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59 Whispers

Xing Shu did not dare to disobey. Xiao Zhuo noticed this. He frowned at first, then walked over gracefully and sat down beside Xing Shu. Xing Shu was on tenterhooks, seated between them. She called out softly, “Young Uncle…” She looked uneasy and wanted to explain.

Xiao Zhuo suddenly tilted his head and exclaimed in surprise, “What did you call him? Didn’t you say that you didn’t know Cheng Lang?”

Xing Shu really wanted to shut Xiao Zhuo’s mouth! She tried her best to keep a straight face. “Really? I didn’t say that. Perhaps you heard wrongly, Mr. Xiao.” Cheng Lang’s fingertips landed on Xing Shu’s blue sleeve. The cutting of this dress was very conservative. The sleeve was made of lace, making her look very elegant. The sequined tail of the dress swayed like a fishtail with every step.

This dress was very beautiful and special; very eye-catching but not revealing. But Xing Shu felt naked at Cheng Lang’s touch. The warmth of his fingertips on her wrist passed through the thin fabric and entered her heart.


Nie Heng—who was sitting on Cheng Lang’s other side—had not spoken since Xing Shu arrived. However, his eyes were glacial, like a venomous snake flicking its tongue. The aura of these three men sitting together was too strong. Xing Shu did not dare to say a word. She could only straighten her back and try her best to stay composed.

However, just because Xing Shu did not say anything did not mean that Xiao Zhuo was quiet. “President Cheng, your reputation precedes you. It looks like I accidentally kidnapped your plus one.” His aura was not weaker than Cheng Lang’s. He smiled languidly and leaned closer to Xing Shu. “I didn’t expect my taste to be so similar to President Cheng’s.”

Hearing this, Cheng Lang looked up. “Similar?”

Xiao Zhuo nodded. He was different from Cheng Lang. If he liked a woman, he would act on it directly, not shy about resorting to tricks. However, his feelings for Xing Shu were strange. Xing Shu was very beautiful and aligned with his idea of beauty. However, he only felt an innate sense of kinship towards her. His heart would soften at the sight of her beautiful eyes.

Xiao Zhuo asked, “Isn’t that so? President Cheng, you also think that Xing Shu is rather endearing, right?”

Xing Shu’s scalp went numb. If she were not worried about Xiao Zhuo’s reprisals, she would definitely shut his mouth! Endearing? Bullsh*t!

Xiao Zhuo was a playboy who had shown affection for countless women.

Cheng Lang raised his eyebrows and slowly rubbed the back of Xing Shu’s hand with his fingers. “Yes, she’s rather endearing.”

Even though Xing Shu knew that this was a d*ck-measuring contest between two men, she was still flabbergasted by Cheng Lang’s words. Cheng Lang did not seem to know the effects of his casual remarks. It was very unfair for him to sit on the chair leisurely after making such remarks. Xing Shu was thrown off balance and struggled to maintain cognizance. She wanted to retract her wrist, but was unable to. Cheng Lang’s fingers rested lightly on her wrist, but she felt that they weighed a ton.

Xing Shu took a deep breath and tilted her head slightly. Her tone softened. “Young Uncle, I didn’t do it on purpose.” She had wanted to go to AN Group to experience the atmosphere there, but she ran into Xiao Zhuo midway. The unpredictability of Xiao Zhuo led to the current situation.

Cheng Lang turned to look at her. Xing Shu had deliberately shown a posture of deference and was very dovelike. Cheng Lang had to admit that Xiao Zhuo was right. Xing Shu was indeed endearing when she was meek.

The anger in Cheng Lang’s heart dissipated for some reason. “Ok, I don’t blame you.”

Xing Shu heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she pushed her luck and complained, “I wanted to call Young Uncle, but I don’t have your number or Assistant Jian’s.” This was called playing the blame game!

Cheng Lang knew what Xing Shu was up to. A subtle emotion rose in his heart. He was about to reply when Xiao Zhuo reached out and turned Xing Shu’s face away. “What are you whispering about?” He asked resentfully with a dark face. He frowned and stared at Xing Shu and Cheng Lang’s hands.

A veteran Casanova, Xiao Zhuo read the amorous vibes between Xing Shu and Cheng Lang. He immediately felt uncomfortable. “I didn’t expect President Cheng to be into role-playing.” 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝐯𝗲𝐥.𝗻𝗲𝐭

Xing Shu pursed her lips. If not for Xiao Zhuo’s interjection, Cheng Lang would probably have given her his private contact number in the next second! Xing Shu was annoyed, so she retorted sarcastically, “President Xiao, you can call him Young Uncle too if you like.”

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