I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 26 Unfair Victory
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In the arena.

Liu Zhonghao's body began to fade and dissipate.

His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. "How could this punch be so fast? How did I not block it?" 𝓫𝓮𝒹𝓷ℴ𝓿ℯ𝓵.𝓬ℴ𝓶

Liu Zhonghao felt that he had lost this battle for no reason!

Before he could even react, he had lost!

If it were any other time, it would not be a big deal if he lost. But in this battle just now, not only was it a key battle to achieve a 10-game winning streak, but there were also hundreds of thousands of viewers watching the live broadcast… Liu Zhonghao felt very embarrassed to have lost so badly!

He had specially come out today to show off!

He trained hard for more than ten years for this moment of glory!

And now, instead of showing off he got…


Furthermore, he had lost to a martial arts apprentice as an official martial artist!

And it was an instant kill!

Liu Zhonghao seemed to have heard the entire Haicheng City mocking him.

Lin Mo looked at Liu Zhonghao, who was dissipating, and then at his fist. He was also dumbfounded.

What the hell?

'I thought you said you'd give me three moves?'

Why are you gone with just one punch?

Where was the demeanor of an expert?

With this little actual strength, how dare you say you are giving me three moves?

'Risking your life to give?'

"To think that I was looking forward to the battle. I thought that I had finally met an expert and could have a good fight! In the end… that was it?" Lin Mo's emotions were complicated. He felt that he could not understand this world. "Do you not need actual strength in this world to show off anymore?"

How could Lin Mo have thought that it was not that his opponent was too weak, but that he was too strong!

There was nothing good in the novice training field! Even the rewards for ten consecutive wins and above could not be received repeatedly—for example, if you had already received the "ten consecutive wins reward", then the next time you reached ten consecutive wins, there would be no more rewards unless you reached a higher win streak that you have never achieved before!

It was already very difficult to win more than ten consecutive victories! With the unrepeatable rewards, it clearly demonstrated how poor the resources in the novice training field were!

The more powerful official martial artists had long left the beginner village! The official martial artists who remained here had basically just broken through to rank 3.

With Lin Mo's current mid-stage rank 3 combat technique, he could completely sweep through the entire novice training field.

"Tip: You have reached 11 consecutive victories and are currently ranked ninth on the win streak leaderboard in Xia country. You are also rewarded with an additional A1-level evolution potion. Please confirm the delivery address backstage."

A prompt came from the Novice Testing Ground.

"I'm ninth already?" Lin Mo looked at the rankings.

Of the eight people in front of him, one was "thirteen wins in a row," the other "twelve wins in a row." The remaining six were all "eleven wins in a row."

"If I win one more match, I can enter the top three! If I win three more matches, I'll be at rank 1 of the leaderboard!"

In the eyes of others, the rankings of consecutive victories were as far-fetched as a goddess. But in Lin Mo's eyes, he could easily climb the rankings!

And directly to first place!

"Keep matching!"

Haicheng Martial Arts TV.

The beautiful reporter was still brainlessly praising Liu Zhonghao when suddenly, her commentary stopped as if an invisible hand had grabbed her throat. Her eyes widened as she looked at the live broadcast in disbelief.

Because she was staring so hard, she even lost one of her fake eyelashes, but she was unaware of it.

"This … this …"

The beautiful reporter could not believe what she was seeing on the live broadcast!

The pride of Haicheng City! The role model in the eyes of countless youths! A genius martial artist who was only eighteen years old! He was actually… insta-killed by a single punch?

Furthermore, he was insta-killed by a martial arts apprentice in the novice training field!

"I…" Even though the beautiful reporter was extremely professional and adaptable, she did not know what to say at this moment.

It had to be known that just a few seconds ago, she was still praising Liu Zhonghao for his foresight, his demeanor of an expert, his calmness, and his boundless future… In the next second, a tragedy happened!

It was really tragic!

The beautiful reporter couldn't help but mutter in her heart, If you don't have any actual skill, why go out and show off? You even said that you would let him attack you three times, but you were taken down with a single punch…

Of course, in front of the live broadcast camera, the reporter definitely couldn't say what she was really thinking. Besides, she also knew that the reason why Liu Zhonghao would so arrogantly rush into the novice training field was probably more or less related to her flattery!

After organizing her words, the reporter said, "Our Student Liu Zhonghao was too careless! His opponent is indeed worthy of being able to obtain ten consecutive victories. Although he's only a martial arts apprentice, his sneak attack methods are really superb! If Student Liu hadn't underestimated his opponent too much, he wouldn't have been defeated…"

At the same moment.

In Haicheng City, there were many junior high school students or senior high school students who had just placed Liu Zhonghao at idol position in their hearts. However, in the blink of an eye, their idol collapsed.

In the various districts of Haicheng City, many martial arts students were watching the live broadcast and cheering for Liu Zhonghao. Suddenly, all the cheers stopped and the districts fell into a strange silence.

In a certain high-end neighborhood.

A father who was drunk was lecturing his fourth-grade son. "Son, did you see that? As long as you can have the same strength as Liu Zhonghao, you can be arrogant, domineering, and do whatever you want. You won't need take any opponent seriously!"

The fourth-year fatty's entire body turned red from excitement. He clenched his fists tightly. "Dad! I will definitely work hard to cultivate the Martial Dao!"

However, in the next moment, the father and son saw Liu Zhonghao being killed in one punch.

"Dad?" Fatty was deeply confused.

"Well…" Although his father was drunk, he thought quickly. "This story tells us that no matter how strong you are, no matter how weak your opponent looks, you can't underestimate him! You have to be careful of his shameless sneak attacks, remember?"

"Dad! I'll remember that!"

Jiang Xue was also dumbfounded in front of the television.

"What? This Black Earth actually won?"

Previously, Jiang Xue did not think that a martial arts apprentice could defeat an official martial artist.

Liu Zhonghao was too careless! Otherwise, he wouldn't have lost to a martial arts apprentice! Jiang Xue thought to herself. If he gets another chance, he definitely won't give Black Earth any opportunity to launch a sneak attack!

In Jiang Xue's opinion, Black Earth had won because of a sneak attack!

Taking advantage of Liu Zhonghao's one-handed position, he successfully ambushed him!

It could be said to be an unfair victory!

"But…" Jiang Xue suddenly laughed. "Even Liu Zhonghao lost to him, so it's not bad for me to lose yesterday!"

Originally, Jiang Xue was still a little upset about losing to a martial arts apprentice like "Black Earth". But now, seeing Liu Zhonghao lose so badly, her mood instantly improved.

After Liu Zhonghao left the novice training field, he was in a daze for a a full minute.

"I was careless!" After a moment of reflection, Liu Zhonghao came to this conclusion. "I just broke through to the third rank. I shouldn't have underestimated an opponent at the peak of the second rank!"

Although Liu Zhonghao was defeated, he lost too suddenly and did not experience his opponent's true strength at all.

He had thought that "Black Earth" was only at the peak of rank 2! And the reason why he had lost was firstly because he was facing the enemy with one hand, and secondly, because of his opponent's sneak attack!

"I clearly said that I would let him attack me three times for free, and he still ambushed me?" Liu Zhonghao thought of this and was immediately angry. "How shameless! If I meet him again, I will definitely teach him a lesson!"

Although Liu Zhonghao was angry, he had already lost. There was nothing he could do.

"Let's match again! No matter what kind of opponent I encounter this time, I have to win cleanly and earn back my respect!" With this in mind, Liu Zhonghao decisively clicked on the queue.

In less than a second, the match was a success!

Liu Zhonghao couldn't help but laugh when he saw his opponent's information.

[Black Earth: 18 years old, Martial Arts Apprentice, general appearance. Win streak: 11 rounds.]

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