I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Chapter 35 – Exposed in Public
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Every time I use Berserker mode, I can’t help but want to urinate.

Speaking of that, there’s also a villain in “Fist of the North Star”, who wants to urinate every time he kills someone.

Am I slightly perverted?

But, my bladder is already bursting and there are no public washrooms nearby.

I considered solving the problem in the torrential waters of DaNing River.

I suddenly recalled a verse of a poem that my dad often recited, there seemed to be such a paragraph: “I live at the head of the river, you live at the tail. I think about you every day and share a drink of the river.”

I might have remembered it wrong, But the meaning should be there.

If there’s someone drinking this river water, isn’t it unethical if I take a piss in here?

I might as well just resolve it on the spot and pee against the bridge pier!

If I faced the pier, I can also add some fertilizer to the mushrooms, flowers, and plants below me.

I kicked the unconscious ringleader to the side —— don’t block me from relieving myself!

Even if I dislike someone, I won’t deliberately pee on them.

There won’t be any lower limit to that.

The school’s sport uniform doesn’t have a zipper, so I might as well drop my pants a bit.

Eh? It’s not coming out.

My bladder is clearly already uncomfortable from holding it in.

The reason why I couldn’t piss is because I had a physiological reaction.

I really am a pervert.

I’ve heard that some men will have a physiological reaction when they fight.

Especially when they win.

Thinking about it carefully, it’s probably because in the animal world, the main reason males fight is to compete for mating rights with females.

That’s why I had a physiological reaction as the victor.

Even if there are no females around, I can’t fight the biological laws that have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

Sure enough, Berserker mode is something that’ll make me more beast-like.

It’s best if I don’t use it too much in the future, lest my intelligence becoming lower and lower.

Ah, it finally came out!

So relaxing, so comfortable, my life was worth it.

Eh? My faucet seemed to be discharging quite a bit of water today.

The sound of the water was concealed by the torrential water of DaNing River, it wasn’t very noticeable.

It’s best if no one sees me, I feel like I’m a thief.

I don’t often relieve myself wherever I feel like, so I feel quite apologetic in my heart.

If there was a washroom within 500 meters of the vicinity, I wouldn’t do this even if you killed me.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a bicycle coming closer.

At the same time, the bright light of a flashlight hit me from behind.

Is it... is it a patrolling policeman?

Or is it the ruffian’s helpers?

I didn’t have time to think about it. I jerked back without pulling up my pants because the water column from the faucet was still creating an arc in the sky.

No matter who you are, it’s not right to scare me while I’m taking a piss!

Fortunately, this person did not come within my range, but remained sitting on their bicycle, holding the handlebar in one hand and holding a flashlight in the other hand and was looking at me from a distance.

I squinted my eyes to adjust to the light from the flashlight.

This person is wearing our school’s uniform.

They have long black hair, it’s long to the point where I’m worried that it’ll get entangled into the bicycle wheel.

The face appeared slightly pale in the moonlight.

The eyes were shining like a sniper.

Isn’t this class leader Shu Sha?

Why did you come here! I didn’t know you lived nearby! Are you still not letting go! Just because I pretended to have a toothache, have you been following me on a bicycle! Why are you so vengeful!

Also, stop staring at my faucet!

If you like to look at it, go home and look at your little brother’s!

Although I really wanted to put it away, the water in my bladder hasn’t been drained yet!

And whats with your reaction? Why aren’t you acting like other girls, covering your face and yelling “Mommy, there’s a pervert”. Why are you instead frowning with your eyes open and staring at it like you’re investigating a fossil?

Look away! I have no scientific research value!

It’s over, I exposed my lower body in front of a female classmate. This is already a very serious perverted act.

If Shu Sha tells people about this, I wont be able to meet anyone anymore. Even my dad won’t forgive me.

But... class leader, why aren’t you trying to change your line of sight!

Is it because I saw a PS image of you in the nude, so you have to look at mine as well!

Asshole, if you’re not embarrassed, why should I be embarrassed!

Don’t think I’m scared of you!

Thinking of this, I scoffed and continued to release water. After I finished, I even brazenly shook my faucet twice.

The class leader had an expression as if she just saw the most repulsive thing in the world.

Tsk, don’t look at it if it’s unsightly!

I pulled up my pants and wasn’t as nervous as I was earlier.

The class leader didn’t talk to me. Instead, she shone her flashlight and illuminated the few people lying under my feet.

What? Are you looking for someone? Is there someone you know within these ruffians? Seeing with how serious you are at school, denouncing people for breaking the rules, but in the end you hang out with these criminal types?

Could it be that your boyfriend was one of the ones that I knocked out?

The class leader looked around with her flashlight, but didn’t seem to find the person she was looking for.

She finally asked me: “Ye Lin, why did you fight with these people?”

Her tone was cold and serious, as if she was my guardian.

I really wanted to say that I was imitating Lei Feng and standing up to do the right thing, but when I saw that the class leader’s face was full of suspicion, I knew that it was pointless to tell her the truth.

“He He He, no reason! I was just walking by and they looked at me wrong.”

I replied with a nasty laugh, the berserker mode hasn’t completely faded yet. I can imagine how scary my expression and tone was.

“You beat them up to this extent just because they looked at you wrong!?”

The class leader had a grieving tone.

I nodded my head to give her a confirmation.

“You... you’re crazy violent!”

“Ha ha ha, well said! I am indeed a violent man! Whoever dares to look at me casually, will be knocked out in the best case. If I am in a bad mood, I will kill his entire family!”


The squad leader was too angry to speak.

“You...what? Hey? Class leader, you’ve already looked at me so many times for so long! Aren’t you afraid that I will take you...”

As I said that, I stepped forward and made a posture to catch her.

The class leader stepped on the bicycle and left.

Her reaction is quite fast.

She was riding very fast, so her long hair was floating up behind her.

In order to quickly get out of my evil clutches, she bent her body while riding and accidentally revealed her white skin under her sportswear.

Seeing the class leader’s posture as if she was running for her life, I smiled smugly.

I couldn’t help but run forward, deliberately making loud stomping noises and shouted:

“I’m catching up!”

The class leader quivered and almost fell off her bicycle seat.

She finally calmed down and threw the flashlight into her basket to use as a headlight and rode away.

The only female on the scene slipped away.

I should go home too. 𝚋edn𝚘𝚟el.co𝚖

Dad always urged me not to fight with others, something about Sun Tzu has a saying: Killing one thousand enemies harms oneself eight hundred.

To be honest, my arm kind of hurts.

I might have a bruise.

It would’ve been nice if I had Wolverine’s claws.

If I had weapons like brass knuckles or batons, I wouldn’t have to hurt my hand every time.

But when Little Tyrant used to bully me, he never used such things.

So I always hoped to defeat him with my bare hands.

I want to fight him fair and square again!

Looking at the five groaning rubbish laying on the ground, I was so sad that I almost cried.

I took a shower after I got home.

Dad seems to have ordered the latest “Global Science” magazine, and was sitting at the table and reading it.

I quietly removed my dirty clothes, slipped into the bathroom and came out after I took a shower. He didn’t move at all and didn’t even notice that I was in a fight.

“Global Science” is a world-famous popular science magazine. More than 100 Nobel laureates have written for them, it was formerly known as Scientific American.

Scientific my ass! Look at Ai Mi, how is she scientific? I still have to buy a bible tomorrow and find someone to copy it!

“Right, Dad, do we have a bible? It’s that thing that’s really unscientific.”

I suddenly thought of asking my dad who had a lot of books.

“Yes, we do.”

Dad raised his eyes from the magazine and looked at me curiously.

“What’s wrong Xiao Lin, did you start investigating religion as well?”

“No, I’m not interested in religion, I just suddenly had a need for it —— can you let me borrow it for a while?”

“The Old Testament or the New Testament? It’s not the two-in-one version.”

“The Old Testament is fine.”

Ai Mi distinctly said that I only need the Old Testament.

“Why not the New Testament?” Dad frowned. “God in the Old Testament is a bit overbearing and unreasonable!”

“Eh? Is the God in the New Testament reasonable?”

“It’s better than the Old Testament... If you only read the Old Testament, you’ll never be able to come to like the God in it no matter what you do.”

Dad seems to have mentioned it before. You have to do whatever the God in the Old Testament says. If he tells you to kill your son as a sacrifice, you have to kill. In order to test whether you are loyal or not, he’ll make you let your wife and children die, he was a terrible parent.

It feels like that the reason Ai Mi’s mother is making her copy the Old Testament is to hint her regarding things like this.

Hinting at Ai Mi: Nothing good will come out of disobeying me.

Thinking of her own daughter as her own private assets, and treats herself as a God.

I inexplicably began to hate Ai Mi’s mother.

Really, other people’s mothers have nothing to do with me.

It turned out that the Old Testament of the Bible was a traditional version. Ai Mi’s practice plan requires her to copy five pages from a simplified Chinese bible and five pages from a traditional Chinese Bible.

I still have to buy a simplified version of the Bible tomorrow.

“Xiao Lin, don’t you recognize traditional Chinese characters?”

Dad was puzzled when he heard that I have to go buy a simplified version.

Yeah, I can read traditional Chinese characters, it was because when I was young I read a lot of Hong Kong cartoons in the bookstore. But if I want to write simplified characters while reading traditional characters, I can easily forget how to write some of the words.

I don’t know about other people, but it’s best to buy a simplified Old Testament just in case.

I don’t know if the bookstore near the school sells bibles outside of the study materials they sell.

I’ll try going tomorrow at noon.

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