I Stack Attributes in the Apocalypse

Chapter 126 - 126: Mother Tree: Give It to Me!
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Chapter 126: Mother Tree: Give It to Me! 𝑏𝑒π˜₯π‘›π‘œπ˜·π‘’π‘™.π˜°π‘Ÿπ‘”

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Multi β€œlevel marketing was an old thing.

Even a homebody like Lu Ming could easily describe the MLM tactics -Trying to deceive Lu Ming with such tricks was obviously wishful thinking.

The Mother Tree was not surprised by the situation.

It was a test to begin with.

It wanted to test Lu Ming’s reaction.

In its impression, there seemed to be something wrong with Lu Ming… When dealing with an abnormal powerhouse, it would have to use all kinds of crooked methods. Who knew if some moves that did not work on normal people might work on lunatics?

At this moment, the negotiation between the two parties had collapsed.

There was nothing more to say!

Lu Ming, in order to secure a peaceful future life, had no choice but to fight.

On the other hand, the Mother Tree was determined to obtain Lu Ming’s genetic samples and the energy contained within his body, and it would not give up until it achieved its goal.

There was no deep-seated grudge between them.

However, their positions on the ecosystem chain determined the strength of these two strongest creatures in Nanxiang City. They had no choice but to distinguish between their superiority and inferiority!

In the next second, Lu Ming exerted strength on his feet and charged like a wild bull towards the main body of the Blood Flesh Mother Tree in the distance.

At the same time, from the fungus carpet under Lu Ming s feet, a large number of Mother Tree roots broke out of the ground and swept towards Lu Ming like a storm!

Lu Ming had thought that the Blood Flesh Mother Tree relied solely on the human-headed monsters it had created.

However, in their initial clash, he discovered that the real strength of the Blood Flesh Mother Tree lay in its towering main body!

Those branches were like sabers and swords, sharp and powerful. There were dense barbs on them, which emitted a faint red light probably poisonous.

In any case, Lu Ming did not dare to test it with his body, to see how lethal this thing was.

The battle sword in his hand shuttled like a butterfly, and the sword qi splattered from the blade.

The lethality of the sword qi was very strong.

It had a significant effect when cutting through the Mother Tree’s root system.

However, Lu Ming could keenly perceive that the defensive ability of the Mother Tree Root system was even stronger than that of the level 5 Gris human-headed monster. This indirectly accelerated Lu Ming’s physical consumption.

And there were too many roots…

Looking down from the sky, at this moment, Lu Ming seemed to be trapped in a dense reed marsh higher than a person.

His entire body was completely submerged in the dense tangle of roots. Only the faintly visible sword qi and the undulating roots could reveal his presence.

In the past, a thousand-meter distance was nothing to Lu Ming. He could cross it with a few big jumps.

However, under the obstruction of the Mother Tree, the thousand-meter distance today gave Lu Ming the feeling of an endless road.

Until an even stronger and larger sword beam flashed through the roots.

Lu Ming cut through the layer of roots above his head.

He forcefully pushed off with both legs, and his entire body shot up into the sky like a rocket.

In midair, Lu Ming treaded on nothingness, moving through the air. The dense roots under his feet chased after him, but the sense of oppression was much weaker than when he was on the ground.



A series of air-piercing sounds rang out as Lu Ming treaded on the air, and quickly teleported towards the Mother Tree’s main body!

Three steps.

It was only three steps!

Lu Ming had already arrived at the foot of the Mother Tree!

“Well, as expected…’1

The human heads on the Mother Tree looked at Lu Ming below and said in unison.

As Lu Ming was the strongest individual in Nanxiang City, the Blood Flesh Mother Tree did not expect to rely on its roots to prevent him from reaching its main body.

But it didn’t matter…

Under the gaze of all the human-headed creatures, Lu Ming suddenly drew his sword and swung it!

An even stronger and fiercer sword qi splashed out from the blade and slashed straight at the trunk of the Mother Tree!

There was a ripping sound.

The battle sword simply slashed into the tree trunk. Sword qi erupted from within the tree trunk, instantly blasting a three-person-wide huge hole in the tree trunk!


Another strike!

It was hard to describe the speed at which Lu Ming swung his sword at this moment.

He was like a pile driver, continuously unleashing sword beams that struck the tree trunk of the Mother Tree. Soon, he smashed a huge pit ten meters deep in the tree trunk.


“Does it work?”

The heads on the Mother Tree spoke in unison again and asked.

Then, one could see a red substrate squirming swiftly in the deep pit that had just been smashed out. In a few breaths, it had healed most of the damage to the Mother Tree.

Lu Ming frowned.

However, he continued to strike.

On the other hand, the Mother Tree chuckled.

“Don’t waste your effort…

To be honest, my form is rather special. Other than creating monsters, the only attack method I have are those roots.”

To put it bluntly, the main body of the Blood Flesh Mother Tree only had one attack method entangling with its roots.

It was indeed powerful, but also very monotonous.

“I agree with one of your ideas, which is: a sense of security.

All living beings need a sense of security.

My body’s mobility is especially slow, so I focused most of my energy on defense and self-healing.”

The defensive ability of the Blood Flesh Mother Tree’s main body was very outstanding.

The defensive capability of its trunk was even stronger than that of its roots. The roots’ defensive power was stronger than that of a Level 5 creature. It was evident that the trunk’s defensive ability was even stronger.

Just its defensive power alone was not enough.

The Blood Flesh Mother Tree s self-healing ability was even more superb!

Reminiscing about the time when Chang Yi first emerged, he came to find trouble with the Blood Flesh Mother Tree at that time, the Mother Tree was still ignorant and had no intelligence, and its ability was much weaker than now.

Even so, it had withstood Chang Yi’s relentless bombardment for a whole hour… and it did so effortlessly.

This was what they called investing heavily in immortality because of the fear of death.

He slashed 888 times again.

Lu Ming panted heavily and frowned at his results.

There was no effect.

The thick blade marks on the tree trunk had perfectly healed without leaving any scars in the time Lu Ming took to catch his breath. Its regenerative ability was comparable to that of Gris’s human-headed monster!

“So, what moves do you have? Show me again!”

The Mother Tree chuckled as if it was mocking him.

Then, it said again in a teasing tone, “Oh, oh, oh, your superpower increases your strength through training. You don’t have a long-range offensive superpower! Could the sword qi be your strongest attack? No way, noway.” “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Then you really can’t do anything to me…”

Lu Ming indeed did not have any methods to counter such strong regenerative ability.

In the past, Lu Ming would continuously torture and kill such opponents until their energy was exhausted.

He really only had this one method….

And if he wanted to exhaust the Mother Tree’s reserve energy,

Judging from the size of the Blood Flesh Mother Tree, it seemed like an impossible task.

Not to mention…

“Mr. Lu Ming, you’re sweating.” The Mother Tree’s voice suddenly rang in Lu Ming’s ears, causing him to be slightly stunned.

Wiping his forehead, Lu Ming realized that he was already sweating profusely.

Some of the sweat even dripped down Lu Ming’s face, drenching his clothes and the red matrix fungus blanket under his feet.

The heads on the Mother Tree suddenly burst into laughter in unison.

“I’ve already collected your genetic samples!

Lu Ming! You’re finished!

So, bring it on!”

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