I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 297 - 297 Mortal Heaven Court (2)
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297 Mortal Heaven Court (2)

“This is the—”

“Primordial Universe Controller?”


Everyone looked at “Yi”‘s mighty figure in confusion, not understanding why this great existence had suddenly descended.


In the next second, Yi’s huge body strode towards the group. With every step he took, he crossed dozens of kilometers. With every step, his huge and mighty body shrank and became more solid. By the time he reached the group, Yi’s figure was no different from an ordinary person. However, the aura he naturally emitted made the group of top powerhouses on the Blue Planet tremble in fear.

This was fear that stemmed from human life instinct!

It was the bloodline suppression that low-level lifeforms suffered when facing higher-level lifeforms.

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At this moment, there was silence. No one dared to speak. In fact, the space had been completely frozen, and no one could say anything.

Just as doubts, fear, and shock filled everyone’s minds, an even more shocking scene appeared—

The controller of the Primordial Universe, “Yi”, walked to Lin Mo with a kind smile on his face. Then… he bowed slightly!

This bow! 𝒃𝙚𝙙𝙣𝙤𝒗𝙚𝒍.𝒏𝒆𝒕

The pupils of everyone present suddenly dilated, and their minds went blank from shock.

Lin Mo was even more shocked!

‘That’s bloody polite, isn’t it?’

‘You’re bowing to me right away?’

‘Does this seem inappropriate?’

Or were the top aristocrats in the galaxy so polite and polite?

What the people on the Blue Planet did not know was that “Yi” actually had a plan in mind!

Ever since Yi discovered Lin Mo’s increasingly abnormal growth speed, he had strongly suspected that Lin Mo was a reincarnated big shot from the “Mortal Heaven Court”! After all, other than that, there was no other reason to explain why Lin Mo’s growth speed was so shocking!

Yi clearly didn’t know that there was a group of people called cheaters!

And Lin Mo was that cheater!

It was precisely because he suspected that Lin Mo was a reincarnated god that Yi naturally felt inferior. He felt that it was impossible for a reincarnated big shot like Lin Mo to take a fancy to his pitiful assets. After all… although Yi was a famous figure in the 500 meters of the Milky Way, in the vast universe, a small Milky Way was as small as a grain of sand. Yi was just an indigenous expert in the Milky Way. Of course, he thought that his treasure was not worthy of a “big shot” like Lin Mo.

Therefore, in Yi’s opinion, if he wanted to cozy up to a “big shot” like Lin Mo, the only thing he could do was to appear humble. While this “big shot” had just reincarnated and his strength had yet to recover, he had to be as humble and even lowly as possible!

Only then could he successfully cozy up to the big shot!

Thinking of this, Yi bowed even lower and his expression became even more obsequious. “Congratulations on your successful reincarnation, Senior!”

Ever since Yi was about to cozy up to Lin Mo, he had actually secretly investigated Lin Mo’s past. After a little investigation, Yi realized that Lin Mo was originally very ordinary. He had only suddenly erupted not long ago—from being ordinary to suddenly erupting. Hadn’t he awakened his previous life’s memories?




Yi’s actions stunned everyone on the Blue Planet and Lin Mo himself.

Apart from being dumbfounded, Lin Mo was even more nervous. “This level-nine lifeform in the Milky Way seems to have mistaken me for some reincarnated big shot and even flattered me… What should I do now? I’m waiting online! It’s urgent!”

Seeing Lin Mo’s stunned expression, Yi was not surprised and hurriedly continued, “Senior Lin Mo, are you worried that your strength has yet to completely recover and exposing your identity will attract some danger? Senior, please don’t worry. The entire Blue Planet and the entire solar system are completely under my control now. No matter what you say here, no news will be leaked!”

After some thought, Yi glanced at the Lion King, Tyrant, and the other experts of the various martial arts countries and said casually, “Senior, if you’re worried that these existences close to first-level lifeforms might leak your information, I’ll erase them now!”

“Uh…” Lin Mo more or less understood his current situation.

It seemed that whether he was willing or not, he had to confirm his identity as a “reincarnated big shot”.

Even though he was clearly not a reincarnated big shot, he definitely did not dare to say anything at this moment. Otherwise, who knew if Yi, a level-nine lifeform in the Milky Way, would fly into a rage out of humiliation?

Moreover, as a cheater, Lin Mo did not think that his identity was inferior to any reincarnated big shot. Therefore, after some thought, he calmly accepted this groundless, trumped-up new identity—a reincarnated mighty figure!

“Erase them?” Lin Mo also looked at the experts of the various martial arts countries.

The Lion King, Tyrant, and the group of wargods instantly became nervous. They could not even move their fingers now. They were completely at the mercy of Yi and could not resist at all.

“There’s no need to be so cruel, right?” Lin Mo said after some thought.

Immediately, the experts of the various martial arts countries heaved a long sigh of relief. Now, Lin Mo’s casual words could determine the life and death of them!

However, just as they heaved a sigh of relief, Lin Mo suddenly changed the topic. “Just be gentle! Don’t let them die with much pain!”

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