King Of Limbo

40 Chapter 40
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After they had met up and spoken, Jin began leading Aron and Evanora who still followed him behind towards the airship. However despite Jin saying it was close, Aron couldn't see it anywhere.

'Another of his illusions?' Aron thought as Jin lead them to the edge of a cliff with nothing but a large valley below. ๐’ทโ„ฏ๐’น๐“ƒ๐“ธ๐“ฟโ„ฏ๐“.๐’ธโ„ด๐“ถ

Aron gave Jin a glance before he showed a smile and clasped his hands together before taking a slow but deep breath.

"Reveal that which is hidden to all, by my command. May the third illusion art mirrage, disperse." As Jin said these words the view in front of the cliff cracked like a window.

It slowly fell apart before revealing the true view, one that had a large airship right next to the edge of the cliff. Aron gave the smiling Jin a glance while Evanora just looked at the airship without much of a reaction.

'He's even capable of creating an art that responds to commands, his strength is average but his skill in this field is rather satisfactory' Aron had this thought ran across his mind but didn't express it.

Despite being vastly knowledgeable, the knowledge in Argos's library wasn't infinite unlike Limbo itself. There was much Aron didn't know, especially of world's outside Limbo so seeing new techniques and arts that could be potentially useful always caught his attention.

They was no major difference between arts and techniques.

Arts and techniques involved specializations. Image casting and even best mongering for example fell under the category of an art as not everyone could perform even if they trained as they had specific requirements that needed to be met before one could hope to achieve them.

A technique was similar in that it also had specific requirements that needed to be met before one could achieve results. The difference was a technique could be learned by anyone so long as they could use mana, an example of techniques was the use of runes and glyphs to make formations or even build magic powered structures and devices such as Airships or even weapons like Aron's arcane guns.

Only experienced or well trained individuals knew of this difference. The majority of people simply referred to the two collectively as magic or spells. A so called basic fire spell for example that any low tier mage could do was in reality a simple technique that used the element of fire.

"Tch. So the human lives!" Aron was brought out of his thoughts as he looked at the deck of the airship and saw a smiling Jagu looking towards him.

"Oh don't act so tough, I lost count of how many times you complained that we should go back for him." Scarlett along with Oxin soon appeared from inside the airship and went next to Jagu and revealed causing him to just cross his arms as Aron, Jin and Evanora boarded the airship.

"I simply wanted to repay the debt I owe him! I couldn't care less for your lives." Jagu sneered while Scarlett just shrugged.

"Boys will be boys I suppose. So mind telling us what happened?" Scarlett didn't beat around the bush and asked the question everyone was curious about.

It was then that Aron began explaining what had happened when Jin and Jagu had left. The only major detail he left out was that the didn't only use the trap but made it. After explaining he dropped a small bag to the ground that had the items he had taken from Henry and the others.

"Now I regret not being there earlier." Jin couldn't help but laugh out loudly while Jagu looked upset that he had missed the chance to fight some strong opponents.

"Wow, add this with the worth of the crystal and we're practically set for life. I wonder how much they'll offer for-"

"We won't be selling the crystal." Aron interjected on Scarlett's happiness and revealed causing her to look at her oddly.

"What you want it for yourself?!" She asked out of sheer shock as she knew very well that it's value was tremendous.

"Well he's the one who found out about the cave, also the only reason we didn't die by those creatures hands, not to mention him holding back the aristocrats and even bringing back more items. I don't like the idea of it being in one of those bastards hands anyway so I say Aron takes it." Jin expressed before reaching into his robe and taking out the small box that held the crystal.

"I barely did anything so I too care not what happens to it." Jagu looked more reluctant to watch it go but his pride as a Komi surpassed his greed, his principles simply wouldn't allow him to do something he considered so shameless.

"Well I don't agree, the plan was to make money from this and the crystal is practically worth a small city!" Scarlett was still in large disagreement and turned to Oxin along with Jagu and Jin waiting for her to say what she thought on the matter.

"I really didn't do anything at all so I don't qualify to have a vote." Oxin chose to remain neutral on the matter especially since she did the least.

"Then that makes two votes against one. It's decided Aron will get the crystal." Jin stated with a smile while Scarlett grit her teeth but made no comment.

"Out of curiosity, are you going to use it on yourself?" Jin couldn't help but ask but Aron shook his head before explaining the crystals importance.

"Right, you'll be a target after what you did and the crystal acts like a sort of immunity to them acting against you." Jin immediately saw the logic behind keeping the crystal and agreed even more to it whereas Scarlett still didn't seem all that much convinced but Aron didn't care for what anyone felt on the matter in truth.

"They are likely pursuing me as we speak, I'd prefer we confront them here and chip at their confidence even more. At least enough to stop them annoying us while we focus on finishing the Journey." Aron's suggestion caused everyone to look at him keenly as they wondered just what he had in mind.

"A trap, one whose end result we'll have them leave us be. Two teams, simple tactics, one day...." Aron began thoroughly explaining the strategy he had planned to confront their pursuers.

"That is... risky but I'm in."

"I like that plan."

Jin and Jagu where quick to agree while Scarlett still looked very upset. Aron observed this and walked over to her before whispering something into her ear which brought a greedy grin to her face.

"You know just what to say to gain my interest. Fine forget the crystal for now let's start making preparations already." Scarlett declared energetically.

"While you all do that, I have a few words to exchange with our guest on the lower floors." Aron left Scarlett's side while wearing a small smile as he walked over towards the ships entrance.

As Aron walked away, everyone's gaze turned to the grinning Scarlett but she shrugged them off.

"What? Let's start preparing already." Scarlett walked away while Jin and Jagu began heading for the platform to exit the airship. Leaving Evanora and Oxin on the deck in awkward silence.

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