I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 119 - 119: Is This What It’s Like to be a Soldier?
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Chapter 119: Is This What It’s Like to be a Soldier?

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The system’s voice sounded in Qin Yuan’s mind.

“System side mission triggered. Train the disobedient recruits into submission. Reward: 50000 skill points.”

This reward was not bad. Back then, he had only been rewarded with 5000 skill points for taming the soldiers of the logistics company. Now, the number of skill points for taming new recruits had increased tenfold. When Qin Yuan thought of this, he could not help but smile.

It seemed that he could gain more skill points by leading new recruits.

Qin Yuan quickly asked the system,

“Why are there so many skill points this time? It’s many times more than when I led the logistics company.”

“Host, the soldiers of the logistics company that you brought with you before were all veterans. Although they have been promoted, the extent of their promotion was not large enough. These new recruits were still novices before yesterday. They know very little about the military camp, so they have a lot of room for improvement.”

“In other words, the more they improve, the more skill points I get.” Qin Yuan interrupted before the system could finish.

“Yes, host. Moreover, you will receive skill points for any improvement in everyone’s military quality and thinking.”

Qin Yuan quickly opened his attribute panel to take a look.

[Host: Qin Yuan]

[Position: Iron Fist Regiment Logistics Company Commander and Recruit

Company Commander]

[Military Rank: Captain]

[Physique: 68]

[Skills: Intermediate Eagle Eye (2000 meters), Intermediate radar warning system (500 meters), Advanced special combat technique. (10 times the physical fitness of an ordinary person.) Advanced computer programming. Intermediate Climbing Skill, Intermediate Camouflage Skill, Firearm Equipment Proficiency, and Advanced Weapon and Equipment Operation Skill]

[Skill Points:1855840.]

Looking at the 50000 skill points he had obtained during his morning exercise, Qin Yuan was very satisfied. After all, this was the first time the system had been so generous.

Qin Yuan had already thought it through.

Once he had enough 2,000,000 skill points, he would go and exchange for the Compendium of Materia Medica. He believed that this skill would be very useful for the future training of the soldiers and their physical recovery ability.

It would be even better if he could cure the Fourth Company Commander’s illness.

Thinking about it, if he could conquer those difficult and miscellaneous diseases in this world, that would be amazing…

Thinking of this, Qin Yuan could not wait to train the recruits.

After breakfast, on the field in front of the barracks.

“This morning, our training subject is formation training, which includes several contents such as ‘stand at ease’, ‘stand at attention’, ‘halt and turn’, ‘marching’, ‘running’, etc. The only training content for this morning is standing at attention.”

The squad leader announced the training content and shouted,

“He Chenguang, step forward.”

“I’ll start from the foot to the head. The heels of the feet are close together, and the soles of the feet are separated to the sides at an angle of 60 degrees. The knees are pressed back, the buttocks are tightly pressed forward, and the arms are naturally drooped. The five fingers are close together, and the middle finger is tightly pressed against the trousers. The chest is puffed out, the abdomen is sucked in, the head is raised, the chin is retracted, and the eyes are looking straight ahead. The body is slightly tilted forward.”

The squad leader said as he gestured to He Chenguang.

As he was from a military family, He Chenguang’s military posture was very standard.

In the military, standing at attention also requires physical effort. The whole body has to be tensed up, and to be honest, standing at attention is not much easier than running five kilometers for the same amount of time.

The key is that you cannot move while standing at attention.

Therefore, during the military posture training in the army, the veterans would usually say, “Squad leader, if you want me to stand in military posture, why don’t you just let me run five kilometers?”

After the squad leader finished explaining the posture, he instructed each platoon leader to lead their platoon and conduct two hours of independent military posture training.

The morning sun was always round and rose from the east, bringing light to people and vitality to all living things.

However, what it brought to the soldiers was torture.

The squad leader led a squad of soldiers to the side of the field and stood in a row facing the sun.

The squad leader made them look straight at the sun.

It was fine at first, but as time passed, it became more and more dazzling.

Many soldiers were already crying from the stimulation of the sunlight.

During this time, the squad leader stood behind the soldiers.

From time to time, the squad leader would tap on a soldier’s knee. If the knee bends too much, it means the knee is not exerting enough force and the soldier will be punished with 100 push-ups.

Alternatively, the squad leader would use his fingers to tap on a soldier’s buttocks. If it feels soft, it means the buttocks are not exerting enough force and the soldier will be punished with 100 push-ups.

Another test is to grab a soldier’s hand and pull it away. If the hand can be easily pulled away, it means the arms are not exerting enough force and the soldier will be punished with 100 push-ups.

In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed. The clothes of all the recruits present were soaked in sweat.

“Everyone, rest for 15 minutes, go to the toilet, drink some water, and then continue with the military posture training.”

The squad leader blew his whistle and shouted to everyone.

All the soldiers in the company instantly collapsed to the ground. Those who needed to rest rested, and those who needed to drink water drank.

It was resting time.

“Chenguang, is this what it’s like to be a soldier? This is the most basic stance. I’m exhausted. How do you think I’ll survive these two years?” Li Erniu panted heavily as he spoke to He Chenguang.

“Erniu, this is the simplest. Believe me, our days will get worse.”

He Chenguang was very familiar with the content of the recruit training.

He also understood a little about Qin Yuan.

He had grown up in the same compound. Before he came to the Iron Fist

Regiment, he understood that this company commander had a very good way of leading troops. In just three months, he had turned the worst logisticians in the Iron Fist Regiment into the strongest company in the entire regiment. Moreover, he had made military achievements during the exercise. This was not something that could be achieved by simple ordinary training.

He was already prepared.

The other warriors were also gossiping.

Most of them said that they knew it was tough to be a soldier, but they did not expect the first basic subject of formal training, military posture, to be so tough.

The squad leader listened attentively.

Fifteen minutes passed quickly. The squad leader blew the whistle and gathered.

The recruits suspected that there was something wrong with the squad leader’s watch. When did fifteen minutes become so short?

“Comrades, military posture is the first lesson of a soldier. It can be said that he is the mother of all military movements. At the same time, military posture also contains a deep meaning.”

The squad leader explained to everyone, then said,

“Head straight, neck straight, is to tell everyone to straighten their attitude as a person, and determine their own ideals and path.”

“Raising our heads and sticking out our chests is to tell everyone that as a soldier, we have to stick out our chests. There is nothing that we can’t face.”

“Pressing your knees back is to tell everyone that a soldier’s feet can’t be soft.

You have to be confident and not give in to any difficulties.”

“I’m sure everyone understands after my explanation. Next, it’s time for each platoon to continue training until dinner.”

At this moment, the first platoon was led to the curb by the squad leader.

He let the first platoon stand on the curb with their forefeet and their heels hanging in the air as they continued their military posture training for two hours.

They were not standing on flat ground.

Many recruits couldn’t accept the fact that half of their feet were suspended in the air.

The troops trained their military postures by leaning forward and focusing their center of gravity on the front foot. This training could quickly allow the recruits to grasp the essentials of the movements and achieve the goal of quick success.

There was no choice. Qin Yuan only gave the squad leader half a day’s time, but this made the recruits suffer.

The recruits either fell forward or backward. Although it was only 20 centimeters high and it didn’t hurt to fall.

However, they had to do 100 push-ups every time they fell.

Soon, the recruits did not practice much in their military postures, but they practiced quite a lot in their push-ups.

He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing stood quite well, but they fell down twice each. They did 200 push-ups each. The soldiers were having a hard time. 𝒃𝙚𝒅𝒏𝙤𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝒐𝙢

But time passed quickly.

There were still five minutes before dinner.


A whistle sounded.

“Everyone, assemble.” The squad leader shouted.

The recruits immediately relaxed. Most of the recruits let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly ran over to the squad leader. The recruits wailed. It was finally over and they could eat..

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