I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Chapter 711: Lonely Text Message
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Chapter 711: Lonely Text Message

I may not have been clear previously, but the bed I used in the living room bed was not a bedroom bed, but a sofa bed. It was originally part of the sofa the class leader and Gong CaiCai was sitting on. It was Dr. Yu who removed it from the sofa set in order to lie down and watch pornography.

Now, Gong CaiCai was lying on the carpet because of watching porn, fortunately the class leader quickly applied first aid and brought Gong CaiCai back to life using artificial respiration. 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝒏𝙤𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒄𝙤𝒎

After Gong CaiCai finally woke up, she actually thought she was dreaming earlier. She muttered to herself and said than compared to being married to a terrible man, it would be better to be married to the class leader in the future.

It was a Qixi confession! It was already the second time the class leader has been confessed to by a girl, and Winnie was next to her trying to conduct an “interview”.

“Excuse me, class leader, will you accept Cai Cai’s confession?” Winnie used an empty can as a microphone and stuck it out in front of the class leader, “What are you going to do with your ex-girlfriend Zhuang Ni? Will you still insist on a monogamy? Who will be the main wife between Zhuang Ni and Cai Cai?”

I think since Zhuang Ni was also the “top”, which is the side that plays the husband, you should be asking if it’s going to be a polyandry instead of a monogamy. Gong CaiCai is obviously going to be shared by two “husbands”.

“Cai Cai will be with me tonight.”

In a world where all men are extinct after an apocalyptic catastrophe, the class leader, who was carrying a shotgun, and Zhuang Ni, who was holding a utility knife, began to argue at the entrance of the cave.

“Nonsense, I just accompanied you last night, so tonight it’s my turn.” Zhuang Ni refused to budge.

“It was agreed that she would be with me on odd-numbered days, and with you on even-numbered days. Yesterday was the 31st, today the 1st, the reason why she will accompany me two days in a row is because of the rules.”

“Civilization has already been destroyed, so don’t talk to me about rules.” Zhuang Ni said, “I’ll even push you down too.”

“Please, please don’t fight over me…” Gong CaiCai sat behind a fire deep in the cave, her feet covered with a beast skin blanket that the class leader and Zhuang Ni had hunted together to ward off the long and cold nuclear winter.

“This, this blanket is warmed by the fire.” Gong CaiCai grabbed the edge of the blanket and said, “The three of us can lie down together and remember the old school days… the times when we weren’t forced to eat rabbits because we were hungry…”

Ever since the apocalypse, after experiencing a series of events, Gong CaiCai’s eyes seem to have broken down.

“Forget it, I’ll let you have Cai Cai tonight.” The class leader sighed, while taking off the shotgun from her back, “Recently, the activities of mutants are becoming more and more rampant, I’ll keep watch at night so we won’t be eaten by mutants.”

Zhuang Ni smiled mischievously and sat closer to the class leader by the cave entrance, “Have you heard, some people say that men have not become extinct. It’s because of their extra Y chromosome, so the radiation mutated them into monsters, so mutants are all originally men.”

“So what?” The class leader’s expression remained unchanged, “Since you have always accused men of being evil creatures, so you should be satisfied.”

“Hmph, I just wanted to remind you in case one of the mutants that come to attack tonight looks like the former Ye Lin, you can’t be lenient. Make sure to shoot them in the head, otherwise Cai Cai will become their food.”

“Why would I be lenient.” The class leader’s face had a trace of sadness, “It’s because of him that the world had a nuclear war….”

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?

I think I’m daydreaming way too much. It’s supposed to be a lesbian film, but why does it contain so many complex science fiction settings, and why was I the one who caused a nuclear war…?

“Dr. Yu, you came just in time, Ye Lin is brain dead.”

When I stopped daydreaming, Winnie was pointing at me and said to Dr.Yu, who came because he heard the sound of porn.

“Well… his expression is a little strange.” Dr. Yu poked his head in through the half-open door of the room, tugging at the stubble on his chin, pretending to look at me, “He probably watched too much porn, so he can’t concentrate, which results in him being absent-minded…”

Who watches too much porn, I think you’re the one who watches too much porn! How cunning to blame me for watching porn in my room. Even if I tell the truth now, everyone will think I’m just trying to shift the blame and pin it on a good person.

“Huh.” Dr. Yu, with the intuition of a doctor, thought there wasn’t any major problems with me, but he saw Gong CaiCai lying on the carpet, with a red face and short breath, with signs of having just been resuscitated.

Dr. Yu pushed the Google multimedia glasses on his left eye, “What’s up with this little girl.”

As expected of someone who’s not a lolicon. He only saw Gong CaiCai small stature and baby face, so he ignored her disproportionately large breasts and called her a “little girl”.

“She got a bit scared.” The class leader replied, then used her eyes to stop Winnie from saying “scared by porn”, so that Gong CaiCai, who had just selectively forgotten, would not recall the horrific images.

Dr. Yu thought for a moment and knew it was probably the porn that scared her, so he asked Winnie and the class leader to help him take Gong CaiCai to the infirmary for observation.

“Can Ye Lin’s brain still be saved?” As she was about to leave room 103, Winnie glanced back toward me and asked Dr. Yu.

“The infirmary is over there, Winnie, you’ve been there before.” Dr. Yu pointed in the direction of the infirmary, then came back to look at me sitting on the sofa bed.

Since Gong CaiCai was not dressed properly (missing the second button), I did not follow along to the infirmary so that the class leader would not think I was a pervert.

Dr. Yu looked at my left temple and then at my right temple, then patted my shoulder with a sad face and said in a sober tone.

“Ye Lin, your mind always wander off, I’m afraid that the toxicity of the butterfly has already reached your brain. Please accept your fate, what are your last wishes, and what kind of porn have you not seen enough of…”

Hey, you just said you were confident you could cure me a few days ago, why are you now saying I’m at death’s door, you can’t play with people like this, I…

I panicked and the toxins attacked my heart. I quickly calmed myself down and grabbed my chest to eliminate the effects of the rapid heart rate.

Seeing me clutch my chest, Dr. Yu nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, it looks like the toxicity is still lingering around your heart and has not metastasized yet.”

“Congratulations.” Dr. Yu changed patted my shoulder and gave a triumphant smiled as if I had already been cured, “Ye Lin, I’m at least sure that the problems in your brain have nothing to do with the butterfly…”

I won’t believe what you say anymore. There’s nothing wrong with my brain, I just have an active imagination. It’s all your fault, I haven’t had a heart attack in days.

After a brief consultation, Gong CaiCai was declared to be not seriously ill, and Dr. Yu sent Gong CaiCai off with only two mint candies.

“The green one improves immunity and the blue one improves concentration.”

After saying the above to Gong CaiCai in an extremely irresponsible manner, Gong CaiCai thankfully took the pills that were actually mint candies.

As Dr. Yu often said, “Giving candy that has no medicinal effects to patients and telling them it’s a panacea can sometimes have an incredible placebo effect and boost their own bodies’ immunity.”

The class leader was well aware but did not say anything, but it was Winnie who impatiently pleaded with Dr. Yu: “Can you prescribe some of the little blue pills for me too? The teacher always said I lacked concentration, so I think I can be cured with this medicine.”

I don’t know if Winnie’s concentration issue can be cured, but I know she will always be easily deceived for the rest of her life.

Also, Dr. Yu, why did you have to make it a small blue pill. If it was heard by others, they will think that the small blue pill Winnie wants is Viagra, and that she has impotence!

If Winnie eats Viagra, will it be just as effective because she’s a tomboy? Will she try to push me down again? I have heart problems now, so I can’t resist it. Is this how I will be humiliated by Winnie?

The morning rain came and went quickly. The rain had stopped for some time, so the class leader decided to take Gong CaiCai home. One was because we can avoid her from falling ill because of the rain and being scared. Two was because Gong CaiCai had just accidentally confessed and it would be awkward to stay together.

Dr. Yu had a lot of hospital gowns, so he found a hospital gown and used scissors to cut off the long sleeves and pants, then it became a good fit for Gong CaiCai.

By wearing the hospital gown outside the pajamas, she had at least one more layer of clothing to withstand the cool breeze after the rain and not expose Gong CaiCai because of the missing button.

Finally, Dr. Yu told 004 to drive Gong CaiCai and the class leader back home one after another. Winnie stayed in the VIP building with me to eat the French chef’s lunch and dinner before reluctantly going home for the night.

Of course, when Ai Mi returned from filming, Winnie confessed to Ai Mi that she had brought the class leader and Gong CaiCai to avoid the rain and had taken it upon herself to let Gong CaiCai wear Ai Mi’s pajamas.

“It’s a trivial matter.” Ai Mi did not blame Winnie, “Although Katyusha doesn’t have good intentions for the manservant, but since you have been watching her and did not give her an opportunity to hurt my manservant and my dog, I will let it go.”

“Miss Ai Mi is really magnanimous.” Winnie hurriedly kissed up to Ai Mi.

“Hmph, good thing you only gave my pajamas to the big breasted girl. If you gave my pajamas to Katyusha, I might have been angry.”

Sister, please stop joking, how can the class leader fit into your clothes? Even Gong CaiCai almost could not because the chest area was too tight and she was almost strangled to death.

Ai Mi seemed to be tired from filming today and did not talk to me too much, so she ate some dinner and fell asleep in her bedroom.

Ai Mi, after all, was an American and had no concept of Qixi Festival, so she did not understand that today was the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

At 23:20 at night, I lay in bed and tossed and turned, but was unable to fall asleep.

Xiao Qin, who once even commemorated the 46th consecutive day of dating, could not have forgotten that today was Qixi.

She came yesterday to do her summer homework with me, but she didn’t even call me today.

For some reason, I feel a bit lonely…

So I lay in bed and sent a text message to Xiao Qin.

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