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Chapter 4: If We Fight, We’ll Definitely Lose

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Taking advantage of this awkward situation, Rosen and Kyle looked at each other. Their eyes were filled with shock.

How did the owner of this small tavern know that the Lolan Empire was going to start a war with the Bora Kingdom? The news had not spread yet, and they were still discussing it with the ministers.

Although the Bora Kingdom was not as big as the Lolan Empire, it could still be considered as a competing kingdom. However, due to certain reasons, the Bora Kingdom had split into two factions. One was King Noel’s faction, and the other was Prince Taylor’s faction.

Although they had split, King Noel’s faction was much stronger than Prince Taylor’s.

Furthermore, there was quite a bit of animosity between the two factions. However, because the Lolan Empire was on good terms with Prince Taylor, King Noel dared not to easily attack Prince Taylor’s territory.

Right now, it was only a small matter. There was not much conflict when King Noel took some things from Taylor’s side. However, just a few days ago, Prince Taylor of the Bora Kingdom secretly sent people to Lolan to seek help from Kyle. This was because the prince had intentions of wanting to destroy King Noel.

In response to this matter, the Ministry of War, Allen, immediately requested to send troops to attack the Bora Kingdom and take back the land of Bora to the Lolan Empire.

In fact, Kyle had already made this decision long ago and was ready to launch his group of military men according to what Allen had said.

However, this matter had been absolutely hidden. Prince Taylor was worried that King Noel would discover it, so the emissary he sent had come all the way to the empire in secret. Right now, other than Kyle and a few important ministers, no one knew about it at all.

Kyle believed that Rosen and the others would not dare leak such an important matter to the owner of an ordinary tiny tavern, would they?

If that was not the case… then did Lorne analyze it based on his ability?

The two of them tried to forcefully suppress the shock in their hearts. After seeing Lorne bring a new wine glass over, they immediately spoke once again.

“Boss, how did you know that the Bora Kingdom is going to war with the Lolan Empire? Can you tell me in further detail?

“I mean, as a merchant, I’d be really worried.”

Lorne handed the wine glass to Rosen as he started his explanation.

“The Bora Kingdom and the Lolan Empire always had a long-standing feud. We’re not of the same place, so our goals would always be different! Ever since Lolan established the empire, the feud between us and them has always existed.

“In addition to the things that happened a few years ago, being it such a great humiliation, I believe that the wise and mighty King Kyle will never forget it. So, as long as there was a window of opportunity, he will certainly send troops to attack the Bora Kingdom.

“Now that this opportunity is being placed right in front of him, I believe that King Kyle will not let it go.”

A strange light flashed in Kyle’s eyes.

“I wonder, what’s this so-called opportunity?”

“King Noel and Prince Taylor of Bora. These two have always had a grudge against each other.”

Lorne started to get excited. In addition, he thought that the two ordinary merchants were probably just listening to a fun tale story, so he did not try to hide his excitement at all. 𝙗𝒆𝙙𝒏𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙡.𝙣𝙚𝒕

“Noel and Taylor, between the both of them, they’ll have a feud that won’t end until one of them dies. I think it’s about to explode soon too. Do you think that Taylor, who wants to be on good terms with the Lolan Empire, would not ask the king for help?

“This is the opportunity that King Kyle has been waiting for! That’s why I said that a war is about to break out.”



The sound of someone swallowing saliva could be heard. Kyle and Rosen looked at each other. Both of them were so shocked by Lorne’s words that their scalps went numb.

Was this guy an ordinary tiny tavern owner?

Although it was just a brief description, the cause and effect were exactly the same as they had planned.

Could he be a mythical sage that everyone talked about?! Even if he did not leave his tavern, he would know everything about the world?!

Right as the two of them were still in shock, Lorne spoke up again.

“Although, rest assured that the two of you won’t have to worry about anything. There’s a high probability that this war will not start.”

The moment these words were spoken, it instantly woke the both of them up from their shock.

“Isn’t this the opportunity that the king has been waiting for? Why won’t it start? Please tell us the reason, boss.”

“It’s very simple. It’s fine if we don’t fight, but as long as we fight, we’ll definitely lose!” Lorne said calmly.


In an instant, Kyle and Rosen turned pale with fright!

If they fought, they would definitely lose?!

How was this possible!

Kyle immediately spoke up, “Why do you think that we’ll definitely lose? Under the command of King Kyle, our Lolan Empire’s national strength would be immeasurable, and we also have a great general, Brady. How could we possibly lose to the Bora Kingdom!?”

Lorne shook his head slightly and immediately drank the wine in his cup.

“If I tell you all about it today, you must swear not spread it out.”

Lorne stood up as he spoke.

“The feud between Taylor and Noel has been going on for a long time. Why does it have to happen now when things are bad?”

Lorne’s tone of voice rose and fell, causing Kyle and Rosen to be affected by Lorne’s every move.

“It’s all because of the incessant snow in the north and the freezing weather that caused Noel to suffer a loss in his huge storage of food. That’s why Noe wanted to get some benefits from Taylor.

“And Taylor really couldn’t stand it anymore, so he sent people to our great Lolan Empire to seek help.

“However, once King Kyle doesn’t investigate the situation of the heavy snow and cold weather in the north and rashly sends out an army, he would definitely suffer heavy losses. Therefore, this battle would definitely be lost!”

Hearing this, Rosen finally could not help but stand up and say, “Boss, the north is tens of millions of miles away from here. How would you know if you’ve never gone out?”

Lorne smiled faintly.

“Not only do I know that the snow in the north is incessant, but I also know that the east of the Lolan Empire is suffering from a drought. Not a single blade of grass can grow for thousands of miles.

“There are quite a number of villages in the east of the river. Now that there’s a drought, do you think that this war can still be fought?”



This time, it was Kyle’s wine glass that fell to the ground.

“There’s... There’s a great drought in the Eastern region of the river. Not a single blade of grass can grow for thousands of miles? This...”

He was the king. This news was too shocking for him. His mood could not help turn 180 degrees and drop to the lowest depths of the ocean.

Lorne looked at Kyle somewhat speechlessly.

“I say, what’s wrong with the two of you? Aren’t you just listening to some tell-tale stories? Is there a need to be so excited? Great, now another glass is gone.”

At this moment, Kyle’s expression became extremely serious.

“It’s just a glass cup. I’ll compensate you tenfold.

“But, boss, is what you said about the great drought true?”

Lorne scratched his head.

“It shouldn’t be wrong, but you’d better treat this story with a pinch of salt. After all, talking about the politics of the state is not the best idea.”

Kyle nodded, but it was hard for him to calm down. Although he had some doubts, he wondered, what if it was all true?

The population of the Eastern region of the river was quite large. If there really was a drought, then the entire empire’s focus had to shift to this. The war with the Bora Kingdom should be put aside were it to be true.

Knowing this, he now did not have the mood to continue eating and drinking. He took out a money bag filled with coins.

“Boss, the wine today is not bad. I even broke two of your glasses. This will be my payment for today’s wine.

“I have to send someone to check on the situation in the Eastern region. I will come to your place to drink when I have time next time.”

A quick look at 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝑚 will leave y𝑜u more fulfilled.

Lorne nodded and replied with a smile, “Take care, you two. Don’t worry too much. Our dear king is so wise. I’m sure that he would consider matters as small as this, would he not?”

He happily put the money bag into his pocket and started to clean the tavern up as the two left.

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