I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Chapter 37 – Classroom Draf
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I wavered.

Although I’m already 14 years old this year, and have long since disliked robot toys.

But brother Optimus Prime is a part of my childhood memories.

I really want to get it back.

However, Ren XiaoQin, as a girl, is a very cunning creature.

Don’t look at her red eyes now, looking at me with a hopeful look, like a harmless white rabbit.

But if the big bad wolf relaxes his vigilance and turns his back to it, the little white rabbit will jump up and reveal a savage three-foot-long fang.

Then with one bite, the big bad wolf will collapse in a pool of blood.

An unknown, miserable death.

“I’m not going! It won’t work even if you use brother Optimus Prime to tempt me! You also said that when I accompanied you to the subway station, and what happened then? Didn’t I get tricked by you? This time...you might try to use some other tricks to prevaricate me!”

“But, but this time is different from last time!”

Xiao Qin defended herself helter-skelter.

“Last, last time Ye Lin classmate only sent me to the subway and did not enter my home, so I completely forgot about brother Optimus Prime! This time, this time... If I break my promise again, won’t I be stripped naked by the furious Ye Lin classmate!”

Who wants to take off your clothes! If I had to strip a girl naked to save brother Optimus Prime, I’m sure brother Optimus Prime himself won’t be happy either! Also, what if someone hears you because you’re speaking so loud!

I subconsciously glanced at the class leader’s seat.

Unexpectedly, the class leader was laying on her desk and napping.

That’s a rare sight, didn’t you get enough sleep last night? Don’t tell me you had a terrible nightmare because you were chased by me?

5 minutes after the class bell rang, that old man Zhang who teaches language class arrived late.

No one dared to speak after he entered the room.

The first half of the class was very difficult. I don’t know what the hell happened to old man Zhang today, he just called out students by their student numbers randomly and grilled them.

Both Loud Mouth and number one loyal dog glasses bro were called on, fortunately he didn’t call me.

When we got to the second half of the class, old man Zhang wandered into the corridor and took a phone call and never came back.

The representative of the class told us to transcribe the text and said that there would be a random inspection next class.

I guess that old man Zhang won’t be coming back this class.

The classmates’ nervous hearts were all relieved.

Whispering while copying the texts.

I glanced at the class leader again and found that she was was unbearably sleepy. As soon as she heard self-study, she couldn’t help but lay down on the desk.

The head of the class officials taking the lead in destroying classroom discipline, she’s consciously breaking the law! I really want to smack the table and shout “Shu Sha, get up”!

However, Shu Sha has never done anything similar before. I am afraid that she really didn’t sleep well last night if she’s sleeping in self-study class.

Thinking that it was partially my responsibility that she didn’t slept well, I didn’t slap the table and stand up.

Most of the students were copying the text, especially those girls who always listened to the teacher.

Generally, these kind of obedient girls have better handwriting. 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗼𝗿𝐠

I suddenly realized that this was a godsend.

I stood up from my seat silently, walked to the middle of the aisle and patrolled back and forth with my hands behind my back.

The students who saw me doing this were shocked.

I was like a teacher or class representative.

The representative of the language class was a very thin, pale boy. I heard that he also wrote the poems of plum blossoms and submitted them to the campus radio station.

Seeing that I suddenly acted on his behalf, he was angry but was too afraid to speak out and copied the text with his head lowered, pretending he couldn’t see me.

When I just got up, Xiao Qin seemed to ask me something, but I held my ears and pretended that I didn’t hear.

As long as the class leader is asleep, no one will dare speak out at me.

The number one loyal dog glasses bro has been wary of my behavior. The reason why he does not say anything, may be because this is the scope of the representative of the language class and he does not want to overstep his boundaries.

Anyways, I just patrolled back and forth, it definitely can’t be considered as a bad influence in the class.

I am just observing which girl had better handwriting.

When I passed by Loud Mouth and Little Smarty, I also glanced at their checkered books.

“Hey, hey, Ye Lin, why aren’t you accompanying Xiao Qin, what are you coming here for?”

Loud Mouth wasn’t scared of me at all.

Little Smart did not speak, she had her head lowered and was writing earnestly.

But I know that Little Smart isn’t an innocent girl. She once sent an instant message to the campus radio station called “Friendship on the Court”, which was about a friendly competition between the basketball team and a visiting school.

The problem is that Little Smart described the relationship between Captain Guo SongTao and Shen Shao, a handsome young man, in a very ambiguous way.

She wrote their usual behavior of passing the ball as if they were flirting with each other.

After the radio station read this story, things were awkward between Brother Tao and Shen ShaoYi for several weeks. When the girls were watching them practice, the two players did not pass the ball to each other and instead passed it to me.

I looked at Little Smart’s handwriting.

It was excessively neat and it was written especially thin, like her. Is this the so-called “thin gold body”?

Looking at Loud Mouth’s characters, round and plump, as expected of words written by someone who is big in both heart and body.

“Nothing much, just wandering.”

Because the class leader was nearby, I lowered my voice and answered Loud Mouth.

As expected, lets go to the class committee members.

Gong CaiCai is well known in the class for having good handwriting.

When the fountain pen contest was held in first year, the whole class’s works were hung on the back wall. Next to my hideous mess, Gong Caicai’s works were dazzling like a blossoming peony.

Every time there is a blackboard news, the literary and art committee members ask Gong CaiCai to help write it.

Gong CaiCai sits in the first row, close to the classroom lectern.

Sitting in this position, you can’t do anything else but study. As expected of a study committee member.

I had a whim and wanted to know how the teachers feel in class.

So I strode over to the lectern, placed my hands on the lectern and looked down at the common people below.

It really is damn clear! You can clearly see what everyone is doing! Even the class leader who’s sleeping in the last row can’t escape the teacher’s eyes!

The way I talk to Xiao Qin everyday must have already been seen by the teachers.

It’s just that all the teachers are all too scared to control me. Especially the teacher in charge of our class.

With your hands on the lectern, you can clearly see whatever Gong CaiCai is doing.

Gong CaiCai is a well known beauty in our class. It is said that even the guys that sit next to her are well-known.

Moreover, according to the investigation of the big loss Cao JingShen, Gong Caicai is the girl with the largest chest in 28 Middle and even the third year school flower can’t compare.

In fact, even if Cao JingShen didn’t tell me that, I can definitely tell.

Standing on the platform, I felt that Gong CaiCai’s chest was exaggeratedly big.

Since you don’t sleep in class, if you ever sleep in class, you can even use that chest as a pillow!

I just recalled, when the history teacher taught our class for the first time, He didn’t even last 5 minutes before getting a nosebleed for some reason.

Was it because he was standing so close to Gong CaiCai’s large breasts that he got excited!

You damn old pervert! You’re already 40 years old and with a wife! And you’re getting a nosebleed over a middle school girl!

Later, when the history teacher was in class, he always avoided standing on the platform. If he had nothing to do, he would patrol around the room.

He’s probably afraid of getting a nosebleed again and getting punished by his wife to prostrate and wash clothes after he returns home.

I’m not as useless as my history teacher, I still have serious business to do.

Although Gong CaiCai is rich, beautiful, and has a big chest. It doesn’t seem like she’s difficult to get along with.

By the way, in addition to being a study committee member, she also serves as the activity committee member and is responsible for managing the class fund.

In first year, someone stole the class’ money, but Gong CaiCai did not say anything and replaced it with her own money.

Later on the thief was caught and the truth was revealed.

In general, Gong CaiCai is a very outstanding girl in all aspects, but rather introverted.

She noticed that I was staring at her from the lectern, so her writing hand trembled and she lowered her head even more.

This girl gets nervous way too easily, it’s not like I’m coming over to eat you.

“Hey, I say, study committee member, you really have a good writing hand!” (ED: It sounds a bit weird, but the joke wouldn’t work if I edited it)

I propped my elbows on the lectern and tried to talk with her amiably.

Gong CaiCai trembled, as if she was caught cheating on an exam by a proctor.

She looked around out of the corner of her eyes. The language class representative pretended he didn’t see anything and his eyes were misty as if he was traveling through a fantastical land.

She then looked right out of the corner of her eyes. The class leader Shu Sha was like the sun coming out from the west and she was even sleeping on the desk.

Realizing that no one would come to help her, Gong CaiCai could only answer me while trembling:

“Thank you, thank you, my, my hand, it’s okay.”

Eh? I’m praising your writing not your hand!

But I guess that’s not wrong, since words are written by the hand.

It is true that Gong CaiCai’s hand is pretty good looking, white as jade, like it was carved out of ivory.

I’ve heard something similar in the bathroom before. There are boys in other classes who want to hold Gong CaiCai’s hand to an obsessive degree.

I should quickly finish my serious business, Ren Xiao Qin and number one loyal dog glasses bro are both staring at me from the last row.

I think you should take a look at 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮

The main reason why Xiao Qin is not saying anything is probably because the density of boys in the classroom is too high.

Since she has androphobia, if I’m not by her side, her fears would intensify.

As for the number one loyal dog bro, he pushed his glasses up and made a pose like Clark Kent ready to become superman at any time.

I decided to get to the point quickly:

“Study committee member, I have something I want to discuss with you —— can you lend me your hand?”

Gong CaiCai opened her mouth wide, turning red and white and the pen had completely stopped.

Seeing the situation turn sour, I quickly added:

“Don’t misunderstand, not for free! I’ll pay you!”

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