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Chapter 14: The Dumbstruck Allen!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Kyle had experienced it before, knowing that Lorne used mutton and rice to deduce the miraculous events of the snowstorm and drought, but once again, he was at a loss for words. With just one or two sentences from the vegetable seller, he had deduced that the king and his officials were preparing to build a temporary palace. This still left Kyle extremely shocked. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝑚

It was especially more so for Allen, who had come to this tavern for the first time

‘What the f*ck! He could even deduce things like this?’ Allen thought in his head.

Observing the details and seeing the big picture through the tiniest details was the strength of a strategist like Allen. However, he knew that he himself would not be capable of deducing something like this.

What kind of a genius would have this mind? It was as if a small matter was at the center, and this genius connected it to endless scenarios.

Such a person could only be called a monster!

Allen finally understood why the king enjoyed leaving the palace secretly every few days during the past month or so. It turns out that there was such an intelligent sage that resided in this tiny tavern. Even Allen would happily come here every day to chat with the owner.

The king and his Minister of War sat rooted in their respective seats as their minds filled with chaotic thoughts.

Lorne looked at the two of them with some anticipation, hoping for a desired reaction. After a long while, Lorne grumbled with some dissatisfaction, “Hey, Charles, Warren, say something… I’ve told you the reason and the whole story. I’m just waiting for you to say something, and we’ll start this profitable business.”

Once Lorne spoke up, only then did Kyle and Lorne get out of their dazed state. After suppressing the surprise and shock towards Lorne, Kyle smiled at Lorne.

“Boss, I may not be able to venture into this business of yours.”

Lorne was a little surprised.

“What’s wrong, Charles? Do you still not believe me, or are you saying that you don’t like this business?”

Kyle quickly waved his hand. As the King of Lolan, he had only come out of the palace to experience the livelihood of the people. His main purpose was only to visit Lorne today.

His main business was still to deal with government affairs. There were so many memorials every day, and so many documents that were sent over by the decision-maker officials behind closed doors. He was too busy reviewing and giving opinions to be able to meddle in small businesses like these.

Even if he succeeded, he would not make much money. There was really no need for that, so he naturally had to reject Lorne. Of course, he could not directly say that he did not care about this small business. That would appear to be too arrogant and would break his disguise as a merchant.

Therefore, after thinking for a short while in his mind, he patted his chest and said to Lorne, “Boss, your words are too harsh. The relationship between the two of us is extraordinary, trust me. I believe you and trust you. Besides, it’s not the first time I’ve seen your ability. You said that King Kyle wanted to cultivate the palace, so I’ll believe your facts.”

Lorne nodded with some satisfaction.

A hint of apology immediately appeared on Kyle’s face.

“But, right now, I really can’t spare large amounts of money to stock up on high-quality wood and stone materials.

“I’m afraid to break the news to you that we’re all in the medicinal herbs business. We travel between the center of the kingdom and other places at a fixed time.

“I just bought all kinds of medicinal herbs in large quantities a few days ago. At this moment, all my money is on the goods. I really can’t spare any more money in a short period of time. So even though I know this is a profitable business, I can’t do anything about it.”

Lorne looked disappointed. He knew that in the medicinal business, there were always more goods than money.

This made his plan to earn a small profit go down the drain. However, since he could not partake in this business, Lorne gave up on this idea. Anyway, hoarding wood and stone would just provide a small amount of money, so it would not matter to him. Moreover, there would definitely be a lot more opportunities that would be in store for him.

Therefore, Lorne filled Kyle and Allen’s glasses with more wine. Then, he waved his hand elegantly and said, “Forget it. Since there’s no fixed rate with this business, I can’t force it. When I find a way to make a fortune in the future, I will look for you guys again to discuss it.”

Kyle cupped his hands and then asked with a smile, “Boss, although I don’t have money now to make this deal, someone else could make a fortune out of it.

“If I miss the opportunity and can’t do it, why don’t you find someone else to do it? With your analysis, there are countless people in Lolan City who would be willing to work with you.”

Lorne rolled his eyes and immediately pretended to be profound as he spoke, “I have my reasons.”

Kyle spread his hands and signaled Lorne to continue.

“First of all, we’re close. Just by looking at your behavior and words over the past month, I know that you are a trustworthy person. I can’t trust anyone else, and I don’t have the time to understand them. Only you, old friend, would I place my trust in.”

Kyle suddenly felt energized, and was somewhat delighted by what Lorne said. With his status as the Lolan King, others could only obey his orders and treat him as if he was a God. How could they dare to say whether they trusted him or not?

However, for some reason, when Lorne said this, Kyle felt flattered. It seemed that it was a great honor to be regarded as the only person that Lorne could trust. Knowing this, Kyle immediately raised his glass. “Come on then boss, let me toast you. Your words have hit the nail on the head. I, Charles, shall put my trust in you too!”

Kyle and Lorne immediately drank up the wine in their glasses. The atmosphere was quite lively.

This made Allen, who sat beside him, dumbfounded.

Was His Majesty the King… really this much of a laid-back person?

He had been by Kyle’s side for many years, and this was the first time he had seen Kyle’s reaction towards something like this. It seemed that the young man in front of him really suited the king’s taste.

After the two put down their wine glasses, Lorne continued speaking.

“There’s another reason too. I see that you look like a man of great wealth and nobility. You look very blessed, and your achievements in the future will definitely not be low! So I say, Charles, you’re destined to be a man of great wealth and fortune in your life, with endless happiness.

“Were I to cooperate with you, I know that it will definitely not go wrong.”

Of course, Lorne was just talking nonsense here. He actually did not know anything. However, most people enjoy hearing good things about themselves, do they not?

He said that Charles contained a life of great wealth and prosperity. As a businessman, he could not deny it himself. Who in the right mind would not want to make a lot of money in the business world!

However, what Lorne said felt different when Kyle heard it.


This tavern boss also knew how to tempt Fate. He was absolutely right!

He was the King of Lolan after all and the whole world was at his fingertips. He has always been noble and rich all his life too!

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