Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 738 – Village Chief’s Day Off(Working Hard with Zabuton and the Others)
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Chapter 738 - Village Chief’s Day Off(Working Hard with Zabuton and the Others)

There is a clothing room in the mansion.

It’s not only used to arrange clothing but also to make them.

The room was not built for that purpose but Zabuton and the spiderlings weaved clothes there.

Incidentally, the number of rooms and warehouses for storing clothes exceeded 10 last year so I stopped counting.

I wonder what is happening now.


Back to the clothing room.

In the clothing room, the spiderlings, which are around half tatami mat size, are weaving clothes.

I guess they are making new costumes for winter and for next year’s parade.

I see many of the mannequins being dressed up, taken off, and dressed up again.

Next to them are me and Zabuton as I’m being measured by Zabuton.

I don’t think my body shape has changed but apparently, there are subtle changes.

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Thus, she takes my measurements every season.

Maa, it’s not a hassle because Zabuton is very skillful.

It is no different from going here to say hello to them.


Something I like?

As usual, I want something simple.

Focus on functionality.

I don’t need to say to make it flashy because Zabuton will surely make it so.

I know.

I’ll make sure to wear something flashy when I leave the village.

When I went out to look for Count Pugyaru, I was in a hurry so I went out in plain clothes.


Create a fashion squad so that I can change clothes anytime?

I don’t think that’s necessary……what kind of squad will it be in the first place?

The spiderlings as big as you will carry tool rack and wardrobes on their backs?

No, I don’t doubt their strength so I’m sure they would be able to carry them with no problem.

In addition, spiderlings who make clothes, will accompany me in order to cope with any situation?

In any situation…? Ah, like a wedding or funeral.

Yeah, those are certainly situations.

It is also necessary to make sure that the basic colors of the host and clothes match.

You also want them to accompany me while I’m working?

No, I don’t think I’ll need to change my clothes while working.

Just taking my clothes off would require……ah, you’re going to cut off the clothes I’m wearing?

And then, you’re going to tear up the completed clothes and put them on me?

I don’t want that much trouble so I’ll just change by myself.

Anyway, that’s all the fashion squad would do, right?


There’s more?

You’re going to appoint an arachne as the captain?

Ah, it’s true, they’d be in trouble if they don’t have a leader.

After all, it’s no exaggeration to say that the dungeon teleportation gate in Big Tree Village is being guarded by a team led by an arachne.

Arachne by herself is already strong but she never lets her guard down and never fails to cooperate with the spiderlings inside the dungeon.

She doesn’t limit herself to the spiderlings and even cooperates with the lamias and titans.

At those times, the arachne is the one in command.

Well, the only one they can communicate with is the arachne after all……

At least she can take command better than I can.

That’s the arachne Arako for you.


However, I don’t remember any arachne that can take command of the fashion squad.

Ah…right, the arachnes are combat-oriented.

I have high hopes for their future growth.

The fashion squad too, will have to wait until there’s an arachne who can command them evolve…

I know.

I’ll wear the clothes that have been prepared for me.

Yeah, I’m not lying.

I’ll wear them properly.

These days, even if it is an over-the-top fancy clothes, I’ll wear it.



Did I just get used to it?

M-maa, fancy clothes are not that bad.

And Zabuton and the others did a great job making them.


I left the clothing room and headed to the next room.

In the center of the room, fist-size spiderlings were lined up on a long board.

They are on the short side of the long board, standing in a row.

Then, they attached the end of their web on the spot and moved toward the other side of the long board while stretching their webs.

The web of the fist-size spiderling formed a neat line on the long board.

Then, the fist-size spiderlings jumped up and down while still spreading their webs.

Not all of them at the same time but half of them.

Every other one.

I guess they numbered themselves from the start and divided themselves into odd and even numbers.

And a fist size spiderling moves quickly between the flying webs.

This spiderling is also spreading its web.

So, what in the world are they doing in this room?

Yeah, they are weaving.

So, after the spiderling moves back and forth between the webs a few times, it stops moving and pulls the thread to the end, which is done by another spiderling.

Brilliant teamwork.

A cloth is woven all over the long board at an amazingly fast pace.

Then, a half tatami mat size spiderling turns the long board over.

This time, it’s the reverse side.

The fist-size spiderlings, who had been standing in a row, stretch web again.

This move is repeated to weave a long piece of cloth.

Now, they are weaving the cloth with their web but sometimes, they use threads purchased from Village Five or Shashaato City.

And of course, they use the same technique.

However, during that time, the fist-size spiderlings are just holding pincushions.


Ah, I shouldn’t have been so fascinated by their work.

I came to this room to help them with weaving.

However, the weaving done in the center of the room doesn’t need my help.

What needs my help are the spiderlings who are practicing weaving in the corner of the room.

The spiderlings are generally dexterous but not without effort.

They practice a lot.

Especially when it comes to cooperating with their peers.

Good good.

You’re doing great.

Still can’t get it right?

No, you’ll get better.

You probably don’t need my help but let me help you.

Yeah, jump to the sound of each beat of the drum.

Ah, you know you can’t all jump at the same time, right?

Divide into two groups. One group will jump when I hit the middle of the drum and the other will jump when I hit the edge.

You don’t have to line up yet.


Okay, here we go.

Ton, tak, ton, tak, ton, tak, ton, tak, ton, tak……

Good work.

Now, let’s try it again but this time, you’ll line up in a row.

First group jumping after a ton, the alternate group jumping after a tak…

Yeah, jump without minding your surroundings.

Alright, go on.

I practiced weaving with the spiderlings.


Mountain elves.

You do realize that no one should bring a loom here, right?

It’s not about the new features or anything like that.

Look at the spiderlings who are working hard. If you bring something like that here, what will happen to them?

Yeah, I’m glad you understand.

Bring that loom to the Goroun Company.



Zabuton and the spiderlings can’t infinitely produce web.

If they are not properly nourished, they will not be able to produce strong web.

All right, all right.

I know what you want.

I’ll steam potatoes.

Ah, and let’s bake some potatoes too.

Raw potatoes are good too.

Some of the spiderlings, who usually make clothes while nibbling on potatoes, will rest and eat if I’m around. 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝐧𝗼𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

Since that is the case, I have to prepare something good for them.

Shall I cook boiled potatoes too?

As expected, it will be hard for me to cook all of those alone so I asked the oni maids’ help.

Let’s make a lot.

If I cook, the spiderlings who are not here will probably come too.

Not only the spiderlings but the kuros might also come.

「Village Chief」

An oni maid called out to me and moved her gaze to the side.

I followed her gaze and saw…my children.

Apparently, today’s study time is over.

Zabuton, can I let the kids join in?

Zabuton made a “they’re welcome” pose.


Thank you.

Let’s make a lot of food.

Excuse me, mountain elves, could you get more potatoes from the kitchen?

I’m afraid we don’t have enough here.

Yeah, no problem.

You’ve been included in the count since the start.

Bringing the loom here is kind of a mess but you guys are doing a great job.

I won’t leave you out.

No need to praise me, just get them.

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