Limitless Sword God

Chapter 1567 Fierce Sword Destroys the World (Eventually)
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Chapter 1567 Fierce Sword Destroys the World (Eventually)


The sheath of the sword covered its body, and the power of the fierce sword immediately dissipated. The fierce sword descended with its blade, but it did not break the Wan Hua Realm. Instead, a dot of light beneath it fiercely resisted the fierce sword.

Su Qing'er! !

She was also in the Wan Hua Realm! !

However, even if the Realm Tree acted as a scabbard to seal off most of the power of the vicious sword, This remaining strength was not something that Su Qing'er could contend against, but she also did not want to see the Vicious Sword destroy all worlds like this. So many people had sacrificed themselves to stop the Vicious Sword. As Progenitor, could it be that she really wanted to wait for the Vicious Sword to descend in the final True Devil Realm, waiting for history to be shattered, waiting for everything to cease to exist?

Even if she could watch helplessly, what about Su Yun? She could watch helplessly as the person she cared most about faced the fierce sword alone?

She could not, nor could Su Yun. She knew, and Su Yun also knew.

Little by little, the Wan Hua Realm shattered. Layers of vines climbed up from the enormous wooden scabbard and spread towards the hilt of the fierce sword.

"You can't trap me. Doing this will only make me stronger!"

The will of the fierce sword was not afraid of this. Instead, it was incomparably excited. It saw circles of light emanating from his entire body, urging the fierce sword to continue to exert its strength. A terrifying fierce aura seeped out from the scabbard and directly wrapped around the scabbard.

The scabbard within the ferocious aura immediately corroded. Realm Master used his own strength as a price, but he was unable to completely seal the fierce sword.

The power of the fierce sword gradually escaped the suppression of the scabbard and gradually became stronger. Su Qing'er also became more and more exhausted. Her fair face was covered in bloodstains, and her eyes were also spilling blood. The ground beneath her feet was completely shattered. The huge fierce sword was slowly pressing her into the realm of the Wan Hua Realm…

However, at this moment, the will of the fierce sword suddenly hurt. Immediately after, he was shocked to discover that his strength had actually weakened by a point.

He opened his eyes wide and looked at the person in front of him. However, Su Yun seemed to be completely mad before meeting him. He opened his mouth and directly bit towards the will of the fierce sword.




He bit hard, swallowed hard, and desperately shouted at the top of his lungs.


The Vicious Sword Will felt that something was wrong. Su Yun's body was like a big mouth, crazily devouring it. He seemed to have burned his last will. At this moment, Su Yun was completely unaware of it. He was like a walking corpse, beginning to devour the will of the Vicious Sword.

Fierce Sword Will quickly resisted and didn't dare to focus his attention on the fierce sword anymore. Instead, he defended his will with all his might. As long as he lasted for this period of time, he would win.

However, he was shocked to discover that he was actually unable to resist Su Yun's devouring.


The will of the fierce sword suddenly came to its senses. He had neglected one very important thing, and that was that the current Su Yun possessed the highest level of will! He was already an existence that surpassed the Progenitor. No one in the Myriad Realms of the Heavens had a stronger consciousness than him. Furthermore, he had devoured several Progenitors, and his will was almost invincible. The will of the Fierce Sword only accumulated the will of all living beings in the Myriad Realms. Most of them were extremely weak. In terms of numbers, Su Yun was completely defeated, but in terms of strength, the Fierce Sword Will could not contend against Su Yun.

Especially at this moment, Su Yun completely ignored everything and frantically bit. Previously, he had relied on the consciousness of the ten thousand spirits he had killed after breaking through the realm to replenish himself, but this time, the vibrant Wan Hua Realm actually had nothing to replenish him. On the contrary, Su Yun had obtained even more strength through biting and devouring.

Whoosh! ! ! !

Right at this moment, the howl of a Heaven Piercing Sword came from the top of the vicious sword.

Fierce Sword Will was stunned. He looked at the person in front of him, only to see a terrifying sword flew out from his predecessor's body and pierced into his body, burning crazily.

This was the sword soul of the Death Sword! !

Su Yun actually bit a hole in his body, and then sent the Death Sword Sword Soul into the body of the vicious sword will.

"Haha, are you giving up resisting?"

After seeing the will of the fierce sword clearly, he laughed out loud and immediately sewed up the gap to absorb the will of the death sword that entered his body.

However, just as he was about to digest it, he realized that the truth did not seem to be as he thought. The Death Sword's sword soul had actually not been absorbed by him. Instead, it began to burn itself, self-destruct its will, and disintegrate the interior of the Vicious Sword Will.

"How … how is this possible?"

Fierce Sword Will was stunned. πš‹ο½…ο½„πš—πš˜πšŸο½…πš•οΌŽπš—ο½…ο½”

However, a pair of cold eyes wrapped in blood and fire appeared in his line of sight.

"I said before, you can't dominate me, and I, will dominate you!!"

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Su Yun opened his mouth and swallowed half of the will of the fierce sword in one mouthful. At this moment, he grew again, and the blood and fire that were about to burn out were directly continued.

"You can't completely devour me!!"

The fierce sword will immediately summoned countless fierce auras, wrapping itself around his body, completely blocking the outside world. He could not absorb the power of consciousness from the outside, nor could he attack Su Yun. Similarly, Su Yun could not attack him.

However, he no longer had the will to devour the vicious sword. Instead, he turned around and rushed towards the vicious sword's sword eye.

"Not good!"

The fierce sword will seemed to have sensed something as it dragged its incomplete will and rushed towards the sword eye.

However, just as it was about to enter the sword eye, a bloody flame sealed the sword eye.

If the will of the fierce sword wanted to pierce through, it would have to be consumed by the blood and fire.

But at this juncture, what else could he hesitate about? Blood Fire immediately rushed towards the sword's eyes.

However, just as he passed through the bloody flames and crashed into the interior of the vicious sword, a large bloody mouth suddenly appeared in his eyes, swallowing his incomplete will.


The fierce sword let out a howl and continuously struggled, but the will of blood and fire surrounded him, burning crazily and devouring him crazily, coupled with the broken will at this moment, it was far from being comparable to Su Yun, even if he struggled again, he would not be able to escape Su Yun's mouth.

It turned out that Su Yun deliberately wanted to introduce this fierce sword will into the sword eye. He laid down that blood fire only to consume the fierce qi on the fierce sword will. Fortunately, he did not use the fierce qi to protect his gap and devour it after passing through the blood fire.

"In the end, you are just a will, not a human mind, not a human! No matter how powerful you are, how can you defeat a human heart?"

Su Yun completely swallowed that will into his stomach, Using his own blood and fire as a guide, he crazily burned and devoured the body will of the vicious sword. The body will was exhausted as it struggled and churned in his stomach. It was as if his stomach was about to be burst. He firmly propped himself up and sat cross-legged at the sword eye of the vicious sword, digesting and transferring the energy swallowed into his stomach, becoming his own strength and increasing the strength of his body of blood and fire.

The moment her will devoured it, the enormous vicious sword stopped its bombardment. It pierced through the realm of the Wan Hua Realm. Su Qing'er fell on a broken stone and had fainted. Her body was covered in cracked bloodlines. Her cultivation had been blown away by more than half of it. Right now, she probably did not even have the strength of Spirit Profound Sage.

"Let me out!! Let me out!!"

The voice of the fierce sword will rang out from Su Yun's abdomen. It wanted to crush Su Yun's abdomen, but that body of blood and fire was too terrifying. As long as it touched it, it would burn itself. How dare it fight head on? Su Yun's body was like a cage, trapping it inside and slowly digesting it.

"No… No…"

The voice of the Vicious Sword Will slowly faded away, and Su Yun was replenished with the energy of the Vicious Sword Will. The dim body of blood and fire was burning more and more vigorously, and there was a faint feeling of transcending all worlds and jumping out of reincarnation.

He sat cross-legged in front of the sword for an unknown amount of time.

The sword sheath formed by the Realm Tree that covered the body of the Fierce Sword Sword had been corroded by the fierce sword's fierce aura, leaving only a rotten piece of withered wood attached to it.

Su Qing'er opened her eyes with difficulty. She looked at the enormous vicious sword that was less than ten meters away from her, and her pale face was filled with pain.

"The fierce sword seems to have stopped?"

There was a trace of confusion in Su Qing'er's eyes. She suddenly raised her head and looked at the huge sword eye of the Fierce Sword Sword. With all her strength, she shouted, "Young Master!!"

However, no one responded for a long time.

After an unknown amount of time, the ferocious aura of the sword gradually faded away. The huge sword also stopped trembling, and the shattered Wan Hua Realm slowly regained its clarity.

It was as if everything had quieted down after the storm.

Su Qing'er slowly stood up, but her bright eyes became incomparably empty.

This terrifying sword was standing right in front of him. It did not destroy all worlds as expected, but stopped here.

The fierce sword would never stop for no reason, so there was only one possibility.

Su Yun! It must be Su Yun! !

Su Qing'er's eyes were filled with bloody tears. She wanted to shout, but there was no trace of Su Yun.

Huala! ! ! ! ! ! !

Right at this moment, a strange phenomenon appeared at the sword eye of the fierce sword. A dense and strange white sword intent suddenly spurted out from the sword eye, wrapping around the entire enormous fierce sword like a spider web. The blade of the fierce sword began to tremble slightly again.

Su Qing'er's eyes widened, and despair filled the depths of her pupils.

Could it be that the silence just now was only temporary? The fierce sword… was not stopped? ?

However, just as she was completely shocked by the scene before her, Several rotten World Tree Woods suddenly peeled off the vicious sword's body. These World Tree Woods landed on the ground and immediately released bursts of golden light. A snowy white light also shot out from the sword eye and poured into these World Tree Woods. Very quickly, the World Tree Wood turned into a human form. When he fixed his eyes on it, it was actually Realm Master.

Seeing this, Su Qing'er hurriedly rushed over and picked up the Realm Master.

Realm Master closed her eyes tightly. Her face was extremely pale, and her breathing was very weak. Her cultivation had completely lost. Su Qing'er hurriedly used a little Progenitor Qi to treat her injuries. Not long after, Realm Master regained consciousness.

"I… Am I dead?" The Realm Master said weakly.

'"You're fine" Su Qing'er hugged her tightly.

"I remember … my consciousness seemed to have been absorbed by the vicious sword … why didn't I die?"

"He was absorbed by the vicious sword?" Hearing that, Su Qing'er's entire body trembled slightly. Then, she raised her small face and looked at her seriously. Then, she asked anxiously in a low voice, "Did Young Master save you? Did Young Master save you???? Did he?"

She was a little excited, but the Realm Master shook his head helplessly.

She didn't know all this.

However, it didn't take long for the enormous sword to move again. Countless streaks of light suddenly surged out from the enormous sword. It was like a meteor shower in the night. The two women hugged each other and looked at this scene in a daze. They were all infatuated.

After an unknown amount of time, this strange phenomenon suddenly disappeared. Immediately after, the enormous blade of the Fierce Sword suddenly shrunk. In almost an instant, it turned into the size of an ordinary sword. Beside the sword stood a person whose entire body was glowing with light.

"Su Yun!!"

"Young Master!!"

Seeing this, the two women were overjoyed and shouted excitedly.

Su Yun closed his eyes tightly, Holding the sword in his hand, he stood in the shattered sky of the Wan Hua Realm, as if he was comprehending something. The light on his body gradually weakened, as if he had recovered his physical body. However, he knew that this was not his physical body. The current him was no longer the Su Yun he used to be. If he lost his physical body, he would lose all his cultivation. However, he had also obtained a new body.

The Sword Spirit of the Fierce Sword! !

After swallowing the will of the fierce sword, Su Yun replaced it and directly gained control of the fierce sword. The current vicious sword had already been used by him. Because of this, the Myriad Realms would be held in his hands, and that so-called destiny would finally be grasped by him.

However, Su Yun was not happy because of this. He opened his eyes and looked at the shattered ground, slowly falling down.

Su Qing'er pounced over, lying in Su Yun's arms and crying non-stop. Even the Realm Master put down his previous reserved attitude and leaned on Su Yun's shoulder, as if he had found a warm harbor.

"Is everything over?" Qing'er asked softly.

"It's all over."

Su Yun raised his head and said with a smile.

"This sword?"

"It's already under my control!"

Su Yun raised his fierce sword and looked at the ice-cold sword body, but his expression was solemn and silent.

The two women looked at each other and could sense the seriousness in Su Yun's heart.

"Young Master, what's wrong with you?"

Su Qing'er asked.

"I…" Su Yun hesitated for a moment, then suddenly tightened his grip on the hilt of the sword. He revealed a seemingly relaxed smile towards the two women, and then shook his head and said, "I… want to leave for a while."

"Where are you going?" The two women asked in unison.

"Go find someone!"

He stroked Su Qing'er's cheek and said gently to the Realm Master, "Will you wait for me in the True Devil Realm?"

"When can I return?" The Realm Master asked.

Su Yun was silent.

The two women looked at him with glittering eyes. After an unknown amount of time, he turned around with a smile and flew into the distance.

"I will definitely come back. Wait for me!!"

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