I Dragged My Fiance's Uncle off the Altar

Chapter 33: Cheng Lang Is Here
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Chapter 33: Cheng Lang Is Here

"Don't… don't…" Xing Shu trembled. A tsunami of panic flooded her heart. She wanted to ask for help, but her fingers were trembling. For the first time, she prayed to the heavens to send someone to save her… even if it was Cheng Xingyang…

Xing Shu bit her lip. She felt a man's hand touching her chest and about to rip her clothes off. Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Sir, Cheng Lang suddenly came over."

Cheng Gang thought that he had heard wrongly. Why was Cheng Lang here? He frowned and glanced at Xing Shu before looking at the bodyguards. "Keep an eye on her. Don't let her make a sound."

The bodyguard retracted his hand from Xing Shu's chest and nodded respectfully.

Cheng Gang went downstairs and saw Cheng Lang sitting on the couch with his assistant—Jian Yaochuan—beside him. This was the first time Cheng Lang had come to Cheng Gang's house. Cheng Lang was very aloof and seldom interacted with the rest of the Cheng family. Chen Ru walked over and politely asked someone to serve fruits. Seeing that the female assistant was not with Cheng Gang, she heaved a sigh of relief. This was not the first time Cheng Gang had brought a woman home. In the beginning, Chen Ru often fought with Cheng Gang over that, to the extent where everyone in the Cheng family knew about it. However, the kerfuffles led to insane reprisals from Cheng Gang.

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Chen Ru had been a full-time housewife since the early days of her marriage. But when she realized that Cheng Gang was unreliable, she started her own company. With Cheng Corporation Group as her backing, the company had developed quite well over the years. But the profits were insignificant to the Cheng family who could not give a tinker's d*mn. Eventually, Chen Ru figured that as long as she took care of her son—Cheng Xingyang—she could win Cheng Gang back. After all, Cheng Gang had so many women, but he did not have an illegitimate child. Cheng Xingyang was still Cheng Gang's only son, so he would naturally value him.

Chen Ru forced a smile. "Cheng Lang, you're here so late at night. Did something happen at the company?"

Cheng Lang drank his tea lackadaisically and made no efforts to answer. Jian Yaochuan—who was behind him—replied, "Madam Chen, someone stopped the President's car tonight. It was a pregnant woman." A pregnant woman walked in. She touched her stomach and cried the moment she saw Cheng Gang. Cheng Gang's expression darkened. He did not remember this woman at all. Chen Ru's expression was even darker, and her voice turned cold. "What is the meaning of this?" She looked at Cheng Lang and bit her lip, panicking.

Cheng Lang put down his cup. "This woman has been following me since I left Cheng Corporation Group. She even had the audacity to stop my car. After questioning her, it turns out that she is one of Second Brother's flings."

The pregnant woman's voice was hoarse. "Mr. Cheng, I've been trying to see you, but the people from Cheng Corporation Group won't let me in at all. Your wife has also been keeping me from seeing you. She even wants me to abort this child." She looked at Chen Ru with hatred.

Chen Ru's throat tightened, and she kept clenching and unclenching her hands that were on her knees. Old Master Cheng did not interfere with the bedroom activities of his children. It did not matter even if there were illegitimate children, as long as they were of outstanding caliber. However, Chen Ru did not allow the existence of illegitimate children. She would not allow anyone to threaten Cheng Xingyang's position, so she dealt with those pregnancies before they became a threat. However, she did not expect this woman to have the guts to stop Cheng Lang's car.

Cheng Gang was furious. He gave the bodyguard at the door a look, and someone immediately pulled the pregnant woman away. He looked at Cheng Lang and smiled. "Cheng Lang, I'm sorry for making a fool of myself tonight."

"Second Brother's domestic matters are an eye-opener for me." Cheng Lang said indifferently. He glanced at the pregnant woman's back and then his gaze stopped on Chen Ru. There was no emotion in his eyes, but his gaze still made Chen Ru feel unbearable. "I don't want another woman to stop my car next time. The shares of Cheng Corporation Group must not be affected by the Director's private life."

Cheng Lang was smiling, but the aura made Cheng Gang break out in cold sweat. Cheng Gang was no longer as domineering as he had been earlier with Xing Shu. He felt a chill run down his spine when Cheng Lang looked at him.

"Second Brother's mess this time is really ridiculous." Cheng Lang called Cheng Gang Second Brother, but his attitude was not that of a junior. He slowly stood up. "It's the same for my nephew, Cheng Xingyang. It's none of my business if you want to fool around. But I don't like these women bothering me."

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