I Dragged My Fiance's Uncle off the Altar

Chapter 21: If Only Linlin Is Our Daughter
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Chapter 21: If Only Linlin Is Our Daughter

Xing Zewu was no longer in the mood to ask Xing Shu. He put down his phone and turned around to hug Xing Linlin's shoulder. "Didn't I tell you not to work here? Linlin, why didn't you use the card I gave you?"

Xing Linlin bit her lip as her eyes reddened. "The Xing family is already very good to me. How can I spend Brother Zewu's money? Moreover… I've had a falling-out with Xing Shu recently. Brother Zewu, I want to repay the Xing family's debt as soon as possible. Xingyang applied for me the membership for this bar. I only found out today that the membership costs a million yuan. I don't even know how to face him now."

Xing Zewu's heart softened. He loved Xing Linlin's openness and honesty. "It's just one million. You can use my card to pay him back. Linlin, I…" Before he could finish, he saw Cheng Xingyang and a few others approaching. Xing Zewu had no choice but to keep quiet.

Xing Zewu had confessed to Xing Linlin previously. She was very hesitant—she said that if she were to be with him, her relationship with Xing Shu would become awkward and she was afraid that Xing Shu would not be able to take it. This made Xing Zewu hate Xing Shu even more.

Meanwhile in the Xing family, Wu Minxia sighed and asked someone to clean up the room. Her husband, Xing Guotai, sat on the opposite couch.

Wu Minxia's heart ached when she thought of Xing Linlin. "That's what happened. I don't know what made Xing Shu so agitated that she actually slandered Linlin like this. I don't even know this daughter anymore."

When Xing Guotai heard this, he frowned. "Hasn't Xing Shu always been very obedient?"

Wu Minxia said, "That's right. Xing Shu has won so many awards and graduated from Beijing University. I'm wondering if she's arrogant and doesn't like Linlin because her results are too good. Linlin is kind and mild-mannered. She has been slow on the uptake since she was young—we hired so many tutors for her, but it still took us spending money to get her accepted to college. That's why she feels inferior deep down and that she owes us. When she heard what Xing Shu said, she must have felt terrible." 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

Xing Guotai put down the newspaper in his hand and was about to say something when he saw the nanny coming down the stairs. "Madam, Sir, when I was tidying up Miss Linlin's room, I found this." The nanny took out a diary with Xing Linlin's handwriting on it. The entries started from when she joined the Xing family to her moving out of the Xing family when she was 18 years old.

"Aunt Wu can't eat spicy food. Remember not to put chili in the dishes in the future."

"Aunt Wu ate more snacks today. Looks like she likes Matcha's flavor the most. The snacks can't be too sweet."

"Xing Shu is angry again today. I think it's because Aunt Wu hired a tutor for me. It made her feel that Aunt Wu cares too much about me. I rejected her before, but it was useless… I just hope that I can study hard in the future and repay Aunt Wu and the others."

"Xing Shu hit me today. Only then did I know that she hated me so much. I want to move out, but I'm not an adult yet. I'm so lost; I don't know what to do…"

"Uncle Xing always drinks and has gastric problems. I secretly put some gastric medicine in the study. I hope Uncle Xing takes care of his health when he's working."

"Brother Zewu asked me what gift I wanted; I didn't want anything. My current life is already beyond my wildest dreams; I'm very content. I remembered that Xing Shu wanted a watch, so I told Brother Zewu. However, when I gave the watch to Xing Shu, her attitude was very bad. She even said that I was scheming… Although I live in the Xing family, I know my place. I've never thought of competing with her for favor. I just want to grow up and repay Uncle, Auntie, and Brother Zewu. Of course, I'm most grateful to Xing Shu."

Wu Minxia read page by page. Every word and sentence was filled with gratitude and indescribable grievances. Xing Linlin was extremely close to them and had always wanted to repair her relationship with Xing Shu, but she could not find a way.

After Wu Minxia finished reading it, she shook with anger. She did not expect Xing Shu to be like this!

"Look at what Xing Shu did! I thought her relationship with Linlin was really good, but I didn't expect the truth to be like this! She already knew to be two-faced at such a young age!" This diary was left behind by Xing Linlin a long time ago. It was very hidden, so there was no way that it was fake. Wu Minxia gritted her teeth. "Xing Shu and Linlin came to the Xing family together. I treated them equally, yet in the end, Linlin was so kind, and Xing Shu… Sigh, if only Linlin is our daughter."

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