King Of Limbo

33 Chapter 33
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After Aron fired his arcane gun, a quick flash could be seen followed by the sound of a bang.When the flash faded, it revealed that the creature Aron had aimed at was unharmed. It stood still and upright, only raising the arm that held the strange ceremonial urn.

Aron furrowed his brows at this and tried firing a few more shots but each one seemed to a hit a barrier just before colliding with the creatures. After this proved to be useless he simply put the arcane gun back in it's holster.

"Their defense will be a problem." Jin muttered and looked at the creature that held the bell, however the second he blinked the creature vanished into the pitch black circle from which it initially emerged before rising at a frightening speed right next to Jin as another circle appeared near him.


All three instinctively jumped a few meters back but this was futile as the creature launched the rope attached to its bell and managed to cling it to Jin's leg. It pressed it's legs against the ground before closing the distance they had created.

,m Without hesitation it launched a kick right into Jin's gut and then got ready to throw a punch but Jagu quickly intervened by launching upward and preparing to swing his blade at it.

"Arck!" Jin flinched in pain but couldn't free himself.

The creature only looked at him and didn't bother to dodge or block. What followed was Jagu successfully landing a blow, but rather than blood. Only the sound of his blade parring against the creatures extremely tough skin, producing a sound similar to that of metal colliding.

"What?" Jagu looked at it with a shocked expression as it raised leg and kicked him away like a ragdoll before turning to try and finish Jin.

In that moment is was distracted though, Aron arrived at an opening and punched it clean it's gut. Unlike Jagu, he didn't immediately act and was even willing to let Jin suffer till an opening showed itself. The blow he gave it sent the creature flying back all the way to the stone wall with such force that the entire room shook violently.

The creature however quickly stood up from this like it was nothing and bared a disfigured smile as if mocking Aron and the others.

"You two work together and deal with the one holding the bell, I'll handle the one that isn't moving" Aron instructed before his muscles grew tenser. The situation had now began to give Aron a bad feeling.

[ Limbo Strider Aspect + Full Body Augmentation ] Aron decided to use his uncapped physical strength against the creature to avoid any sudden mishaps.

After this he began confidently approaching both creatures. His eyes showed a fierce blue glow while his expression was that of annoyance. Then with a sudden burst of speed he launched himself right in front of the two and kicked the dual wielding creature by the leg causing to fall on one knee.

The other creature prepared to assist but had it's hand held by Aron who then twisted it before pulling it closer and kicking it at the right side of its face, sending it flying all the way to the other side of the room.

As he turned back to look at the creature he had brought to its knees he noticed it moving it's other leg and in that very instance, it landed a blow towards Aron's waist. Aron however didn't so much as flinch as he raised a fist and punched it right in its face with tremendous force.

Aron didn't stop at just one hit and continued to beat the creature brutally into the ground despite it not dropping a single shed of blood. Jin and Jagu who saw the sheer power he displayed over the creature motivated them to do the same as they slowly turned to the other.

When the creature behind them rang it's bell, it's entire figure vanished and appeared right in front of them and got ready to strike but it's hand was stopped by Jagu's who then looked at it with his now fierce red eyes.

[ Scolf Rage Art: Frenzy ] His breathing had began haggard and he looked very much not in his right state of mind.

[ Partial Body Augmentation: Limbs ] unlike Jagu and Aron, Jin didn't raise his physical prowess by much but still seemed fairly confident.

Jin didn't waste this opportunity Aron created and landed a clean uppercut towards the creature's odd face before landing several more blows on its chest. The second he backed away, Jagu came forth kicked it hard on the torso and sent it flying.

The creature retreated back a few steps and looked ready to advance again but then it noticed some strange markings on the spot Jin had hit it. Before it could properly react to this, Jin clasped his hands together and spoke. be𝚍nove𝚕.com

[ Yami Glyph...Invoke!" he ordered before the creature caught ablaze. It let out a loud a screech but still moved and began charging towards them again.

Meanwhile back near the stone doors, Aron was still in control of his fight. Landing hit after hit on the creature but producing no noticeable damage.

'It's slow, it's moves are predictable and it has zero strategy so then why won't it fucking fall!' He thought to himself as his wills caused his anger to rise significantly. This reflected in his blows as each one produced a violent shockwave and shook the room.

Before landing another blow, Aron took a deep breath and didn't allow himself to be controlled by the raging instincts that began to consume him because of vast amount of Luna mana he possessed.

'I've experienced this before, with Argos's golems. Even if an opponent is weak, if their equipment or defense is far greater than your attack capabilities then you'll lose...' Aron remembered when last he was this annoyed in a fight and had an idea pop into his mind.

The creature took this moment of distracted however and gripped him by his hands while reading to attack with its two other hands. Little did it know, that's what Aron wanted.

"I've got you." He muttered before launching himself up and while still being held by the creature, he managed to land a brutal kick to its face causing it to let go of everything it held before falling viciously on the ground.

As it began to stand as if nothing happened, Aron picked up it's pitch black blades and judged towards it before slashing.

Just like he had thought, once he slashed at the creature's hands, two where immediately sliced off. It let out a loud shriek but Aron didn't hesitate to slash again but this time at it's legs and tail, cutting them clean off.

"Now you wait here." He muttered in a tone that still carried annoyance as his stuck the two blades into the creature's remaining hands, pinning it to the ground.

"Jin, Jagu, move!" He ordered and almost instantly the two backed away from the creature they were facing. Not a second later a large jagged staff rushed passed them and pierced the creature violently before carrying it along and then ultimately coming to a stop when it got mounted into a wall.

Both Jagu and Jin were breathing heavily as they looked at Aron with complex gazes as he didn't have so much as a sweat on his body as he began to approach them.

"There's a room at the far end of this hall, the valuables are most likely there." Aron expressed casually as if they didn't experience a near death battle. In truth he too had numerous questions about this encounter but it was pointless to just stop because of it.

Jagu simply nodded but couldn't look Aron in the eyes as if he felt shameful from what had occurred. He currently assumed Aron was human so the sense of being outshined by one was hard to accept.

'The more he reveals about himself the more interesting he gets.' Jin thought to himself before nodding at Aron's words. "He's right, let's keep moving."

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