Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon

Chapter 23: The Truth About the Adoption
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Chapter 23: The Truth About the Adoption

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝗹.𝐧𝗲𝘁

Du Tingting quickly turned around when she heard footsteps behind her. She saw Mu Mian descending the stairs.

“Hubby.” She saw that Mu Mian appeared to be heading out, and so she asked him, “Are there any news from the convalescent hospital about Song Fei?”

Mu Mian shook his head and walked into the kitchen. After retrieving an insulated food container that Auntie Zhang had prepared, he lowered his head and said, “I am going to visit Qiu-er.”

Du Tingting looked even more anxious the moment she thought about her daughter’s condition. “I will go with you.”

Mu Mian was momentarily taken aback, but he rejected her firmly. “You didn’t sleep at all last night. Stay home and rest today. Our daughter is unwell, so you must not fall sick too.”

Mu Mian gained more worry lines on his face because of Mu Qiu’s illness, and now, the possibility of Du Tingting falling ill because of Mu Qiu’s condition slowly became one of Mu Mian’s greatest fears. He added, “Tingting, you need to be well.”

Both were his soft spots. He couldn’t bear the pain of losing either one of them.

Du Tingting’s heart ached at his words.

Knowing that Mu Mian was already exhausted and not wishing to add to his burden, Du Tingting had no choice but to agree. “I won’t come along then.”

“Mmm, go back to bed and rest.”


Mu Mian left the house carrying the food container after he saw Du Tingting go upstairs.


Mu Mian arrived at the hospital and saw Mu Qiu lying sideways on the bed with her back facing him. She was playing on her cell phone, and it was clear she hadn’t taken her afternoon nap.

Since Mu Qiu needed to get as much rest as possible, she shouldn’t be playing on her cell phone. Mu Mian couldn’t help feeling somewhat angry at her. “Have you been on your cell phone the entire time and didn’t get any rest?”

Hearing the rebuke in her father’s voice, Mu Qiu quickly kept her cell phone under her pillow and turned to stick out her tongue impishly at him. But after she had placed her hands neatly on her blanket, looking very obedient and demure, she said, “I couldn’t fall asleep.”

Mu Mian snorted.

Mu Qiu didn’t dare to get cheeky with him. She lowered her head in submission as if waiting to be scolded.

Mu Mian’s heart ached at the thought that Mu Qiu might not have that many days left. How could he bear to scold her?

He closed the door and walked over to Mu Qiu’s side. “Qiu-er, you must take good care of yourself. Rest more. Being well-rested and happy will be good for your health.”

Mu Qiu nodded.

After seeing that Mu Mian wasn’t going to scold her, Mu Qiu felt brave enough to ask about Song Fei. “Father, I heard Mother say that Sister Song Fei is awake but has gone missing. Is that true?”

Mu Mian’s heart was heavy. He grunted in response.

Mu Qiu noticed the food container in Mu Mian’s hands. She was already so sick of hospital meals and often looked forward to the delicious food that Mu Mian brought her. “Father, what food did you bring for me today?”

“Stir-fried bacon with bamboo shoots and stir-fried lettuce with chives. Auntie Zhang also brewed some chicken soup for you. The soup is still warm. Do you want a bowl?”

Mu Qiu loved stir-fried bacon with bamboo shoots and Auntie Zhang’s chicken soup. Her face lit up. “Quickly, give me a big bowl of chicken soup. I am starving to death!”

Mu Mian was exceptionally sensitive these days, so he rebuked Mu Qiu’s use of the word death. “What did you say?!”

Mu Qiu knew what Mu Mian was afraid of and didn’t dare to speak nonsense again.

With his back facing Mu Qiu, Mu Mian poured the chicken soup into a bowl. Mu Qiu asked, “How did Sister Song Fei suddenly wake up? A patient escaping from the convalescent hospital right after waking up. That is so strange.”

Mu Qiu felt very puzzled. She twiddled her thumbs and muttered to herself, “If it was me, the first thing I would do is to have the doctors contact my family. I won’t run away from the hospital.”

Mu Mian frowned slightly but didn’t say anything.

Still talking to herself, Mu Qiu said, “If one didn’t know any better, one would have thought there was someone in the hospital trying to murder her.”

Those startling words caused several ripples across the surface of the soup in Mu Mian’s hands.

He narrowed his eyes as a dark glint flashed across his pupils.

Seeing Mu Mian standing there unmoving, Mu Qiu urged, “Father, my soup?”

Mu Mian turned around and handed Mu Qiu the bowl. He cautioned, “The soup is still quite hot. Blow on it to cool it down first before drinking.”


Mu Qiu took a sip.

Auntie Zhang’s soup was very flavorful and fragrant. There was not the slightest bit of MSG seasoning. Mu Qiu licked her lips and smiled sweetly at Mu Mian. “Auntie Zhang’s chicken soup is so tasty. I want to drink it again tomorrow.”

“Alright, I will tell Auntie Zhang.”

Soon after drinking the soup, Mu Qiu took a nap.

After making sure she was asleep, Mu Mian left the ward and went to find Mu Qiu’s attending doctor to ask about the organ donation.

The doctor’s answer was the same as before. “We don’t have any good news, for now, Mr. Mu. Please continue waiting patiently.”

Mu Mian had the patience, but Mu Qiu didn’t have much time left. He couldn’t afford to wait!

“Thank you, doctor.” After being in business for so many years, Mu Mian knew what it was like to encounter challenges. He knew there was no use cursing the heavens or blaming others. Mu Mian bid the doctor farewell, but he didn’t dare go back to the ward to face Mu Qiu.

He went downstairs and found his car. He told his driver, “Head back to the office.”


Sitting in the car, Mu Mian mulled over the fact that Song Fei was missing.

How could a person, who had been comatose for eight years, suddenly wake up like that? Not only that, she went missing right after waking up.

‘If one didn’t know any better, one would have thought there was someone in the hospital trying to murder her!’

Mu Qiu’s innocent words shocked Mu Mian’s heart.

Could it be...

Mu Mian discovered some time ago that some other patients had the same rare blood type as Mu Qiu, and they were first on the list for a new heart. Even if there was an available heart, that patient would have priority over Mu Qiu.

As a result, Mu Qiu’s chances of getting a suitable heart was even lower now.

The more Mu Mian thought about it, the more afraid he was that his daughter would die. He was also worried that Du Tingting would fall into depression if their daughter died.

Mu Qiu was born with a heart disease. Since medical technology was not as advanced then, the doctors weren’t confident in performing the surgery on her. They recommended waiting until Mu Qiu was older and when medicine was more advanced, before carrying out the surgery.

Eight years ago, an earthquake happened in Bijiang City. As a well-known businessman, Mu Mian had to maintain an image and so donated a million yuan. He volunteered at the site of the disaster as well.

It was a pleasant surprise to have come across Song Ci and Song Fei.

After five days of being trapped, Song Ci was successfully rescued. But she had already lost a lot of blood and was unconscious. A few volunteers were willing to donate blood, but the doctor told them that Song Ci had a rare blood type and was not compatible with any of them.

Mu Mian was sitting on the floor while taking a rest when he overheard the doctor’s words. He immediately thought of Mu Qiu.

The doctor said that Mu Qiu would require a new heart the moment her heart condition deteriorated. But where to find a heart with the same rare blood type as her?

Mu Mian stared at the unconscious teenage girl as a dark notion formed in his mind. Instead of waiting until Mu Qiu’s condition deteriorated and then sinking into despondency when they failed to find a suitable heart, why not make preparations to cultivate a healthy heart for Mu Qiu?

Mu Mian had secretly stolen a sample of Song Ci’s blood and sent it to the laboratory to compare it with Mu Qiu’s blood. The results showed that they were a perfect match.

After the rescue mission ended, Mu Mian sought out the rescue staff and told them that he wished to adopt Song Ci. He was wealthy and had an upright image, and so the adoption process went very smoothly.

Taking care of the comatose Song Fei—Mu Mian took it to be prepayment for Song Ci’s heart.

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