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Chapter 115: Qin Yuan Is A Little Unusual Today(

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

In the commander’s room.

At this moment, Qin Yuan was sitting at the table.

Qin Yuan took a look at the physical fitness of each of the recruits in this batch and recorded them in the system.

This batch of recruits was outstanding, especially He Chenguang and Wang Yanbing.

He Chenguang. [Physique: 28 (10 for a normal person)]

Wang Yanbing. [Physique: 24 (10 for a normal person)]

These two brats had such a physique when they just entered the army. As expected, the local TV series did not lie to me.

The knock on the door interrupted Qin Yuan’s thoughts.

“He Chenguang? Come in.” He knew that the person outside the door was He Chenguang through the radar warning system.

He Chenguang pushed open the door and saw Qin Yuan sitting at the table looking at him. He closed the door and walked over.

“Company commander, the squad leader said you were looking for me?”

“Come, Chenguang, sit down first.” Qin Yuan pointed at a chair at the side and said softly.

This company commander looks quite friendly. Why do those soldiers say that our new company commander is a ruthless person! He looked much gentler than the instructor and the squad leader.

He Chenguang quickly sat down. “It’s your first day in the army. Are you used to it?”

Qin Yuan asked with concern.

“Commander, I’m used to it.” He Chenguang sat up straight and replied.

“There’s no need to be so formal in private. Once we enter the army, we’re all brothers.”

Qin Yuan handed He Chenguang tea.

“I called you here to apologize to you and then discuss something. It’s actually a mission. I don’t know if you’re confident in completing it.”

“Apologize?” He Chenguang asked doubtfully. “Mission? Commander, just say it.”

“Yes, I apologize to you. Today, in the square in front of the auditorium, in order to give you recruits a lesson and educate them, I mentioned your father. I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me.” Qin Yuan said solemnly.

He Chenguang waved his hand and said, “Commander, it’s okay. My father has always been my benchmark. I’ve always been proud of him. I’m very proud that you mentioned him today. I also want to be like my father.”

“Your father used to be a soldier in our Iron Fist Regiment. He has outstanding achievements in all aspects, especially in shooting skills. He is one of the best in our entire military region. He is a very outstanding person. It is not an exaggeration to call him the Soldier King. He has always been the benchmark for all the soldiers in our Iron Fist Regiment.” Qin Yuan asked expectantly.

“I can definitely do it.” He Chenguang was full of confidence.

Qin Yuan looked at He Chenguang with admiration.

“You were a boxing champion before you joined the army. Your physical fitness and all other physical qualities are very good. You grew up in the quad and your thinking and style are very upright. You have all the characteristics of an excellent soldier.”

“But you’re very proud. This isn’t a weakness. I hope you can use this personality well. Be the vanguard, fight for the first place, do everything I arrange well, and be a good role model for all the soldiers.”

“I promise to complete the mission.” He Chenguang had a determined look on his face.

“Okay, I believe you. Do your best and call Wang Yanbing over.”

Qin Yuan looked at He Chenguang’s back as he left and could not help but think.

He Chenguang is indeed a good soldier. Now that he has met me, I will turn him into a soldier king, a super soldier, an invincible soldier who can take on a hundred soldiers alone.

Who did not like good soldiers, let alone Qin Yuan who had transmigrated? He knew He Chenguang too well and liked him too much.

“Commander, you were looking for me?”

Pushing open the half-closed door, Wang Yanbing looked at Qin Yuan and asked.

“Come in. Remember to greet next time.” Qin Yuan said expressionlessly. 𝙗𝙚𝒅𝒏𝒐𝒗𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝒐𝒎

“Yes.” Wang Yanbing coughed lightly.

Seeing that Wang Yanbing was still a little unconvinced, Qin Yuan immediately asked,

“Wang Yanbing, why did you join the army?”

“In order to prove my strength, I just want to be the strongest. I heard that there are many strong people in the army, so I came.” Wang Yanbing said confidently.

This kid was really arrogant and did not know his limits.

“What do you think about the squad leader’s training this afternoon?”

“Sir, I’m not satisfied.

“Oh, why?”

“I think I’m stronger than him.”

“Is that so? In what way?”

Wang Yanbing was speechless and did not know how to answer.

“Then do you respect those who are stronger than you?”

“I… I do.” Wang Yanbing answered after thinking for a long time.

“Alright, starting tomorrow, I’ll personally organize the training. I’ll let you see what a strong person is.”

Wang Yanbing was a troublesome soldier, and he was also a rare good soldier. Qin Yuan knew that dealing with such a soldier was like cutting a chaotic horse with a swift knife. He had to make Wang Yanbing completely convinced in an instant and change his mind as soon as possible.

Then, he found Zhang Dajun.

This kid was still so fat two months ago. Looking at him today, he had lost quite a bit of weight. His previous three chins were gone, and he had become a double chin. His stomach was also a little flat. He must have put in a lot of effort to enter the army.

As expected, the charm of a beautiful woman was limitless.

To be able to make Fatty Zhang, who had been strong since he was young, grow fat, did not like sports, and was idle, decide to join the army.

Therefore, sexual relationships were quite motivating for some people.

“Boss, you’re too amazing. You’re already a company commander at such a young age. Why didn’t you tell me before? You look so handsome today!”

Zhang Dajun pushed open the door and walked towards Qin Yuan, looking at him with admiration.

Qin Yuan raised his foot and kicked Zhang Dajun to the door.

“Ask for permission then come back in.” Qin Yuan said seriously.

What was going on with Boss? Zhang Dajun thought.

“Ask for permission then come in again. Didn’t you hear me?” Qin Yuan glared at Zhang Dajun and said.

“Sir. ”

“Come over and stand properly.” Fatty Zhang walked over.

“Why did you join the army?”

“Sir, in order to become as outstanding as the company commander.”

“Very good. You are my brother. Now that you have come to me, you can’t be worse than anyone else. Also, in all situations, you must address me as Company Commander, understand?”


Qin Yuan wanted Zhang Dajun to understand that even though the two of then had been brothers since they were young, he was no different from other soldiers in the army. Therefore, he had to correct him on this point. He hoped that from this moment on, he would understand that Qin Yuan would not take care of him just because he was a brother.

Just like that, Qin Yuan had simple communication with all the recruits. After all, they had just entered the army, he wanted them to understand the lifestylf of the army.

Before turning off the lights, Qin Yuan washed up and prepared to rest. “Company Commander Qin, I think there’s something wrong with you.’ Gong Jian pushed open Qin Yuan’s door and walked in. He asked,

“Have you changed your personality? It’s not like you.. Don’t you usually train and train again the moment you arrive? Why did you talk to all the recruits today?”

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