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Chapter 253

Until two discordant roses become an ensemble (1)

―One year before Francia and Renag crossed over to Earth.

"I don't think this is right."

Currently, I was standing in front of the table, frowning with my chin clenched.

I could feel my guardian deity Whistle and Pudding, who had been taken out, secretly watching me.

I continued to stare at the table, not paying attention to the little animals.

But there was nothing on the table I was looking at. What I was worried about was not on the table, but actually on my body.

"I don't think this is right……."

Currently, I have a long one-piece dress that falls to my size on my body.

I turned round and round. The skirt hem, which came down to my ankles, gently brushed my calves and swayed.

"What's wrong, Iana?"

Ricdorian sat on the chair on the other side of the table and tilted his head.

His eyes were full of questions.

"It suits you well."

It was. The white and purple one-piece suit was not only appropriate for going out, but also matched well with me.

"There is nothing that doesn't suit me, Ricdorian."

"It is."

…… It was a joke, but I paused for a moment when I saw him respond quickly.

"Rian, at times like this, weren't you supposed to give my overconfidence a hard time?

"But it is true." 𝘣𝘦𝑑𝘯𝘰𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑛𝘦𝘵

"If you keep praising me like that, my confidence skyrockets."

I shook my head indifferently. Ricdorian smiled brightly.

Then he suddenly leaned his head lazily on the post of the chair and pursed his lips.

"I don't want to lie, Iana. And…… you just called me by my nickname."

I looked carefully at my dress and looked up.

"Do you still like it that much?"

His eyes were deeply curved as if they were about to close.


I clicked my tongue inwardly. If I knew he would like it this much, I would have used it years ago, no, since I was in that world.

It's already been 6 years since I stayed here. It was by chance, three years ago, that I started calling my partner by a nickname

The name 'Ricdorian' was a name that was not often used abroad. As a result, when I called his name, it felt attention-grabbing.

Without that, he has a striking appearance, so I just used the end of the name as a last resort…….

'I didn't expect him to like it this much.'

Come to think of it, even in the other world, it seemed that long names were shortened in their own way.

Mostly between friends, family and relatives.

I inadvertently recalled that Jaire was called Jer by his parents in the past, and I think I did a good job of making Ricdorian's nickname.

Rather than liking the name itself, Ricdorian seemed to be happy that I came up with a name that only I could call.


My name was called in the neat and beautiful face, like it was carefully crafted by God.

He said he wanted a name that only he could call, so it became a name he started calling.

In addition, fearing it would wear out the more he called it, he even limited the number of times he used it in a day.

'Where does this kind of desperation come from?'

I smiled at him, as Ricdorian had done, then turned my eyes back to my clothes.

"Yes. My Rian."


I pointed to the clothes.

"Will you stop and listen to my concerns? What should I do with this?"

Ricdorian's gaze followed my fingers as I spoke, but as expected, he looked as if he didn't know what was wrong.

"…… I'm not sure, Iana. You got it as a gift, right? Can't you just take it?"

"Ugh……. I would like a normal gift."

I sighed deeply as I held onto my clothes.

"It's too expensive to receive this. It was given to me by the lady next door."

I was surprised when I saw the logo on the inside of the clothes without thinking. I knew this town wasn't that ordinary, but…….

The family next door, especially the aunt and daughter, liked me very much.

I'm grateful that she treats me like a daughter or a sister, but sometimes I was worried because she gave me a gift that I would struggle to know what to do with. Just like now.

"Uh……. Can't you just take it?"

Ricdorian blinked when he heard the amount.

This former Grand Duke used to show innocent eyes 'what's wrong with that?' no matter what amount comes out.

He's a smart person, so it's not like he couldn't exchange it with the money over there.

I wonder if it's fortunate that he was not tainted by this place's capitalism, no, don't be stained…….

'This man, if he was born here, he would have tried to give me a building.'

I let out a sigh as I pondered.

The youngest next door, who was a high school student when we first met, was an adult who had graduated from college.

Since she was taking a leave of absence, it seems that her graduation was quite late. She went to university in the same city, so we've known each other for a long time, so I grew quite attached.

Rather, the more I look at her, the more I think that she was Francia-like, yet different too. The selfish and lively side is cute.

I erased my bright face and sat down in a chair. I said it like a complaint, but I knew I couldn't give it back anyway.

Maybe it was because I was unintentionally separated from my family, and was particularly weak towards adult mothers with children.

"It really suits Iana."

As soon as I sat down, Ricdorian came over and sat down on one knee in front of me.

Then, the face that looked up at me was like a loyal beast. I sighed and let out a smile.

"I heard that I look good with anything?"


"Then, which part of this suits me so well? Anything you like about it?"

I asked with a teasing tone, and for some reason, he looked serious and fell into trouble. It's not a question I asked him to seriously think about.

"Ah, I get it."

Ricdorian smiled with his eyes curved beautifully. Then his cautious hand grabbed my ankle.

"Can I have a moment, Iana?"

"What? Uh, well yes."

In the meantime, he put one of my ankles on his shoulder. His face dug between my naturally raised legs.


I can feel the damp exhalation through my thighs. He touched my skin with his fingers and pressed hard on a spot.


It was none other than the place where the red rose pattern was engraved. He put his lips on it for a while, biting and licking it, then slowly revealed his face.

With half of his hair wrapped around my long skirt, he smiled brightly.

"I think I like this the most, Iana."

Ricdorian tilted his head loosely, wiping his luscious lips with his thumb.

Unknowingly, I grabbed his cheek.

"…… I don't think your personality has changed."


I grabbed his cheek and turned it around. He blinked for a moment, then smiled seductively. As if he knew my heart.

Ricdorian raised his upper body. His strong arms gripped the back of the chair, and before I knew it, I was trapped in his large body.

"Do you like that too, Iana?"


"No……. I'll be happy if it's you…… no matter what."

"Even if I'm a little rougher and more ferocious?"

"I do but. You're not going to do that, aren't you?"

"If you wish."

His lips came close enough to touch. His eyes were already gone. I laughed as I looked into the love-struck eyes.

How can a single day not change in six long years?

As I slowly closed my eyes.


The obnoxious bell rang through the house. I quickly ignored the sound coming from the living room and tried to grab Ricdorian's clothes.


"…… Ignore it."


However, I grabbed my forehead at the sound that resonated loudly wanting to announce its presence.

"Ah, for goodness sake!"

I pushed away Ricdorian and jumped up. To calm me down, he rubbed my shoulders and went to the living room himself.

Returning back, Ricdorian had a small note in his hand.

"Rian, don't bring that. Throw it away."

"But Iana, you need it, right?"

I groaned and covered my face with my hands.

"Remember how much we struggled with that. That God is actually not a God, but an evil God?"


Ricdorian lost his words as if he couldn't deny it.

"But Iana's wishes depend on it."

"That's right….…. No, God wants too many things to wish to see my roses in person."

It was.

Going up to the origin of that note, it was from the day of the fifth year that I missed Francia and Renag so much that I couldn't stand it and asked God if there was any way.

He rubbed his chin for some reason, when he seemed to be stubbornly saying no. Then, he let out vague words that he would consider it if I would do his 'request'.

Both me and Ricdorian knew that 'request' was no different from an order.

And the request I received over the next year or so was honestly not something I could do with my sober mind.

Anyway, I omitted the detailed explanation and put on a disgusted face.

"Why do we have to bridge the rift between dimensions?"

"Ugh. It's an area that God can't touch……. I don't understand, Iana."

"We went to a different place last time and had a hard time, didn't we? If it wasn't for the person who helped us then, it would have been dangerous. God said so."

While carrying out God's first request, both me and Ricdorian almost suffered a major disaster.

On the other side of the dimension we met an emperor of some kind of empire by chance? He said that he, like me, had crossed a dimension.

If we hadn't met him, we would never have come back.

It's creepy when I think about it now.

It's a fact I didn't know before, but this world I'm in right now is like a plaza that serves as a connection to multiple dimensions.

Somehow, I heard that there are so many novels with the storyline of going to another dimension.

"Ugh, it's true that I want to see everyone, but……. It's really hard."

God promised.

If I do the first and second requests, he'll let me meet Francia and Renag in person.

If I do the third favor…… he'll shorten the time I stay here.

Whatever the circumstances, I had no choice.

As much as I love Ricdorian, my feelings of sorry and longing grew together.

"Shall we open it?"

I opened the note with a deep sigh

At that moment, Ricdorian and my expressions hardened in sync.

"Rose, isn't this God a pervert?"

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