I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 13 Secret
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Early morning.

After a good night's sleep, Lin Mo woke up and saw that his punching force had increased.

"It's only five kilos, but it's better than nothing!"

If Lin Mo's thoughts were to spread, he would probably be beaten to death!

'Five kilos after a night's sleep. You're calling that nothing?'

'Are these human words?'

'What would Gao Haoran, who sold houses to cultivate, think?'

'And what do you expect Liu Xia, who is still in hospital, to think?'

"Let's go! The earlier we go to school, the earlier we can enjoy our classmates' involution!"

As they walked through the neighborhood, Lin Mo was once again under the scrutiny of his neighbors.

"Have you heard? Liu Xia worked so hard last night he became hospitalized!"

"How hardworking! But why didn't Lin Mo, who lives in the same neighborhood and building, learn from Liu Xia!"

"Yeah! There's no harm without comparison! Some people worked too hard and ended up in the hospital, while others chose to become idle and give up on the martial arts college entrance examination!"

"If Liu Xia is hospitalized at this time, I'm afraid there's no hope for the entrance examination!"

"Even so, Liu Xia still lost gloriously! Unlike some people who surrendered without a fight!"

"Why wasn't Lin Mo the one hospitalized?"


"These people!" Lin Mo was really done with his neighbors.

'I didn't eat your rice!'

'I didn't spend your money!'

Did my giving up on the entrance examination have anything to do with you?

You're cursing me to replace Liu Xia in the hospital?

However, Lin Mo couldn't be bothered to argue. "When I become rich, the first thing I'll do is move away!"

The neighbors in this neighborhood made Lin Mo feel sick.

Fortunately, it was not difficult to earn money as an official martial artist. With Lin Mo's speed of improvement, it would only be a few days before he became an official martial artist.

As he jogged into the school, the first thing Lin Mo did was to take a look at the "Today's Involution Index".

Lin Mo was rather relieved to see this.

"These children didn't disappoint me!"

It was only early in the morning, but the involution index in the school had already reached more than 20. When the exam officially began later, the involution index would definitely increase!

"This is quite comforting! My efforts yesterday were not in vain!"

It was precisely because he had worked hard to spread rumors yesterday that he could enjoy such a high index comfortably today.

"I won't be busy today. I'll just comfortably experience the fruits of staying idle!" Anyway, entering a top school was already set in stone, so Lin Mo's mentality was very good. "The only regret I have is that no one can understand how I feel currently!"

Lin Mo suddenly felt lonely.

Who could understand such loneliness?

'No one!'

"Even my good brother Gao Haoran won't understand!" Lin Mo happened to see Gao Haoran jogging towards him.

"Brother Mo, Brother Mo!" Gao Haoran lowered his voice and said mysteriously, "It's time for you to see what the world offers!"

"Oh?" Lin Mo was surprised.

"Look!" Gao Haoran carefully took out a small cold box. "You've probably never seen an evolution potion bought from the underground black market!" π›π—²π—±π§π—Όπ―π—²π—ΉοΌŽπ§πžπ˜

Gao Haoran showed off, his face openly prideful.

It was obvious that this little fatty rarely had anything to show off, but he didn't dare to be too ostentatious, so he secretly came over to show off to Lin Mo.

"Don't underestimate its small size! Just this one potion can increase the strength of your punch by more than 10 kilograms! If you absorb it well, it might even increase to more than 11 kilograms!"

"What do you think? It's strong, right? You've never seen one before, right?"

"Hehe! This is the best evolution potion that can be bought in the underground black market! Without any connections, you really can't get any!"

Gao Haoran showed off proudly.

Lin Mo looked and froze.

Wasn't this the same evolution potion he drank last night?!

"Are you shocked!" Gao Haoran said proudly when he saw Lin Mo in a daze.

"Haoran, do you know how much this potion costs?" Lin Mo asked.

"A million!" Gao Haoran raised a finger and said, "If my family didn't sell a house, we wouldn't have enough cash for it all of a sudden!"

Then, Gao Haoran snickered. "Hehe, Brother Mo, I'm going to go drink the medicine! Don't worry, with this medicine, I'll definitely be able to get into a martial arts university and I'll definitely help you realize your martial arts dream!"

Gao Haoran ran to the side.

Lin Mo was puzzled. "Where did my parents get so much money from?"

Lin Mo had always thought his parents were just ordinary office workers. Moreover, his family was already in a lot of debt trying to support his education at a martial arts high school. Logically speaking, they shouldn't be able to afford such an evolution potion!

"Looks like Mom and Dad might still be hiding some secrets from me!" Lin Mo shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

He looked at the little fatty a few steps away and smiled playfully. "Haoran, oh Haoran! I wonder what kind of expression you'll have when the college entrance examination results are out!"

'Showing off?'

Showing off in front of Brother Mo?

Truly, the ignorant are fearless!

Just wait for Brother Mo to show off a thousand times more!

Ding! Suddenly, a system notification sounded in Lin Mo's mind. "Detected that someone is taking the evolution potion nearby. Involution index increased by 5 points!"

"Huh?" Lin Mo's expression suddenly became interesting. "Even this can increase the index?"

He looked at Gao Haoran and mused.

You're selling your house for potions, I'll just lie down and level up!

What a brother!

"With 5 points of index, I can increase my punching force by two kilograms in two hours!" Gao Haoran, who sold his house for the potion, can only increased his punching strength by ten kilograms. "If Haoran knew that he could help me improve so much, he would definitely be happy for me!"

Now it was Lin Mo's turn to think lowly.

He walked to Gao Haoran's side and encouraged, "Haoran, you can do it!"

Of course, Gao Haoran didn't know what Lin Mo was thinking. He even said with a touched expression, "Thank you, Brother Mo. I will definitely work hard to absorb the potion!!"


The morning passed quickly.

"Brother Mo!" Gao Haoran had long absorbed the medicinal power and consolidated it. "In just a few hours, my punching force has increased by 10.2 kilograms! Isn't it unbelievable! The gap between us is getting bigger and bigger!"

"It's definitely getting bigger and bigger!" Lin Mo said meaningfully.

In just one morning, Lin Mo's punching force had increased by 30 kilograms, and two kilograms of them were sponsored by Gao Haoran.

However, Lin Mo was not particularly satisfied. "It's slightly slower than I expected!"

"Students! Students!" Suddenly, the class teacher, Teacher Lu Yan'an, shouted in the classroom, "Today is the school's dedicated time to distribute the Sprint Potion! In our class, five students have obtained the Sprint Potion! Let us congratulate them!"

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