Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 38 - I Want Sake
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Chapter 38 – I Want Sake

I thought about the wyvern’s meat at the banquet.

I want sake.


What is the raw material for sake?

Sake came from rice.

Wine from grapes.



But how do you make sake…? I read about it in a manga and watch something related to it on TV.

However, the problem is, I don’t have aspergillus.

Can I plant that using the AFT?

I need to research about it.

Maybe making wine would be easier.

Making wine is simple.

You just have to mash grapes then ferment it.


However, if the grapes are not suited for wine making, it will be useless.

Presently, the grapes we harvest are sweet and tasty like the one sold in supermarkets.

But can I use it for wine making…?

There should be a variety of grape that is used for wine making.

I prayed to god that the grapes on the farm can be used for making wine.


That moment, I realized that I would not be able to get wine immediately.

Let’s just give up on that.

TN: He’s giving up on drinking wine immediately not in making wine.

After that, I made a vineyard for wine.


It is important to put my spirit to it.

I expanded the new field area to the east doubling its size.

It became an eight by eight fields.

That is a 32 field vineyard dedicated for wine.

I’m supposed to have been calmed down but I got irritated again remembering the wyvern’s attack.


Anyway, I should have planted the grapes in the fruit area.

I wonder why I planted them in the new farm area.

I return to my usual work.

First of all, I tried planting additional type of seasonings that I thought of in one of the first fields I made near my house since it is empty.

Because I don’t think I need much of them, I only planted several pieces each.

But I want a lot of olives so I’ll plant them in the fruit area.

Since the fruit area has become crowded, I expanded it to the north side.

The fruit area’s size is now four by eight fields.

Speaking of the fruit area, the bees that the spiderlings looking after…..

Are growing up well. Moreover, there have been several hives already.

New hives were built in four places. With the request of Zabuton’s spiderlings, I made them to be wind and rain proof.

By the way, I waw be able to secure some honey from the first hive.

The amount is about a can of juice, 350ml.

I have put it in a stone jar that I carved but looking at it, I thought that I want a glass bottle.

I wonder if I can make one.

……it’s not good to be greedy.

Let’s just do things we can do steadily.

The honey was well received by everyone and it is now less than half in no time.

It is pretty popular.

Let’s use what is left for cooking next time.

The high elf Rarasha had excellent skill.

She seems to be able to make a barrel for water.

I follow her instructions in making the barrel parts.

I mainly cut down and process woods.

Rarasha is the one who assembled and adjusted the parts I made.

She seems to have been making barrels for the last 200 years and the first barrel she made here doesn’t leak anywhere.

Water barrels are expected to be useful in many ways, so we made it in large quantities.

The top priority is for making wine.

To ferment grapes, barrel is necessary.

We’ve done our best.

Meanwhile, when I was cooking the dish she requested, the others started participating.

They did not succeed in making one in their first try but after several failures, they became skillful in it.

They are more dexterous than me.

Though none of them can compete against Rarasha, their barrel making skill progressed.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I’ll make one once I can make one.

By the way, the dish she requested of me is nabe.

Because we don’t have katsuboshi, it is impossible to make dashi. I just boiled a small quantity of meat and throw a large quantity of vegetables as nabe.

For me, this nabe is so disappointing but it was well-received by everyone.

Because we don’t have katsuboshi, I increased the amount of seasoning to make it tasty.

Ah, I also haven’t raised a yuzu yet….

The previous world was blessed.

I’m still on the research phase with regards to mushrooms so I was not able to put a shiitake on the dashi.


TN: Manga chapter 19𝐛𝗲𝐝𝗻𝗼𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗻𝐞𝘁

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