I Dragged My Fiance's Uncle off the Altar

Chapter 38: The Woman In the Video
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Chapter 38: The Woman In the Video

"I'm afraid it's a little difficult for Young Uncle to acquire Fenglei Group. I remember that five years ago, a company wanted to acquire Fenglei Group, but the management of Fenglei adopted a poison <anno data-annotation-id="d589cd4f-95f3-4816-bb03-1aad2788b36b">pill</anno>. That acquisition war lasted for more than two years. In the end, the acquirer had no choice but to give up." Xing Shu was very close to Cheng Lang. In order to see the words on the computer screen, Xing Shu rested her chin on Cheng Lang's shoulder and he could feel her breath on his ear as she spoke. This posture was too intimate; it looked like she was hugging him and acting coquettish.

Cheng Lang did not push her away. Instead, he adjusted the computer screen nearer. "Tell me your opinion."

"Fenglei Group is a family-owned business, and its operating structure is similar to Cheng Corporation Group. However, its management is different from yours, Young Uncle. Cheng Corporation Group has a very diverse portfolio; but Fenglei Group only deals in the perfume business. They are not aggressive in expansion or the pursuit of profits. Fenglei Group's family holds more than 70% of the shares, and these 70% are scattered among the various members of the family. No one has more than 5% of the shares. Young Uncle, if you want to acquire Fenglei Group, be prepared for a protracted war of at least a year." Xing Shu's eyes curved. "What's more, this protracted war won't end well. I met a member of their family in college. Ever since the last acquisition, most of the heirs of Fenglei Group have locked down 50% of the company's shares through a very strict custody of shares agreement. This 50% of the sharesโ€”by their designโ€”are prohibited from being sold to outsiders without the approval of more than 75% of the family members. Thus, no one can buy Fenglei Group under this framework."

This was a secret of Fenglei Group, privy only to their family members. Cheng Lang looked at Xing Shu with surprise.

Xing Shu's face was flushed as she straightened up. "That family member got drunk at a gathering and blurted it out. No one took it seriously, but I remembered."

Cheng Lang turned off the computer and aborted the acquisition of Fenglei Group.

"Young Uncle, you trust me that much?" Xing Shu was a little surprised.

Cheng Lang replied,"I don't doubt you." ๐’ท๐“ฎ๐’น๐“ƒโ„ด๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“.๐“ฌ๐“ธ๐“‚

Xing Shu's heart warmed. She had intended to be frivolous in front of Cheng Lang, but right now, she could not do it. The Xing family did not believe her; and the Cheng family bullied her. But Cheng Lang readily believed her. Human beings would always gravitate towards kindness.

Realizing that the atmosphere was a little weird, Xing Shu quickly changed the topic and diverted her attention. "Young Uncle, it's Friday tomorrow. What do you plan to do?" The reach of that building was very wide; several directors of Cheng Corporation Group had their pockets lined. If he pursued the matter, heads would roll and Cheng Corporation Group would definitely be in turmoil.

"Whatever is necessary." Cheng Lang replied coolly. As Xing Shu witnessed Cheng Lang's back-to-back meetings, she realized how busy Cheng Lang was. Even when he was drinking coffee, his other hand was on the keyboard.

Xing Shu got bored after watching him a while. She was about to leave when she saw someone inviting Cheng Lang to a video call. Eagle-eyed Xing Shu saw the name displayed on the screen was Jin Yue. Cheng Lang was in a meeting, and his finger tapped on the answer button. A delicate face appeared on the screen, against a background of rows of tall bookshelves. The background of Cheng Lang's screen was his bedroom, as well as the face of a woman who should not be there.

Xing Shu did not expect Cheng Lang to suddenly answer the video call. She tactfully moved to the side to ensure that she would not be seen by the person on the other end of the video call. However, Jin Yue had already seen her. She retracted her gaze after a moment. "Cheng Lang, are you at Manor No. 1?"

Cheng Lang replied, "Yes."

Jin Yue stiffened and quickly took a screenshot of Xing Shu's face. "I've already obtained the item. Shall I bring it back for you during the holidays next month?"

Cheng Lang finally raised his head and glanced at the computer. "Isn't Jin Mo coming back?"

Xing Shu did not mean to eavesdrop on their conversation. However, when she heard Jin Mo's name, she paused for a moment. Jin Mo was the young master of the Jin family and Jin Yue's brother.

"My brother has already left. I forgot to give him the item." Jin Yue sounded a little annoyed at first before recovering to a more cheerful tone. "But it's the same if I bring them back for you personally."

Cheng Lang asked, "Jin Mo didn't visit you?"

<annotations style="display: none;"><li>Poison pill refers to shareholders rights plan; a type of defensive tactic used by an organization's board of directors against a takeover</li></annotations>

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