Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 28 - High Elf
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Chapter 28 – High Elf

「I’m Ria. 」

「I’m Ris. 」

「I’m Riri. 」

「I’m Rif. 」

「I’m Rikoto. 」

「I’m Rize. 」

「I’m Rita. 」

Ria, Ris, Riri, Rif, Rikoto, Rize, and Rita.

All of these women, who introduced themselves, are all of the same race with long ears.

「Elf? 」

「We’re high elves….but we don’t mind if you call us elves. 」

I don’t really know the difference.

「Tier-san recommended us to come here. Please, let us live here. 」

「eh to… 」

When I looked at Tier, she placed her hands on my shoulders and looked straight at my face.

「I will explain their tragic past. 」

The high elf women had lived in a village north of here. About 200 years ago, they got involved in a war involving humans and their village was destroyed.

Because of that, their race scattered and began wandering to find a place they can reside.

「We’ve been living while moving in the forest for a long time. 」

「If we can’t find a place to settle down, we won’t be able to increase our population. 」

「Please, I beg of you. 」

The seven of them lower their head.

It seems like the custom of lowering their heads is something they don’t know but Tier taught them in advance as a way of asking favor.

I have never experienced something like this before. Seven women lowering their head before me makes me feel a bit shy.

「They can also be considered as manpower so please. 」

「I also think that it’s a good idea. I heard that high elves are smart and they look good too. Also, you are still young, right? 」

Tier strongly pushes the idea and Loo approves it too.

「I’m the oldest. I am a little over 400.」

「I’m the youngest. I am around 300.」

Ria is the oldest and Rita seems to be the youngest but I don’t understand their standard.

Every one of them looks like university students. Some might even think they’re high school students.

All of these elves are beautiful. Or are their race is like that?

Anyway…they are looking for a place to settle down….

To be honest, I’m glad with the increase in manpower.

「There are various races cohabitating here, I don’t mind as long as you don’t start a fight.」

Therefore, I gave my permission.

「Thank you very much.」

「I’ll do my best.」

「Please take care of me.」

Voices of joy came out from the seven women.

The seven of them fainted upon seeing Zabuton. Then, fainted again when they saw the kuros.

This is the first time I saw someone fainting after seeing the kuros.


I wonder if they are not good with dogs.

Afterward, a shed was built to secure the residence of the seven.

I decided to make a big one where the seven of them could live in and not per individual.

It’s a big shed so I guess it’s a cottage.

Let’s just call it a house.

As expected of a house that can accommodate 7 people, it can’t be completed in one day.

I’ll just have Ria’s group to sleep on tents for now.

The cottage construction site is located in the south of the reservoir and west of the new field as requested by them.

That will be southwest from my residence.

They have requested to construct it there but it’s a little far away.


The size southwest area is similar to a four by four field and they requested it to be built in the center.

They might feel lonely because there is nothing in the surrounding….

Well, let’s just hope they won’t since they are the one who requested it. Let’s start the construction as planned.

After that, I also made log fence and dug moat surrounding the southwest area.

There is a moat that is in contact with the new field….I’ll leave it for now.

Defenses for places where people live in should be firm.

After that, we decided the location of the well and the toilet and constructed it.

Thinking about the future development, we also made a basement and a dump site.

I can turn all garbage into fertilizers using the AFT but they can’t do it.

That’s why they need a dump site.

The digging and cutting of trees are my jobs and the seven of them are the ones processing the woods for construction. 𝚋edn𝚘𝚟el.co𝚖

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Compared to me, they are more powerful and more skillful.

I watch them processing the woods especially their method of uniting them.

I feel like I’ll obstruct their job if I help them so I leave it to them.

I dug holes, compact the ground, and gather wood according to their instructions.

After 10 days, a fine log house was completed.

Furthermore, it is an above the ground floor type.

And two floors.


I’m slightly jealous.

But I learned.

The method of their construction.


It might be a good idea for me to make a new house.

The log house is a horizontal rectangular type.

Upon entering, you’ll be in the large hall and dining area at once.

It seems like a place where everyone can work or eat.

There is an enclosure at the center of the room where one can lit fire.

Is this hearth on the ground?

It looks like it.

There are doors on the left and right side of the hall. If it were me I’ll make them into kitchen and bath but they made it into warehouses.

There are also stairs on the left and right side of the hall towards the second floor.

On the second floor, the rooms are on top of the warehouses and there is only one corridor that connects the left and right part.

Because of that, the hall feels very open.

The doors on the second floor are lined up at a regular interval.

Each one is a private room.

Each room is a slender type. Inside is a bed, a cabinet, and a small desk and chair.

All of them are made by me.

Thanks to AFT.

They are more dexterous than me but they can’t be faster than me since I have the AFT.

Maa, if they don’t like my works, they probably make one for themselves.

There are four rooms on each side so a total of eight.

It seems that one room is vacant.

With the futons, cushions, and curtains made by Zabuton and her spiderlings, I’m sure they won’t have a problem sleeping.

Un, that’s good.

It seems that they have been accustomed to the life here by the time the log house was completed.

They were especially impressed with the taste of the crops in the field.

Their favorites are pumpkin, radish, eggplant and for some reason, garlic.

Visually, I want them to stop eating garlics like snacks.

They also sometimes go hunting with the kuros with bows in their hands.

Since the kuros don’t seem to dislike their company, they are probably quite skilled.

With Zabuton and her spiderlings, they can be relieved regarding clothing.

「Please, tell me if there is any problem.」

「I understand, village chief.」

By the way, they call me “village chief”.

I resisted but it was futile.

At first, they called me “King” then “feudal lord-sama” so I guess it’s a good improvement.

It took me a hard time to remove the “sama” from “village chief-sama”.

The next night after the completion of the log house, Ria and the others flock to my bed.

「Wh-what are you doing?」

To my question, they answered me as if everything was happening as it’s supposed to be.


「For the sake of our race, thank you.」

「Tier-san said that if we settle here, we’ll receive good seeds…I’ll do my best.」

I asked Loo and Tier for help but it was in vain.

They knew it.

So that’s the reason why the built the house in the middle of the southwest area.

Propagating the future, the population will increase because of breeding.

I resisted but it was in vain.

Go on, abuse the weak me.


The female camp discussed the rotation.

They didn’t ask me for anything.

Consoling me, who’s sitting in a triangular manner, is Kuroni and Iris pup, Masayuki.


AN: Each field is about 50 X 50 meters in size. The river is five kilometers to the west.

TN: Light novel and manga version of southwest area is below. Web novel version of southwest area is smaller. Just like what is written in this chapter, it is only about 4 X 4 fields in size.

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