Magic System in a Parallel World

Chapter 10: Vampire
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Chapter 10: Vampire

Chapter 10: Vampire

“Can you lift your shirt up?” Nina asked him shortly after he agreed to let her inspect his body.

Leo took a deep breath and released it before lifting his shirt halfway, revealing his pristine six-pack abs.

Nina swallowed nervously and said, “A-A little higher. Lift it above your chest.”

Leo didn’t say anything and lifted his shirt until his entire body was exposed.

Nina tipped her toes to its limits and placed her hand on his chest, where his heart was located.

She closed her eyes and began inspecting Leo’s body with some unknown magic.

Lilith watched Nina’s every movement just in case she planned on doing something funny to Leo’s body.

‘There’s nothing wrong with his heart…’

‘His blood also appears to be healthy…’

‘There’s a hint of black magic in his body, but nothing that suggests he was resurrected from the dead. The mana is too weak.’

Half a minute later, Nina removed her hand from his body and mumbled in a dumbfounded voice, “You’re not a reanimated corpse…”

Leo immediately pulled his shirt back down and said, “Thanks, captain obvious. I told you that I wasn’t resurrected from the dead, but you don’t want to believe me.”

“Why do you even care if I am a reanimated corpse or not?” He then asked.

“Necromancy is my specialty. It’s only natural that I would be interested in someone who supposedly came back from the dead.” Nina said.

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“Anyways, I was wrong about you. Goodbye.”

Nina turned around and disappeared into the shadow shortly after.

“Unbelievable… She didn’t even bother apologizing!” Leo muttered in a dumbfounded voice.

“At least her personality matches the rumors.” Lilith chuckled.

Leo shook his head and continued to make his way back to the dorm.

Meanwhile, after her inspection on Leo, Nina Wraith returned to the main school building and went straight to the infirmary.

Despite the lights being turned off inside the infirmary, Nina opened the door that should’ve been locked after school hours and entered the room.

Inside the infirmary, Nina could see a tall and mature figure standing by the window.

“I have inspected Leo’s body just like you’d asked, Miss Camille.” Nina said after closing the door behind her.

“Thank you. I could only rely on you since you’re the only person in this school who can tell if someone is an animated corpse. What were the results?”

“Before I tell you the results, do you remember our agreement? I didn’t do this out of charity.”

“Of course. I have it here with me.” Miss Camille showed Nina the item in her hand.

“Necklace of the Dead. It’s a B-Grade magic artifact that boosts all necromancy magic. Tell me the result and it’s yours.”

Nina took a deep breath and spoke, “Leo’s not a reanimated corpse. His body is perfectly alive.”

“Are you sure?” Miss Camille frowned slightly.

“One hundred percent. However, there was a slight discrepancy in his body.”

“What is it?”

“There were traces of dark magic inside his body, so he either used dark magic recently or he’d been struck by dark magic. With that being said, the amount of mana in his body could not be the result of resurrection magic, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

Miss Camille pondered Nina’s intel.

‘Traces of dark magic… Could it be caused by the test earlier today? It would make sense since he has a Magic Affinity for dark magic.’

“Do you have anything else?” Miss Camille asked a moment later.

“No, that’s all the information I have.”

Miss Camille narrowed her eyes on Nina.

“If I find out that you’re lying to me or withheld intel, I will come back for you, do you understand?”

Nina showed a cold smile on her delicate face, “Aren’t you forgetting another thing? That I am not allowed to tell anyone about our agreement?”

Miss Camille snorted before tossing the Necklace of the Dead into the air towards Nina’s direction.

Nina quickly went to catch the magic artifact.

“Hey! That was dangerous—”

Nina tried to complain, but like a ghost, Miss Camille suddenly disappeared from the room.

‘Leo, huh? Why does she care so much about him? To think she’d be willing to part with a B-Grade magic artifact just to confirm that he’s not a reanimated corpse… How surprising.’ Nina did not linger around the infirmary and left shortly after.

Back at the old dorm, Leo laid on his bed and prepared to go to sleep.

‘What if I wake up and find myself back in my old world tomorrow? What if this is all just a really long dream?’ He couldn’t help but have these thoughts.

Despite only being in this world for less than a day, he was already getting fond of it.

“By the way, I really hope you’re not going to watch me sleep for the entire night.” Leo looked at Lilith, who was hovering directly above him and staring at his face.

“Why not? You’re pretty handsome for a human and just my type,” she said in a teasing voice.

“For a human?” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“Why are you talking as if you’re not a human? I mean, you’re a ghost right now, but you’re technically still human, right?”

However, Lilith didn’t respond to him, as she was too busy staring at him with wide eyes.

“You’re not aware?” She asked him after a moment of silence.

“Aware of what?”

Then Lilith realized something and mumbled, “Oh, right. You’re from another world, and vampires don’t exist in that world.”

“Huh? Vampire?”

When Lilith mentioned vampires, Leo suddenly recalled what Miss Camille had told him earlier today.

‘Vampires look exactly like humans, but they have white hair and red eyes.’

“Y-You’re a vampire?”

Because Lilith resembled a human so much, whether it be her appearance or attitude, he subconsciously treated her as a fellow human despite her unique features.

Lilith nodded with a prideful smile, “That’s right. I’m a vampire. But to think that you weren’t aware of it until now.”

“Miss Camille told me, but I kind of forgot…” Leo scratched his head.

“Forgot? Even though your memory is amazing enough to instantly memorize magic spells? I don’t believe it.”

“Even if I have perfect memory, it is inevitable that I will forget some minor things! I have also been thinking about a lot of things today, so my head is a little overwhelmed at this moment.”

“Is that so?”

Lilith proceeded to stare at his face in silence and with a pondering expression.

“What is it?” Leo decided to ask her.

“Now that you know I am a vampire… Are you scared of me? Do you hate me? Are you going to stop being friends with me?” She asked him with a worried look in her gaze.

Leo pondered for a moment before speaking, “After hearing about you guys from Miss Camille, I thought vampires would be much scarier. In any case, I am not scared of you. Even if you may be a vampire, in my eyes, you’re just a perverted ghost who enjoys peeking at people in the shower. Hell, even Nina Wraith, who looks like a child, is scarier than you.”

Lilith couldn’t help but smile after hearing Leo’s words, and she spoke, “Once again, I am not a ghost!”

“Whatever. I’m going to sleep.” Leo said after yawning.

He closed his eyes and tucked himself comfortably in bed the very next moment.

“Good night, Leo.”


Leo quickly fell asleep within seconds due to how exhausted he was. 𝚋𝚎dnov𝚎𝚕.𝚌om

As for Lilith, she would go on to spend the entire night silently staring at Leo’s sleeping face with a gentle smile on her face.

‘I wonder if he would be able to say the same words just now if he knew my true identity…’ She sighed inwardly.

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