.

"Master!" Treasure Mouse spoke up.

Hikaru nodded and said, "From now on, your name is Larry."

Larry bowed, his voice full of reverence: "Thank you, Master, for giving me my name."

Hikaru continued: "Your mission is to collect as many items in this world as possible. If you see a Treasure Chest or something strange, contact me."

Hikaru says that connection is using thought communication. After Talent, The Master evolved into The King, and the ability to communicate by mind between Hikaru and the monsters he summoned also significantly increased.

Even if Hikaru and the monster he summoned were far apart, they could still communicate through thoughts. In addition, Hikaru could see the situation of the monster he wanted to see.

"Yes, Master!" Larry bowed as he spoke. Then Larry turned into smoke and disappeared. Hikaru looked at the pitch-black sky and then teleported back to his room.

Hikaru ordered the system to promote himself to the maximum level. His territory is level 2, so Hikaru can level up to 30.

[Ding! Level up successfully.]


Landlord: Hikaru

Level: 30/30

Territory: 02

Job: None

Agility: 62,000 (+310,000)

Strength: 62,000 (+310,000)

Intelligence: 62,000 (+310,000)


When adding all the effects from the items Hikaru possessed, Hikaru's stats were unbelievably high. Even his stats are more elevated than Vuni's.

Hikaru looks at the stats that can be guessed from level 11 to 20. At each level, Hikaru gets 2,000 points for each attribute. From levels 21 - 30, each level gives 4,000 points for each attribute.

Although it costs nearly two million Soul Points, it was worth it.

Hikaru wanted to level up Vuni and Saraya. However, Hikaru decided to dispel that thought. Even though they were monsters he summoned, and they were loyal to Him. However, He thinks it is not good to give them power for free.

Hikaru thought for a moment, then contacted Vuni and Saraya through thought to have them gather in the living room.

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